They Said My Status Stayed The Same Even Though I Reincarnated In Another World!? Chapter 12-13

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Chapter 12: G.o.d's Intention

Author: Sakurakiri Kohaku (桜霧琥珀)

Okay, going to start and do my staple. The cheat sheet on the top, it will eventually grow to include new characters and appearances.

Fari von D'azell . Previously Nanjou Yukiho, nicknamed Yuki by Kami. 

Is currently 10 years of age. Ruby red long wavy hair and striking eyes not fitting her age.

Kami-sama, or also known as Kamille. Is a girl that looks 12 but is a G.o.d. Has silver hair and red eyes.

Also Fari always uses, 私 aka female p.r.o.noun watas.h.i.+.

Father is Gilbert Von D'azell. Master warrior.

It's night time now.

In my room, I was able to calm down a bit after thinking about Papa's big plan.

And after brooding over it for a long time, I realized it may just be inevitable.

"Kami-sama. Are you here?"

I called out in the empty room.

Then the silver haired girl with red eyes showed up.

I wanted to ask her something.

Kami-sama's merry expression wasn't there. I guess she knows how troubled I am.

"There are many things I want to ask, but for now, please tell me everything you know about my magic."

I asked Kami-sama that. She seemed to have trouble coming up with what to say. Eventually she opened her mouth.

". . . Yuki's magic capabilities are strong in all form of magic. Your resistant to all attributes magic and none attribute magic is high as well."

I was completely shocked by what Kami-sama just said.

Magic capabilities. And all attributes.

There are eight attributes of magic that exist in Phantasm.

Fire, water, earth, wind, electric, light, dark, and life. There is also magic that doesn't fall under any attributes, which are simply called none attribute magic.

Most people don't have any magic. It is said that only one in four people have the power to manipulate one attribute.

By the way, although I say one in four people, it's really only one in ten people who can use magic. Because in reality, most people don't get a good education and those abilities might never be seen or well refined.

And it is even rarer to have the talent to manipulate multiple attributes.

It is said that a magician who can manipulate two attributes is outstanding.

While a person who can manipulate three attributes is extremely powerful, they have a spot in the royal palace.

In the history book. A long time ago. There was a hero. A great sage, who could control five attributes.

And yet I- – – am suppose to be able to handle all eight of them. . .

And on top of that, I have high none attribute magic.

A person like this is extremely unusual. Perhaps one in a thousand wizards would have such a rare talent, no maybe even more.

Also my resistance is high as well.

Resistance is the ability to reduce the influence of an attribute in a spell against you. 

It generally acts as an armor against magic.

And I'm. . . suppose to have a high resistance to all magic.

Certainly, people say that you will have a high magic resistance for the same attribute you excel in.

But that is not always the case. Even with an attribute they can manipulate, some people have no resistance at all.

So it's not a standard to be naturally resistant to magic.

I never wanted to have such overpowered abilities though. 

I only wanted to live in peace and happiness, but this is overkill.

"Why do I have so much magic potential and magic resistance?"

"That is. . . because of Yuki's request."

"Wasn't that request to live in peace and happiness? Isn't having this too much for that?"

I started to raise my voice. I feel much more emotional about this, because I almost killed my Papa from using these skills.

"No you're mistaken! I didn't force anything. Yuki had these magical gifts from the very beginning."

My angry face turned into an expression of shock.

From the beginning?

Like?- – – from my past life as Nanjou Yukiho?

Chapter 13: The Unexpected Truth

Kami-sama continued her explanation.

"There was no magic in Yuki's previous life. There was no system in place back there. It was pointless to have that talent there. However in Phantasm, Yuki's talent from her previous life is actually useful." 

I guess that sorta makes sense. However there is one more thing.

"Then why did n.o.body notice my power until now?"

"It's because I sealed Yuki's powers. . . Although if I'm honest. I may have forgot to take to heart Yuki's words. If you were given some level of skill I'd say you would easily be able to live in peace. However, I think I may have allowed you to have to much power, to the point of overkill. I never thought it would be that strong."

"It's not a joke. It's way too much!"

I was very angry.

Until now, she kept it to herself like it's just a funny story.

But that isn't the case.

I almost killed my dad.

This is no laughing matter.

"So what if my Papa died because of Kami-sama?! Is that. . . that the "Interesting thing" Kami-sama said she wanted to see!? Is that how you want to mess with me ?!"

"You're wrong Yuki!"

She raised an apologetic voice.

"No that isn't the case.The power I gave you is still sealed, so you can't use that power. I never thought that an accident like this would happen. . . I never wanted to see you hurt your father with it."

It's hard to blame her when she is begging so much.

My anger eventually faded.

"I sealed your strong magical power because I thought it would cause a terrible accident. So until you regained your previous life's memories, the power from your previous life was also sealed."

"So in other words, on the day I recovered my memories of my life as Yukiho, the seal on my power come apart. And it was just unlucky that it happened on a day I was suppose to spar with my father. So when I fought my father with my full power, I unconsciously used that magic and almost killed him?"

I asked and Kami-sama nodded.

"This accident happened because of me. I broke the seal in a careless way, and almost got your father killed. . .I don't know if you will forgive me, but I'm sorry."

Kami-sama deeply apologize- – – Small tears could be seen coming out of her eyes.

When she is like this how can I continue being mad.

My anger wasn't there, and I can't just blame her for something that couldn't have been expected. She never meant for it to happen.

". . .Well, the past is the past."

"Yuki—. . ."

Kami-sama looked at me with a surprised expression when she heard that.

"So does that mean you forgive me?. . ."


I answered her quickly.

Kami-sama may have been unlucky this time. However she is also the person doing selfish things without a decent explanation.

I don't forgive you, but I'm not angry.

At least Kami-sama in spite of doing nothing wrong, is still remorseful.

I also have the experience of a 24 year old in me now, so I am an adult. I can't be holding a grudge on a little girl forever.

". . .I don't forgive you, but I'm not mad at you anymore. It may be that if Kami-sama gave me the knowledge about the magic it may not have happened. . . So please, from now on, can you tell me the important things?"

"Yeah, I understand. I'm sorry Yuki. . ."

She looked a bit relieved.

h.e.l.lo. TN here. The results are in, and 3 chapters won by a sizable majority. So I'll try to do three chapters when it fits. I did say context matters though. This wasn't 3 chapters because the next chapter doesn't fit the context and it will end on a cliffhanger. Also it's decent size by itself. So context does matter, but I'll do 3 from now on when it fits.

Next chapter in mmmmmm. probably 4-5 days. I kinda want to just finish this chapter of “When I became” that is like a quarter finished, then release that. So I'm sorry for the upcoming delay, but it will come back with a sizable read, I promise. ?

Also thank you ClueTeaEh for the coffee and nice comment. Yeah, it's unfortunate that the other story got deleted and there will never be a conclusion. Some people told me I should at least finish that arc I started, so I might just do that and let it rest when that's done.

Here is a the coffee link . Fun fact, I'm always drinking coffee when I post these :). . .And I usually finish it when I'm done editing. ?

They Said My Status Stayed The Same Even Though I Reincarnated In Another World!? Chapter 12-13

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