A Chaotic World 324 Strict Hierarchy

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After Bocheng pulled out a badge that proved his status as an inner disciple of the Divine Storm Sect, the city guards let them in without a word.

Divine Storm City was the complete opposite of Bog Town.

While the latter was shrouded in a silent and oppressive atmosphere, Divine Storm City was prosperous and bustling with activity.

People were everywhere, and the crowded streets were filled with the constant sounds of haggling and laughter.

Shops opened by the sides enjoyed great business, and almost everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

On top of that, red banners could be seen hanging overhead, stretching across the street at regular intervals. Red lanterns hung from the banners, adding to the décor of the streets.

"These are all decorations done in preparation for the wedding," Bocheng kindly explained to Nanlan Qianxue. "Due to the preparations being done right now, I am unable to bring you back to the sect grounds to rest. But don't worry. I have already contacted the owner of an inn and arranged for separate rooms for you guys to put up at until the wedding."

"Thank you for the help," Nanlan Qianxue nodded.

"It is my pleasure," Bocheng smiled. "Follow me."

"Sir Bocheng, what about the rental costs?" Lu Tianzi interjected all of a sudden.

Bocheng had mentioned earlier that some people were staying in tents outside the city because they could not afford the rental charges.

In that case, Lu Tianzi decided that it was best to make sure that he had enough beast cores to spare, just in case he ended up not having enough money to pay up in the end!

"It is an amount you will never be able to afford," Bocheng snapped. "But for the sake of Miss Qianxue, I will pay on your behalf."

"I'm thankful for that," Nanlan Qianxue flashed a grateful smile.

She could certainly tell that Bocheng's att.i.tude towards her was a thousandfold better as compared to his att.i.tude towards Lu Tianzi.

However, Nanlan Qianxue was no stranger to such preferential treatment, and did not feel the least awkward.

After all, she would not be losing anything because of this.

Seeing how Nanlan Qianxue was smiling back to Bocheng as though it was only natural, Lu Tianzi could not help but feel the corner of his lips twitch.

Since when had the cold Nanlan Qianxue become so friendly towards others?

It was obvious that she was just trying to rub it into his face!

Even so, there was nothing he could do about it.

All Lu Tianzi could do was to tag along quietly, eavesdropping while Bocheng enthusiastically introduced the various stalls to Nanlan Qianxue.

"I have already made arrangements with the Cloud Walkers Inn, but let's first have a meal at the Redstone Restaurant just beside it," Bocheng explained. "The Redstone Restaurant is known for its affordable yet unimaginably palatable cuisine. Be glad that you are with me, an inner disciple of the Divine Storm Sect. Otherwise, regular people like you would have to make a reservation months in advance if they want to dine there!"

The Redstone Restaurant was a five-storey high building. Each level was divided into separate sections by cloth curtains, turning them into something like individual rooms and giving customers a sense of privacy.

Bocheng led the way in confidently.

It was apparent that he was a regular here.

Even without taking out his ident.i.ty badge, the shop attendants of the Redstone Restaurant was able to recognise him, bringing him straight to the upper levels.

Soon, the trio was settled down in a small room with a table full of dishes in front of them.

"Tuck in," Bocheng gestured towards the food. "We might have missed the feast prepared by the lord of Bog Town, but this is not too bad either."

Lu Tianzi did not stand on ceremony.

It had already been more than a day since they had any decent food, so he was more than eager to enjoy the delicacies before him.

It was as Bocheng had said – these were delicacies indeed.

The taste of the food here could easily compare to those in the grand banquets that Lu Tianzi had been to, perhaps even surpa.s.sing those standards.

"How is it? Good, isn't it?" Bocheng asked with a smug smile on his face.

"This is really good!" Lu Tianzi praised.

"How is it, Miss Qianxue?" Bocheng decided to rephrase his question.

"It really is quite tasty," Nanlan Qianxue could not help but snicker when she saw how Lu Tianzi was being ignored once again.

"Hahaha, isn't that right?" Bocheng laughed out loud. "Please tuck in then! Eat as much as you want. If there is not enough, then we can just order some more. I am more than capable of footing the bill anyway!"

"Thank you, Sir Bocheng," Nanlan Qianxue smiled.

Bocheng was dazed by the beautiful smile, but not for long.

At that moment, the cloth curtains were pulled open in a rough manner to reveal three young men who were dining in the adjacent room.

All of them were well dressed, especially one who had his hair tied up in a topknot.

"I knew it! I recognised that voice immediately!" the short young man one who pulled open the curtains laughed heartily.

"So it really is Brother Bocheng! d.a.m.n it, I lost the bet!" another with a scar across his forehead cursed.

"How extravagant, Brother Bocheng, actually telling your friends to eat as much as they want!" the short young man grinned. "Since you are so rich, why don't you foot our bill as well?"

"Senior Apprentice Chengban!" Bocheng did not bother about the two who spoke, but stood up immediately upon seeing the guy with the topknot, clasping his fists in greetings.

"Mm," Chengban acknowledged disinterestedly while continuing to eat his food.

From the start, he had not even taken a single glance towards them.

"Hey, it's not too nice that you are ignoring us, Brother Bocheng!" the short young man who pulled open the curtains complained. "Who are they? Are they your friends? Why don't I recognise them from anywhere?"

"Yeah, since when do you know such a beautiful lady?" the scarred young man added. "Aren't you going to introduce her to us? Look, Senior Apprentice Chengban. Brother Bocheng is with a really pretty girl!"

"Is that so?"

Chengban put down his chopsticks and finally took his first glance towards Lu Tianzi's group.

His expression did not change much, but his eyes wavered ever so slightly when he caught sight of Nanlan Qianxue.

With his status, Chengban had already been with countless women. Because of that, he had not been expecting much, thinking that his juniors were simply making a mountain out of a molehill.

However, his juniors were right this time.

This woman in front of him was truly beautiful!

"What are you waiting for, Brother Bocheng? Aren't you going to introduce Senior Apprentice Chengban to your friends?" the short guy urged.

Chengban did not say anything, but the two of them had been following him for a while.

How could they not understand every nuance of his actions by now?

Since Chengban had not immediately returned to eating, it was obvious that he was interested in the girl!

"Reporting to Senior Apprentice Chengban, they are the ones who completed the mission in Bog Town," Bocheng hurriedly answered. "I was tasked by Elder Donghe to escort them back for their rewards. Guys, hurry and up and greet Senior Apprentice Chengban!"

"Greetings, Sir Chengban."

"Greetings, Sir Chengban."

Lu Tianzi and Nanlan Qianxue did as they were told.

At the same time, Lu Tianzi took a good look at Chengban and his two companions.

Chengban was at the Fifth Cycle Origin Core realm, which kind of explained why the Second Cycle Origin Core realm Bocheng was being so respectful towards him.

The other two were just him and Nanlan Qianxue, at the First and Second Cycle Origin Core realm respectively.

"Bog Town?" Chengban rubbed his chin in contemplation. "Isn't that the small town in the Northern Territories? I heard they were plagued by troubles from the Radiant Raven Sect, but given that the issue can be resolved at such a level, I guess that's something the town lord made up to get our attention. How typical."

"I agree with Senior Apprentice Chengban's conclusion," Bocheng replied. "I will be reporting the facts to Elder Donghe, and listen to what he has to say."

"Mm, you do that," Chengban nodded before his gaze returned onto Nanlan Qianxue. "What is your name?"

"Qianxue," Nanlan Qianxue answered.

"You aren't too bad, why don't you follow me from now on?" Chengban got straight to the point. "I will not mistreat you."

"Eh?" Bocheng exclaimed in shock. "Senior Apprentice Chengban, I don't think that's a good idea…"

"I am talking to Qianxue," Chengban shot a cold glare towards Bocheng. "You stay out of it."

The atmosphere froze over in an instant.

Bocheng opened his mouth, but no words escaped.

He knew just how scary his senior apprentice could be when angered, and dared not refute Chengban's words. Bocheng could only indignantly clench his fists and remain silent.

Seeing how Bocheng reacted, Lu Tianzi could only sigh inwardly.

It seemed like they might have to resolve this issue by themselves.

"I'm sorry, Sir Chengban, but I have no intentions of following anyone right now," Nanlan Qianxue shook her head with a faint smile.

"I don't think you know who I am, so I will give you another chance," Chengban laughed. "Bocheng, go ahead and tell her who I am."

"Eh? Me?" Bocheng asked.

"Do you have a problem with that?" Chengban questioned with a smirk.

"No…" Bocheng said through gritted teeth before turning to Nanlan Qianxue. "Senior Apprentice Chengban is a Core Disciple of the Divine Storm Sect, which means that he is only beneath the sect leader and the elders in terms of standing."

"If you follow me, you will be able to enjoy the same status as well," Chengban added confidently. "In the vast territories of the Divine Storm Sect, no one would dare to oppose you!"

Nanlan Qianxue glanced over at Bocheng, who guiltily avoided eye contant.

It seemed that there was some truth to what Chengban was saying.

Because he was a core disciple, even an inner disciple like Bocheng had no choice but to abide by his words.

This was the strict hierarchy of the Divine Storm Sect!

"Thank you for your interest, but my answer remains the same," Nanlan Qianxue replied.

"Hmm?" Chengban frowned.

With his good looks and status, he had never been rejected by someone of a lower standing. But this girl from a place like Bog Town actually dared to reject him?

Not just once, but twice in a row?

On the other hand, Bocheng let out a sigh of relief.

"Perhaps this kind of things cannot be rushed. Why don't the two of you go to the inn first?" Bocheng hurriedly told Lu Tianzi and Nanlan Qianxue. "I will settle the bill here."

"Understood," Lu Tianzi nodded. "We will be taking our leave first then."

With that, Lu Tianzi and Nanlan Qianxue turned to head towards the exit.

"Who said you can leave?" Chengban questioned authoritatively, but Lu Tianzi and Nanlan Qianxue did not slow down their steps.

"Senior Apprentice Chengban, they will be attending the wedding as well, so there will be plenty of chances to get to know her better in the future," Bocheng stepped forward to intercede. "They just arrived in Divine Storm City today, so why don't you let them rest for a while? Perhaps she will change her mind after thinking about it a little."

"Think about it?" Chengban's tone was cold as his anger started to show on his face. "She actually needs to think about whether she wants to follow me? Who does she think she is? Go get them back here right now!"

"But Senior Apprentice Chengban," Bocheng continued. "They are jus-"


Before Bocheng could finish his sentence, Chengban's fist had slammed into Bocheng's abdomen, sending him flying through the air.

Screams were heard as Bocheng crashed through layers of curtains, disrupting multiple rooms of people who were enjoying their food.

"Hahaha, serves him right for ignoring your words, Senior Apprentice Chengban!"

The two followers beside Chengban laughed in schadenfreude.

At this point, Lu Tianzi and Nanlan Qianxue finally stopped in their tracks.

They could feel Chengban's Origin Force rapidly stretching out towards them. It was obvious that he had no intention of allowing them to leave just like that.

Lu Tianzi hurriedly pulled Nanlan Qianxue behind him, putting himself between Chengban and her as Chengban's Origin Force crashed down upon them.

But even so, Lu Tianzi did not waver, resisting the pressure and staring straight back at Chengban.

"Hmm?" Chengban revealed a look of surprise before sneering in malice. "You are actually able to withstand my Origin Force pressure despite being a mere Second Cycle Origin Core realm? That's good as well. You will make the perfect example for someone who dares go against my will!"

A Chaotic World 324 Strict Hierarchy

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