Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld 115 Return

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Ardun himself trained these men, and they were on the verge of becoming knights. There were six of them and trained soldiers were accompanying them. These soldiers were capable of handling five to six regular men in combat. It was an elite group of soldiers capable of handling a hundred thieves. He also remembered the report about the hundred plus thieves on horses.
'What had happened there?'
Ardun's head was filled with questions when the marquis asked, "Vezzak, what should we send as a gift of grat.i.tude for getting rid of the thieves from our lands?"
Vezzak flinched at the question and began thinking.
'He's onto this.'
The marquis did not become angry. Rather, he seemed to be really intrigued. Vezzak opened his mouth to speak.
"You should compliment the man and reward him with the bounty, milord."
"That's a must. I need more… Has Jasmine returned?"
"Miss Jasmine?"
"Yeah. Send her."
"I know she's a bit old, but send her anyway. We'll see what happens."
"Yes, milord."
"Yes, milord!"
"Take all of your knights and soldiers and display our forces around the perimeter. We'll surprise everyone. Say that we are getting rid any remaining thieves."
"Yes, milord!"
Marquis waved them out and both left the room. His deep blue eyes sank.
'That definitely hurt.'
He was intrigued. After he reached the age of sixty, everything was boring. The kingdom was peaceful and there was no one to challenge his rank. Life was boring with nothing else to do so he began putting his hands on crimes for fun. It was purely a hobby as he began dealing with different schemes and it kept him interested each time he heard different news. And now, tens of heads had been delivered to him directly.
"Joonb.u.m Christos."
It was the name written at the end of the letter. It was a knight's name, a knight who came from an unknown country named the Daehan Empire. The name that gained sudden popularity among the n.o.bles of the kingdom.
'Second son of a count. With no land or t.i.tles for himself.'
That was about all he knew. He was interested in the fact that the name popped up in the most unexpected circ.u.mstances. He began wondering about what had happened within the kingdom recently. First was the Donian Merchant Group's failure in Khaloda Village which threw the owner's extensive plans out the window. The marquis remembered he enjoyed the news when he heard it. The second was the fact that the small merchants began trading with the Ainos.
'What's interesting there is that the Ainos have changed.'
The Ainos had new goods to trade, unlike their usual selves.
The third was a mercenary group trying to attack a n.o.ble. It enraged Lord Brant Khalodian. This was when the name Count Christos and its families spread within the kingdom. Count Khalodian himself made certain of their status right after, so no one questioned it.
The fourth was that these n.o.bles brought all kinds of fascinating goods that they sold to the merchants. It meant they were members of very wealthy n.o.ble families. It was also interesting that their goods gained instant popularity because they were fascinating. All the n.o.bles wanted a part of goods that were being circulated. The most popular items among the goods were the tea sets, women's cosmetics, and hair dye.
-It will transform your face to another!-
-This dye and cosmetic will make you look twenty years younger.-
-You will find your old self instantly.-
The price of such goods was outrageous, but it was even harder to find a seller. The merchants advertised that it would help make the person look younger, but it was not a lie. Everyone was happy to use such goods.
The fifth was that the owner of the Donians committed suicide by jumping out of his room. It was not confirmed that the old man jumped out himself, but there was evidence that he had been out of his mind recently.
It was only a while after the owner's death did the marquis come across the name of Joonb.u.m Christos.
'Is this a coincidence?'
Dunahan thought for a moment, then shook his head. It was too close timewise to be a coincidence. Every occurrence had Joonb.u.m Christos' name attached to it. He was also responsible for the deaths of all the thieves. He was known as a knight — it was certain that he had been involved in the battle.
'He must be a powerful knight.'
The marquis sent six of his about-to-be knights and they came back dead. There was only one possibility.
"Yes, it makes sense."
There was only one reason for such a man to become an outcast. It was because he was too talented. A talented sibling like him would have posed a threat to the older brother.
'Yes, that should be it.'
It meant that everything had happened because of Joonb.u.m Christos.
'The world revolves around the strong man.'
It was nothing if it went unnoticed, but change was coming. The marquis was also involved. His long life experience warned him.
'Hmm. She's a smart girl. She'll know what to do.'
Dunahan moved toward the window as he looked outside, still thinking. His wrinkly face crumpled more.
"Ugh, if only she was born as a boy…"
The marquis was troubled as he then sighed regretfully. He was watching a man and a woman fighting each other.
"M-miss Jasmine! Marquis told…"
Jasmine kicked the place in between the man's legs, causing him to fall in pain and also leading Vezzak to naturally cover his genitals in defense. As Jasmine approached him, Vezzak flinched and moved back, making Jasmine blush in response.
"You know what," Vezzak answered.
Jasmine shouted angrily, "I'm not going to kick my father's secretary in the b.a.l.l.s!"
Vezzak frowned.
"Ugh, Miss, you should choose your words more carefully."
"Give up. Haha."
Vezzak let out a loud sigh as Jasmine laughed. He shook his head and continued, "The thieves that caused problems on our land have been eradicated."
"Hmm? Okay?"
"The marquis wants you to deliver the bounty to the man who did it."
"Huh? Me? Why me? I want to get some rest."
"I don't understand either, but it's the marquis' order," Vezzak answered.
Jasmine raised her eyebrows. "What? What do you mean you don't understand? Why don't you understand that I should go?"
Vezzak scoffed, uninterested.
"Didn't you just shout, 'Why me?' I thought you didn't want to go?"
"That's that! But why can't you understand? Isn't it natural for a person as bright and strong as me to be chosen? Huh?"
"Then you really are a righteous person. You should leave tomorrow morning. I'll make preparations."
"WHAT! Tomorrow is too fast!"
"It's an ORDER!"
Vezzak turned and walked away. Jasmine frowned at the sight.
"DAMMIT! Who is this b.a.s.t.a.r.d for killing those thieves? I was about to do it myself. Oh well, if the man isn't so worthy, then…"
Nearby knights who feared to meet her eyes at flinched after hearing her mumble.
Different sounds came out of three men's mouths. Joonb.u.m, Daryl, and Louise were running along the road, drenched in sweat. A Galim and six horses followed them. They began moving separately from the merchants after the thieves were taken care of. The merchants slowed down too much after loading so many goods. It was after a month of travel on a horse that they finally pa.s.sed through Khaloda Village and reached the entrance of the forest. They had to rest their horses from time to time so they used that time to walk or run. It was hard training. Daryl and Louise had no way to complain as Joonb.u.m also joined the training.
Compared to before, Daryl and Louise had transformed. They now had lean bodies with small, strong flexible muscles. They also increased their reaction times.
"Stop! We will camp under that tree today. Start a bonfire and prepare dinner. I will set up tripwire along the perimeter and find some water."
"AHH! Yes, sir!"
"Yes, sir!"
Daryl and Louise stopped and breathed heavily. They then began gathering wood while Joonb.u.m set up the tripwire nearby. It was basically a small bell on a fis.h.i.+ng line. Joonb.u.m then picked up a big bucket and went into the forest to find a small pond.
He poured cold water over his head. The heat from running quickly dissipated. Joonb.u.m poured the water all over his body, then he began filling it up again to bring it back.

Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld 115 Return

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