Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld 117 Special Summer

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"Oh my! How many are you giving birth to!"
Joonb.u.m, shocked by the sight, yelled outside.
"This isn't enough! I need more! HEY! Move away!"
Joonb.u.m shouted at the male too. The male jumped up in surprise and backed away.
"OH MY!"
"How many are there?"
"We need more towels and warm water!"
"She has a bigger belly than usual!"
There were a lot of cubs. Even the elder seemed to be surprised.
"It's usually under ten cubs…!"
"Twenty… twenty-four!"
"She still has more!"
Everyone was surprised. People began cleaning the cubs with warm water and wrapped them up with dry towels.
The last cub was born. It was a total of twenty-seven cubs. Joonb.u.m was astonished by the experience. It was a blessing to have so many. It was normal for these wolves to have about five cubs. This seemed to raise some concern for the elders.
"Here, Joonb.u.m. Give it to her."
Sunsook handed Joonb.u.m a big basin of meaty soup.
"Have at it. Good work."
Galfus, whose head was slumped over, could barely raise her head to drink it. It reminded Joonb.u.m of their first meeting.
'I was so afraid back then…'
He was really afraid, but realized that Galfus was also afraid. Joonb.u.m combed Galfus' fur for a while, then stood up.
"Good job! But you had too many! You greedy girl."
There were twenty-seven cubs competing against other for the milk.
The villagers had to take turns to feed the cubs with lamb milk instead.
"We'll need more milk."
"We should go get some from the other villages."
"How much will they drink?"
Young people had their own concerns as the elders had different concerns.
"Giving birth to this many cubs means that there's a problem over there."
"Did you feel that? It was like that last time."
"What's going on?" Joonb.u.m asked as the elders seemed to be troubled. Elder Hesgal answered, "It's a blessing that she has given birth to many cubs, but it also means that there's incoming danger."
"Yes. She felt that their species decreased in numbers, and thus it resulted in having more cubs."
Joonb.u.m frowned.
"They give less birth when there's no threat. It's their instinct to bare more cubs when their lives are threatened."
Joonb.u.m remembered the similar instances of the deer on Earth decreasing in numbers when there was plenty of food and fewer threats.
"There might be problems from deep within the mountains."
"We can't be too sure now, but there might be a problem from the south."
Galfus had spent her time in the south during the winter. There was the possibility that a new threat had emerged from the south.
"But this is for later. We should tend to the cubs first. It's all speculation for now."
Howen nodded at Hesgal's conclusion.
"Elder, we should tend to the cubs and send some scouts just in case."
It was decided. Older villagers had their concerns, but the young people were purely excited by the new lives. As Galfus had a hard time tending to all her cubs, she accepted help from her fellow Ainos dwellers.
"I've seen fifteen puppies on Earth, but twenty-seven! It's good that we still have these."
Sunsook shook her head as she took out puppy milk powder from the storage. It was prepared for the four cubs from the past, but they grew so fast that it soon became useless.
"This won't last too long. Joonb.u.m, you should go get more lamb milk. They'll be able to chew on meat in a month, so go get some lambs to raise here so we can get more milk."
"Okay. What else do you need?"
"I need to divide the cubs from Galfus for now. Not too far from each other though."
"Okay. I'll set up a divider."
Joonb.u.m quickly set up a divider between the cubs and Galfus. It was low enough for Galfus to walk over, but high enough for cubs to stay away from Galfus. Joonb.u.m then moved just enough cubs for Galfus to watch over. Joonb.u.m smiled as he watched the cubs search for Galfus as she licked them constantly.
"You should eat well too, okay?"
Joonb.u.m scrubbed Galfus' neck.
'The fur has roughed up. I should feed her some good food.'
At the moment, Galfus growled viciously and the male moved back. The male approached Galfus often after the birth, but Galfus growled at him. Other than the cubs, Joonb.u.m was the only one allowed to get close to Galfus. They had formed a strong bond as they trusted each other to survive in the past.
"This should be a lot of work."
All these cubs meant that they need to hunt for more food.
"The good days are gone now."
Some watched the male and the other wolves who had now grown into adulthood with sympathy.
"We should hunt too."
"They will eat a lot."
The adults had realistic concerns. These cubs would definitely eat a lot as they grew.
Bran Town was now very busy. People left for Trina Village to borrow lambs and warriors set out alongside the five other Guardians to hunt. Meanwhile, Joonb.u.m either trained with Daryl and Louise or spent time with the cubs. He also did not forget to spend time with the kids.
"Sabu! Who are these old men?"
"Sabu! Why are they doing the same training as us?"
"Sabu! They look older than you!"
"Sabu! I can't believe they're younger than you!"
Daryl and Louise seemed to be discouraged. They also were discouraged by the fact that they were having the same training as the kids, but that quickly disappeared as they saw the kids moving quickly and skillfully. Daryl and Louise could not keep their mouths shut at the amazing sight. These kids moved about the forest like it was their backyard and they freely climbed up and down the trees. It helped them avoid any monsters since most monsters could not climb up the trees. Even if the monster did climb, their bows were enough to fend them off.
"So you underestimated them? They are strong. They also take emergency flutes and special arrows with them on their real trips out into the forest."
"Flute? A special arrow?"
"Yes. A flute can be heard from miles away. An Ainos from any tribe will come to help when they hear it. The arrow is used to paralyze any monster it hits."
Daryl and Louise were astonished.
"They're strong without their weapons too. They learned martial arts."
"Oh, you're the one that taught them?"
They were amazed. They knew about taekwondo and boxing. At first, they scoffed at the idea of fighting alone, but they quickly realized that it required hardcore skills. The pain that a simple grasp could bring was unimaginable.
-Don't fight it or else you'll break your arm.-
-Don't endure the pain. Tell me right away if you don't want to live paralyzed.-
-If you hit here, n.o.body can endure it. It's a critical point.-
Daryl and Louise learned about the critical parts of the human body and were fascinated by it. The scariest attack among these was kicking a human's genitals with boots or steel s.h.i.+nguards.
"You don't know how good these kids are, so watch them. Roni, Jaydee, Anen, Gaheez. Come out and demonstrate for us. Let's train with the bow and dangerous monsters. Pav, help me."
The field had various traps and panels with fake monsters. Kids stood ready at the start line and began running at the signal. They quickly moved about as the traps attacked them.
Daryl and Louise both screamed as the kids quickly moved around the trap and shot their bows toward a target that rose. It was a life-sized doll that represented a Kerox. These dolls were hidden and popped up periodically, but the kids quickly dodged them and accurately shot their arrows.
"This is amazing!"
"I can't believe such training existed."
"You two want to try?"
Both were filled with excitement at the offer.
"Yes, sir!"
"I will do it, sir!"
'I like them for their enthusiasm.'
Joonb.u.m grinned. These two had adapted to the Ainos way of living quickly and did not question why Joonb.u.m was living in such a state even though he was a n.o.ble. They just thought n.o.bles could live however they wanted.

Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld 117 Special Summer

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