Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld 163 Battle Of The Gerald Plains 2

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"WHAT IS THAT SOUND! Why is our shout not bigger than that!" Duke Christiole Barisman shouted angrily. He was obviously annoyed and agitated by the fact that the war wasn't going as planned. The sheer advantage in numbers should've made it an easy win against such a small number, but it wasn't as he thought. In normal scenarios, outnumbering the enemy would cut down the enemy's will to even fight, resulting in surrendering, but it was different now. The enemy made a strange loud sound and was willing to fight to the end. Moreover, they acted as if they were going to defeat the oncoming enemy.
'Those dogs!'
Duke was uncomfortable about the fact that they were not scared. After killing his two sons, they were now trying to come and fight him. This angered the duke more than ever.
The duke finally barked his orders to his thirteen thousand armies who stood behind him. He smirked and looked out to the field. The victory would be promising. That was when he located a huge dust cloud up ahead. The flags were moving and something was definitely going on.
"What's going on?"
A soldier who had a better vision shouted an answer.
"The enemy forces are dividing and moving to both sides!"
"Something red is moving!"
"Red… huge red carriage is moving! It's moving without a horse!"
Soldiers began shouting what they were seeing. The duke frowned and shouted in annoyance.
"What are you talking about! EXPLAIN!"
"Milord! I heard the rumors of a horseless red carriage that moves by itself!"
"WHAT! How can that be true!"
"The rumors said the witch brought it to this land, milord!"
"HAH. I remember it now. I guess it was real then? But what is he trying to do with a carriage?"
"I believe it's to show off, milord!"
"Hmm. I should think so too. What a petty strategy! Wars don't need petty tricks! It's the force! The army! Hah."
Duke laughed and looked out. Some n.o.bles weren't convinced as they sensed something different from what was going on, but they couldn't speak up.
That was when everyone was shocked. The duke who was laughing just a moment ago was now in shock also. The war drum sound was changed to an emergency.
"What is that!"
Soldiers were being knocked off as if they were rocks on the ground. The red carriage was charging at them at full speed. Soldiers who tried to block it were smashed by the giant carriage and killed instantly as their spines and skulls were crushed under it. They began yelling in horror.
The carriage then let out thick black smog from its back and some of the soldiers that charged from behind stopped in the middle, coughing.
"It's poison!"
Fear struck all the soldiers around it. Fear of the unknown was something they did not expect. The Marauder charged through fleeing soldiers onto the middle of battleground where the enemy's central commander was located.
"Block the enemy! Attack that carriage! Block! Use the carts! Use whatever we have to block its path!"
Some of the commanders yelled at the fleeing soldiers and knights on Galims began charging. It was the elite battle group of the duke's army. The group was considered unstoppable, second to none other than the famous Gerekstals.
"T-that is-!" Hallis shouted as he looked out through the window. The sight the knights saw from within the fascinating carriage was astounding. They were shocked when they began charging through the enemy, but their concerns were soon washed away as the carriage trumped over all the obstacles like they were nothing, laying waste to any enemies who stood in the way. No arrows or spears were able to penetrate through it.
'This is… unbelievable…'
"Main army!"
Knights readied themselves for impact and the Marauder came into contact with the oncoming knights. Joonb.u.m smiled. The impact made a huge cras.h.i.+ng sound, which was followed by horrified screams.
'I was right to bring this here.'
The Marauder was doing its worth. The knights that were famous for their power were killed instantly.
"Sir! A barricade!"
That was when Hallis called out to the barricade made out of carts and pointy wood. Joonb.u.m smirked.
"Prepare for impact!"
There was another way around, but Joonb.u.m charged into it directly.
'It won't leave a stronger impression if I go around. I need to show them so they will not come back again.'
Knights shouted from inside as the Marauder rammed into the barricade and easily penetrated it. Joonb.u.m laughed at the knights as they looked like kids on a ride in a theme park. The Marauder charged like a monster. n.o.bles who were watching it advance from the distance turned pale.
"We- we should flee!"
But it was too late. The Marauder was already right in front of them. The vehicle rammed into the post that held the high stage that the n.o.bles were on. It broke down the structure like a flimsy tent and tens of n.o.bles on top fell down to the ground.
"Ugh, help!"
The Marauder stopped.
Joonb.u.m shout to the knights who were still shaken by what just happened. They all jumped out of the vehicle.

Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld 163 Battle Of The Gerald Plains 2

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