Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld 190 An Ambush 2

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"It's her."
A man who had been watching the people through the crowded streets silently mumbled. Another man next to him turned to the direction he was staring at and found A group of women chattering.
"So, it's her."
He narrowed his eyes coldly.
"We have the parents, so it's not going to be hard."
"Yeah. We'll show her the fingers one by one to scare her and let her do our bidding. She will not know what she has done."
Kuntino, the from Red Moon, spoke proudly.
"Poor girl. You're so cold-hearted."
"I feel bad for her too, but it's work. I do what I must," Kuntino answered.
Norda grinned, "You were born to do this. Haha, but it's a shame I can't get a taste of her."
Norda smiled gently. Kuntino frowned.
Norda was the man Kuntino worked with as an He did not carry out the by himself but he worked to bring the needed goods, intel, and provided an infiltration or escape route when needed. He was skilled but s.a.d.i.s.tic in nature.
"You should leave the fun for later. This is their land. We should be careful."
"I know. I will keep to myself for now," Norda answered casually.
'As if I will believe that.'
Kuntino knew he would just do it anyway without telling him.
'I guess it will be covered up with the death of the count.'
"We should go. Buy me some time."
"Okay, good luck."
Both men stood up and approached the women. They walked casually without any issues and Norda easily separated the targeted woman from the group. Then Kuntino walked up to her as she did not yet realize that she had been left behind from the group.
"Zelda? Zelda right?"
"Huh? How- how do you know my name?"
"It's me! Did you forget me? Wow. It's been so long!"
Kuntino began speaking loudly. People glanced at them once, but soon walked away. It was common for old acquaintances to run into each other in this city, so they did not care.
"I- I'm not sure…"
"You forgot! Oh my!"
Kuntino lamented dramatically as Zelda seemed hesitant. Her face became red.
"I'm sorry! I- I can't really remember…"
Kuntino quickly replied, "No! Don't be. It's okay! But come, I will explain in detail! You might remember then! Come, come."
"Huh? But-"
It was a wide open road in bright daylight. There was no danger anywhere. Zelda looked at Kuntino in hesitation and followed Kuntino since he looked so sad.
"Zelda, so you can't remember! But you will once you see this. Haha!"
"What is it?"
"Here, here. See for yourself."
Kuntino handed her a small basket and Zelda took it to look inside. She looked confused as she peeked in, but what it contained caused her face to be filled with her fear and her mouth was wide open as if she were about to scream.
"Let out a scream and it's going to be the neck instead of a finger. Look, it's been cut off so cleanly that it can be sewn back in the afternoon. That's why it's being frozen with ice. I know those people at the Ainos hospital can make it work. It's amazing! No wonder Horun considers them as demonic followers. So, shut up and do as I tell you. Then I will release them."
Zelda began to shake as various expressions swept through her face. She then bit her lips to close her mouth.
'Hmm? She seems to understand quickly. Good.'
Kuntino smiled and looked at her.
"Take this, bring it to the beer that the count drinks, and pour it in. It's best if you can do it on the family dinner table, but only the count's snack or beer will do. I will release your parents once I see result."
Zelda's two fists trembled as her eyes were filled with fear.
'It's going to be easy.'
It was then that Zelda's face went pale and was filled with terror.
She had a small silver whistle in her mouth, but it didn't let out a loud sound.
'What's going on?'
Kuntino looked at her, confused.
"Oh. I was wondering when she was going to blow it."
"It was weird from the beginning."
"Yeah, but he talks so well."
"I was fooled too!"
Two men came out of the alley and approached them.
'Who are these men?'
Kuntino glared at them, not realizing what was going on. Then Pav smirked.
"Hey! I'm Pav, the Ainos. This here is Aiden."
It was Pav and Aiden, who had now fully grown into adulthood. They had dark beards on their faces and their bodies were stronger now.
"We guard the safety of our lord and his family. We also protect the maids within the castle. Since she is the maid of the castle, we were watching you."
"But how can that be…!"
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"Oh, and the other man you were with has probably been arrested by now. I don't like his ugly smile. Have your questions been answered?" Pav explained.
"Hey, are you going to come quietly or get beaten up? You choose."
Aiden swung his police baton in the air. It made swoos.h.i.+ng sound that Kuntino glare, readying himself.
"Hah, it did seem too easy. I'm surprised. Protecting a mere maid… but is it only you two?"
"Yeah, why? I think I can handle you myself," Aiden answered.
"You think I haven't fought with the Ainos until today? You will regret coming to me with just the two of you."
Kuntino drew out his sword out from his belt.
"Wow, he has a sword! Great!"
Pav and Aiden mumbled to each other but Kuntino charged, attacking them from the bottom. The sword slashed the empty air and he was struck in the face by the baton. He backed away while he lunged for another attack with his sword.
"Watch out!"
"It's okay!" Aiden answered and used his baton to block the sword. Kuntino was startled as his sword was blocked by a crude-looking stick and was flung away. Then, Aiden swung against Kuntino's head and body in multiple strikes.
His arms and legs were broken and he was now laying on the ground in pain. His mouth was full of blood as he tried to back away miserably.
"Hah, you think you're the only one who has come here? We've had at least two or three attempts every day since we started fighting the empire," Aiden scoffed while Pav searched Kuntino's body.
"Is it starting again? Hey, tell me who sent you. But if you won't, you don't have to. You will soon though."
They both spoke so casually. It was then that Kuntino realized things were not going as planned.
"Oh, you're finished too."
It was then that another Ainos came back, dragging Norda in an almost half-dead state.
"Did he fight back?" Aiden asked in shock, but the other man shook his head.
"No. I just didn't like how he looked."

Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld 190 An Ambush 2

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