Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld Chapter 206

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Published at 30th of December 2018 08:33:55 PM Chapter 206
Education was a required step to make the land prosper and the first step was to teach written language . "How is the literacy education going?" "It's going well, sir . Most people now know how to read and write without much trouble . " "That's good to hear . How are the newcomers doing?" "There are some problems, but we give them harsh punishment . It's all under control, sir . " Joonb.u.m nodded . The land was governed by law was far from democracy . 'This would be not possible on Earth, but…' "Let's get up now . " "Shall we, sir?" "I'm going back to the Ainos city . You can go back . " "Yes, sir . " They came out of the saloon and Jackson hopped onto his horse to return with his soldiers . Joonb.u.m also hopped on another horse and rode out with the Ainos warriors on guard . They walked through the roads where fires and lamps brightened all the sides . It was a cold night, but it was very bright . Numerous n.o.bles who seemed to be visiting were mesmerized by the city that never seemed to darken and the marvelous stone structures . Joonb.u.m glanced around as he heard different noises and people chattering . He turned to Pav . "Hey, you've become big now . " "Haha . " Pav was now full into adulthood . Joonb.u.m reminisced the days he spent with the Ainos . Pav came up next to Joonb.u.m and whispered in low voice, "They're all waiting for you . " Joonb.u.m was now a high-ranking aristocrat in the city . There was no one who spoke freely to him from the humans, but with the Ainos, he was just Joonb.u.m . "Yeah?" "Of course! Galfus looks lonely without you too . " "Oh…" Joonb.u.m thought of Galfus . Galfus and her cubs were now being taken care of by the Ainos . 'I mustn't interfere with them anymore,' Joonb.u.m thought to himself . His reason for visiting the Ainos today was to send them back to the mountain . The Guardian cubs needed to experience life in the mountain range before it was too late . 'They must return for the sake of the balance within the forest . ' There were more that needed to be returned . "Open up! Lord Joonb.u.m has arrived!" Joonb.u.m arrived at the Ainos town center and walked in . A bunch of kids came running to Joonb.u.m, all with familiar faces . These were kids that Joonb.u.m played with and taught taekwondo and other martial arts from before . "Welcome . " The Ainos and Magnos elders gathered around, welcoming Joonb.u.m . Then they began bringing out food for a feast . The atmosphere changed immediately as the Ainos and Magnos alike began eating and enjoying the food . 'They also know that some of them must return . ' "Let's drink!" "CHEERS!" Gustal, the Gerekstal's leader, shouted as he raised up his beer mug, followed by other Gerekstals . Beginning with the Magnos, Joonb.u.m and everyone else began enjoying the party .

Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld Chapter 206

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