Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld Chapter 281

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Published at 23rd of July 2019 08:55:12 AM Chapter 281
"Wow, we've got a good find here!"

"Will I get a bonus for this?"
"This is great!"
People shouted in excitement . It was the best gift for these people who had come to another world while risking their lives . There were a lot of excavation sites led by merchants and mercenaries now . They were more eager to excavate part of the lands than the empire .
The Gate was going to close in a month, and they would be left alone in this world for ten years . Even so, more people still poured into the Gate .
Greed lured people over to the new world . They all dreamed of becoming rich and the Demon World was like a new world filled with riches and wonders . Many volunteered to move over with their families . The Khalodian Empire supplied everyone coming over and quickly worked to create a land for these people to live in .

The sun had almost set after five in the evening . The vast forests shook with the wind and a fresh breeze blew past Joonb.u.m . Jinpok smiled and Doral frowned .
"Do you smell that?"

"It's a good smell . "
"It doesn't smell good . "
Jinpok and Doral gave contrasting answers to Joonb.u.m's question . It should've been a clean and fresh breeze, but this breeze had a mix of smells . This was their way of finding monsters hiding behind trees and bushes .
And it wasn't only the humans that caught their scent . The Keroxes trained to track monsters growled and barked .
Monsters jumped out and began charging at them .
"Our targets are the monsters hiding in those trees . We'll rain fire upon them . Fire at will!"
Cannons fired at the monsters charging at them . However, the cannons weren't just aimed at those monsters rus.h.i.+ng at them . Their main targets were those hiding in the trees .

"Machine guns! Fire!"
Machine guns began to fire from the frontline, mowing down all the charging monsters .
Three hundred monsters were instantly decimated .
"There are just too many . "
"Yeah . "
The monsters then began to scatter and flee . Targeted shots meant nothing now .
"Hold fire! Be alert!"
The cannons stopped and the Ainos Guards began moving into the forest to chase down the escaped monsters .
"This will take a long time . "
Jinpok frowned as he took out a cigarette and lit it . Joonb.u.m also took the cigarette to take a puff .
"Whew . We don't even have a road here, this won't do . "
Joonb.u.m shook his head as he gazed at the vast forest in front of him . Pyongyang still had remnants of streets in the city and traces of civilization . However, after Pyongyang, they came across harsh mountainous terrain .
"This won't allow us to advance any quicker . "
Doral frowned as he drank some water . There was a large opening in the ground that they were looking at, it was destroyed land which was common all around .
"So, our good ol' days ended at Pyongyang . This will be harder than climbing up a mountain . What should we do? Not all of us are rock climbers . "
Joonb.u.m thought for a second . They would need to fly over this landscape or it was not going to be possible to pa.s.s .

"I think we should stop here . It's their nest . "
Doral pointed to the sky . There was an enormous sparrow flying over them .
'An enormous sparrow…'
Those birds were a nightmare to soldiers of the empire . They were so big that they could pick up a grown adult like an insect . The only thing they feared were dragons .
"I guess we should stop here and fortify our defenses . "
It was disappointing as advancing just a little more meant that they would reach Mountain Baekdu, allowing them to control the entire peninsula .
"It's okay, we got here faster than we thought we would . We still have those dragons and flying monsters to deal with, but they aren't attacking us after we fought them a few times . So we'll find a way to move up later . Oh, but it's cold right now . Is it winter already?"
Jinpok shook . Fall was already coming to an end .

Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld Chapter 281

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