Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld Chapter 282

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Published at 23rd of July 2019 08:55:11 AM Chapter 282
"It's almost winter, so we shouldn't push on too hard . We came up all the way in just seven months, so we should build a base here and proceed carefully . I experienced many things in Khalodian, and so did our troops . But we can't press on further like this . "

Doral explained calmly and Jinpok agreed .
'Is this greed?'' Joonb.u.m thought . He seemed to have gotten greedy, and he wasn't like that before he became the emperor . Fortunately, he had people who could help him hold back those desires .
'They are good friends, and I'm lucky to have them . '
He thought of Jinpok and Doral as good friends .
'I have Jackson too . '
Jackson was only a good subordinate in the past . However, as time pa.s.sed, he grew out of his past self and did his best to manage the empire . Even after being promoted to the highest ranks of the empire, Jackson did not become corrupt or greedy .
'I guess I can trust him for another nine years . '
As Joonb.u.m organized his thoughts, Jinpok asked, "Are we really not going back? It's for nine years . "
"Yeah . "
"Well, I like it here so I don't mind . "

Jinpok always needed to be on a battlefield; it was better for him to stay where fights were abundant .
"Boys! See if there are any runners and call in the construction team! We'll build our base here!"
Jinpok ordered and the soldiers began to move . They quickly cleaned the area of monster bodies and burned them .
After cleaning up the area and preparing for the arrival of the construction team, they finally came with giant carriages pulled by Durans .
"They're here!"
People shouted as they moved the equipment and carriages .
"Hmph . This was the place where a factory used to be, right?" Jinpok asked as he looked at the direction where the construction team was moving toward .
"I heard it was a watch factory . "
And like this, the construction of the base began .

"Be careful! Do it slowly!"
Remnants of destroyed buildings were removed and dust was everywhere . A cold winter wind blew fiercely, but the workers moved with excitement and joy .
"It's a supermarket!"
Someone shouted and everyone brightened up immediately . ,
"We got it!"
People shouted in joy .
"Don't mess it up! We only have the sign! It may have been already ransacked! Be aware of your own safety . A jackpot is only jackpot if we don't lose anything! Don't get hurt! If you get hurt, everything will be over for you! I'm sure you don't want to get sent back to our world without getting anything, right?!"
A hairy man shouted with a rough voice and the people flinched .
"Gus giving us a sermon again . "
"Heh, don't mind him . He's been ordered to do that . "
"Yeah, but it's annoying to hear it over and over again . "
The people didn't seem too bothered . They were too focused on the black hole they saw through the ruins .
"Can we go in now?"
"We'll need to uncover it a bit more . And we need some reinforcing . "

"What are you doing then? Move!"
People moved to reinforce the building structure to ensure their safety .
"Will it be big?"
"It should have many things buried in there . "
People worked to ensure the safety of the structure and began moving in as soon as it was ready .
"We have a fridge! TV! They're dusty but they're all in good shape!"

End of Chapter

Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld Chapter 282

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