Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld Chapter 283

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Published at 23rd of July 2019 08:55:10 AM Chapter 283
-You are a.s.signed to the Excavation Regiment in the Demon World Crusade Army . It is up to you to decide if you want to go or not . You can either go there for a year and come back, or stay here . -

He was scared as he wasn't sure if he was being abandoned by his own country .
-It will be an opportunity to experience great things . I heard that world was the emperor's home It is full of mysterious machines . There will be watches, generators, and electronic devices that the emperor and a few n.o.bles use . All we need to do is go there, dig them up, and bring them back . If you succeed, you will come out on top of everyone else . Don't worry if you think you will be used and abandoned . We Khalodians do not condone such behavior . The emperor himself is out on the battlefield! We do not force anyone to obey, nor do we abandon those who show loyalty to us!-
Those words that suggested that success might follow was tempting . He had to agree . All he had left was the little bit of gold he had inherited . It was better for Colec Entro to move to the new world and try to find a new life there .
"Whoa! This is in good shape! It only has dust on it but it's intact! Same with the service department! The parts are all intact!"
"These books have aged, but they are in good shape!"

"Bulbs are fine, boss!"
'It's good that I'm here! I've succeeded!'
He clenched his fist as people cheered all around him .
"Be careful! We'll move one at a time! Take everything we can use! Do not leave anything behind!"
"Yes, sir!"

Workers quickly moved to check inside the excavated store to search for machines and other goods that were buried below . They then began checking the discovered machines to see if they were still working .
A small generator was started and some machines began to move .
"We've got the fridge working!"
"It's working!"
"TV's working! And so is the computer!"
It was good news . Twenty years wasn't a short amount of time, but there were a lot of machines that still worked just fine after all that time .
'There are more that we have to send back . '
The machines that worked were quickly transferred back . The Donian Merchant Group focused on building a railroad through the land so that they could send all their findings back to the Gate .
'I will not stop here . I will stay behind for the remaining nine years . When I go home, I'll be richer than anyone else!'
Colec thought as he decided what he would do . There were still a lot of things to excavate .
"Most of the objects on the 3rd floor are damaged, but we can salvage the parts . Most of the 1st and 2nd floor items are in good shape . There are many that are still in their original packaging, sir . "
Dnes Harley, the secretary, came over to report the findings . The Harley family was one of the old n.o.ble families that had fallen in recent years . They too had sent their youngest daughter, Dnes, to take advantage of new opportunities . Fortunately, Dnes was smart enough to give her family another chance . Through Khalodian's special education for talented youth, she was chosen to be educated and was sent out with the Donian Merchant Group for her field training .

End of Chapter

Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld Chapter 283

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