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"So, this was supposed to happen?" Eisen asked surprised, and Constant immediately nodded his head. "Of course it was. Yin and Yang are two halves of a whole, and while they can't directly exist without each other, they aren't necessarily mixed at all times. You can combine them pretty easily, but you can just as easily split them up again. Just try it for a moment. I'm actually really curious what forms they took this time." Constant replied without hesitation, and Eisen raised his brows in response, reaching out to grab the two spheres. And when his finger tips touched them, waves were created that moved across the surface of the ma.s.ses, as if they were just water, and the old man continued trying to somehow grab them, although his hand just ended up pus.h.i.+ng through into the spheres.

But since neither Constant nor Serio were saying anything, Eisen figured that this was supposed to happen. And then, the old man could feel something hard inside of the spheres, and then chose to swiftly pull them out of it. When he did so, Eisen noticed that he all of a sudden had two metal ingots in his hands, even if he didn't really recognize what type of metal they were.

"Huh?" Eisen asked confused, and Constant looked at the old man with an excited smile. "Oh, it's metal this time! So it's going to be what, tools?" The Core Helper asked, and Eisen raised his eyebrows in response.

"Could you explain? What do you mean with 'this time'? And to be perfectly honest, this isn't really enough for tools... Maybe small knives?" Eisen replied, but Constant immediately shook his head. "Right, you don't know about it anymore... Well, each time you combine the ma.s.ses of Yin and Yang, you get a different type of material out of it! Awesome, right? And Just take the rest out of there, you'll have more than enough metal!" Confused, Eisen raised his eyebrow in response to what Constant just told him, before pus.h.i.+ng his hands back into the two floating spheres, once more pulling out some metal ingots.

And then again, and then again, while the spheres were simply shrinking in response, until the spheres themselves turned into metal and dropped down as well. Now, Eisen really had quite a lot of materials to work with, and after a quick appraisal with his Truth-Seeing Eyes, Eisen didn't really find out much. The Black metal was simply called 'Yin', and the white metal was called 'Yang'.

"Hmm, this is... Interesting." The old man said with a slight sigh, and the two Core Guardians looked at the old man with bright smiles.

"Of course it is, especially once you found out what you want to make with these. Whatever you choose, these will become the perfect materials for any possible situation. Although, as you have found in the past, Yin Materials are Destructive, while Yang Materials are Constructive, so that is something to keep in mind." Serio pointed out, and in response Eisen moved his fingers through his beard in thought.

"Hmm, so Yin Materials are supposed to be for weapons, and Yang Materials for tools?" Eisen asked, and with an excited smile Serio nodded his head.

"Exactly so." He replied, and swiftly headed toward the half-sphere's two sides, grabbing the fist-sized gems that were left inside of the slots Eisen placed the ma.s.ses inside of before.

"It also seemed to always be quite useful when you included these in the creation." Serio explained and handed the gems to the old man, who took a quick look at them and handed them to Constant, who had already began transporting the materials into storage.

"Well, I guess I should be able to take my time with that for now. I want to test a few other things out while the re-construction of town is going on." Eisen pointed out, although he soon looked into the sky and noticed that it was already getting pretty dark.

"That means I should probably hurry up if I want to do that." The old man chuckled, before they headed back toward the Workshop, where Eisen swiftly took a look at all the different equipment and workstations that were inside, a lot of which seemed to have been broken-down by time, and then ended up staying at the White-Marble Workstation for some thinking.

"Now then... Constant, can you tell me how exactly to use this?" Eisen asked with a slight sigh, and the Core Helper immediately appeared next to him. "Of course I can! I think!" He replied, and Eisen chuckled while the Helper began to explain.

"As far as I'm aware, it's pretty straightforward. Just 'enchant' the worksurface and then pull the enchantment from the worksurface into the item! Although it doesn't just work with Ability-Enchantments, but also regular ones. And when you pulled the Enchantment onto an item, you won't need to re-apply it, so it's useful for ma.s.s-production." Constant told the old man quite swiftly, and Eisen simply nodded his head in reply.

"That's it, huh..? Well, I guess I'll try for now." Eisen muttered to himself, quickly grabbing the mythril carving-needle from the ring braided into his beard, and then quickly got to work. The first thing that Eisen tried to do was place a relatively simple enchantment onto the Marble surface, which was the Dexterity-enhancement caused by his Dwarven Racial Skill. And now that he noticed it, that racial skill was pretty close to ranking up to 4 soon as well, so Eisen was excited to see what would happen then. The same applied to his Giant Racial Skill, and the old man really wanted to find out how much larger he could grow afterward.

Either way, after Eisen did so, the old man started carving an enchantment into the marble surface as well. Due to the size and uniformity of the Marble plate, Eisen was able to very easily create a complex enchantment on it. The White-Marble was actually so easy to work with that it nearly reminded Eisen of ManCrystals.

The enchantment that he created had a relatively simple goal, to pa.s.s on the ability-enchantment onto someone's whole hand, and inside of the smaller enchantment circles in that complex enchantment, Eisen placed enchantments that were supposed to do it for each of the fingers individually.

And after the old man did that, he created a new type of way to specify everything as well. As the marble worksurface wasn't square, but instead rectangular, Eisen only used up about half of the surface for the regular-form complex enchantment. And the other half was used specifically to create another enchantment that could be used to properly regulate the strength of the dexterity-enhancement.

For that, Eisen actually took inspiration from one of the Magic Circles that Xenia was playing around with before, an interactive spell that could be used to replace an instrument, which she wanted to create for Evalia in case of an emergency. And it worked by creating an object out of mana with conditions attached to each 'string' or 'b.u.t.ton', so that it could actually be properly played.

But Eisen wanted to take that concept and slightly change it around, so that he could create a Magic-Dial that could be turned and used to easily influence the strength of something instead of having to figure out how much mana to use for the effect-strength you wanted.

This was for a smaller item that Eisen thought might be nice to have, and if he didn't want to properly test out if this Marble-surface worked with both an ability enchantment and a regular enchantment, he would have just created an easily-adjustable flame enchantment. Maybe for a Stove or oven, even, so that it could be the kind of thing that could be sold.

And when this second enchantment was finished, Eisen connected it to the actual Dexterity-Enchantment through a straight line.

When Eisen finished the enchantment, he grabbed a simple mancrystal and held it above the Marble-Surface like Constant had told him to, and then in the same way as he usually did with the Enchanting-Marbles, pulled the ability enchantment from the marble-surface to the mancrystal.

Before he knew it, Eisen was holding a ManCrystal with a carved surface, and then looked over it quite surprised. "This really is the exact enchantment I made, huh..?" Eisen muttered to himself, before grabbing some leather that he had placed on a table next to him beforehand, swiftly creating a simple leather glove out of it, even if the 'Fingers' of the glove stopped right before the first joint.

And after that Leather-Glove was finished, Eisen placed the enchanted ManCrystal onto the back of the glove, attaching some mancrystal thread to it before making those threads run through each of the fingers to properly reach every part of it. Beyond that, Eisen even created some other small mancrystal parts that he then attached to the glove, in a way that the mancrystal parts could be attached to the outside of the fingers without actually hindering the finger-movement like a regular glove would.

Basically, the leather-parts of the glove were supposed to be a simple base for the enchanted pieces to be attached to.

And then, the old man placed the glove onto his right hand and poured his mana into the part of the carved-enchantment designated for the activation, and immediately the round dial made of mana appeared above the central mancrystal.

Luckily, Eisen was able to touch it without problems, and then quickly just turned it a little before while wiggling his fingers around, already noticing a good difference the further he twisted the dial to the right.

"Perfect." The old man muttered to himself with a smile, and then quickly tested everything out with a few practice-tasks, repeating the same thing with the dial turned completely down, and then another time with the dial turned all the way up, just to make sure he wasn't just imagining that the dial actually worked.

"Now then..." Eisen said to himself and took the glove back off, and then quickly stepped up to the marble surface again, swiftly deleting all the enchantments on it. But before Eisen could continue with the next 'Experiment' with these kind of complex enchantments, he noticed the surprised expressions from both Constant and Serio.

"You're actually going forward with that kind of enchantment, Master Eisen?!" Constant asked with a big, broad grin on his face, and Eisen slowly nodded his head. "Yeah, why wouldn't I?" a

"Because you never did before," Serio explained, "You did it a few times, but whenever you did so, you sighed annoyedly and tried to figure a less convenient way out, thinking that it was too 'Futuristic'." The Town Guardian explained, and with a wry smile, Eisen just shook his head.

"I'm just going to hope that it wasn't because I was trying to keep a medieval theme..." The old man sighed, but without a moment's hesitation, Constant shook his head, "Oh no, it was exactly because of that!" He replied, and Eisen just stared down at the Marble Worksurface slightly embarra.s.sedly.

"Well, that's... Awkward then." The old man said as he moved his fingers through his beard with a wry smile, but Serio swiftly shook his head. "It wasn't your fault, you weren't allowed to lead Civilization past the point it is at right now." The Core Guardian explained, but Eisen just raised his brows confused.

"Wait, what do you mean exactly?" Eisen asked in response, and Serio swiftly began to explain, "Well, it was part of your Lifetime Quest. Or Rather, Quests. Every once in a while, at seemingly random times, you were given Quests that made you do certain things, or made you stop doing other things. Amongst what you were not allowed to do was that you couldn't bring Civilization past the point of what you somehow called 'Medieval Europe', although I never truly understood what either of that was supposed to mean."

Spending My Retirement In A Game Chapter 366 - Dial

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