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After moving on from their conversations, the five Originals made their way over to the other Half-Dragons, who were surrounded by some of the Villagers and the Dragons.

"Now then, as planned, we will choose one of us to become the Lord of this town. Is that alright with everyone now?" Eisen asked, and the Black Half-Dragon glared at him and clicked his tongue. "Fine, but that doesn't mean we're going to let you just do whatever you want, got it? If any of you do some-"

"Just shut up already!" The Black Dragoness yelled out angrily, "What the h.e.l.l's gotten into you?! Shut it and stop acting like an idiot!" She screamed at her son, who just looked at her with a surprised expression, before Eisen chuckled to loosen things up a little bit.

"Don't worry, it's fine that he's worried. Or rather, it's completely normal. But I don't mind you having a say in it, under one condition." Eisen told them with a grin, and not only the half-dragons, but also the actual dragons looked at the old man confused and surprised.

"You will all have to join your friend here in becoming the new Lord's Squires." Eisen explained as he placed his hands on both Kiron's and the Bronze Half-Dragon's shoulders, before the former looked at his Grandfather confused.

"Wait, G-Grandfather, but-" He started, but Eisen just chuckled slightly, "I thought it would be nice for you to be the Lord, after all, you're the one with the greatest connection to this place." The old man told the Crystal Half-Dragon, and he just stared back at him. "Are... Are you sure?" Kiron asked, seemingly not against the idea, even if he was still unsure if it was a good idea.

"Yes, I'm sure. It should help your leaders.h.i.+p abilities a fair bit, at least. But still, are you alright with these three becoming your Squires as well?" Eisen asked him, and the Half-Dragon slowly nodded his head.

"Of course! I'll be able to shape them into some good fighters!" He exclaimed gleefully, and Eisen chuckled in response while nodding his head, turning back toward the three Half-Dragons in question. "Then let's hope these three will take up this chance as well." The old man said, and they stared at Eisen as if humiliated.

Although then, one of them chose to step forward.

"I... I would like to become a... Squire, was it? I don't know what it means, but if it allows me to help out, then I would love to do whatever it takes." The Silver Half-Dragoness exclaimed, before the Red one looked at her confused while grabbing her arm.

"What do you mean? You can't be serious!" She said angrily, "You don't even know what it is, so how can you agree like that?"

Without hesitation, Kiron slowly stepped forward and placed his hand into the center of the chest. "A Squire is one learning to be a Knight. A Knight, on the other hand, is someone wholly dedicates his complete being to a cause or a lord. The cause being justice, and in this case the Lord being my Grandfather. At the cost of their life, they will do whatever they may to make sure both their cause and lord survive beyond them... Even if I pledged not to lay down my life so easily." Kiron said with a slight smile, more than just happily remembering the pledge from back then, before he slowly turned back to the Half-Dragons in front of him to convince them.

"Please, I can see that you have great potential. You may have acted rashly, but your reason was the protection of your people, and that is a cause one can only call honorable. Let me teach you what it means to be a Knight, and become the strength of Justice." Kiron told them with a soft smile on his face, but the Black Half-Dragon just once more clicked his tongue loudly.

"Talking about justice or whatever... If you can make me stronger so that I'm not gonna lose next time we fight, I'm in." He said with a rather annoyed voice and stepped closer toward Kiron, while the Silver Half-Dragon also made sure to finally do what she meant to do, while the Red Half-Dragon just stood there confused.

"What about you? Will you join us as well?" Kiron asked her, before she just started grinding her teeth. "Fine, but only for Silver... If you do anything to hurt her, I'll cut your throat open." The Red one replied, and Eisen smirked slightly in response, seeing that Kiron was growing in such a way.

"Now then, let's get started, shall we? Everyone that can at least think they'll be able to stack some stones on top of each other, gather up around here and wait for a while, please." Eisen told them and quickly cracked his knuckles before handing the Town Core to Kiron together with the box containing the Core Guardian, and then looked over at his fellow Originals.

"Do you guys want to stay here? It shouldn't take too long, I just want to make sure everything is working properly." Eisen explained, and the others quickly nodded their heads, before the old man started to figure out some roles that each Original should fill.

"Jyuuk, grow some strong wood, please. For different things, of course, but we'll need to have the materials ready for construction. Brody, see what places should be reinforced for defense against the more common monsters we've seen so far. Then Xenia, try to flatten the ground some more and destroy whatever buildings may be abandoned without doing too much damage to the materials. And at last, Evalia... Come up with a few good architectural designs that fit to the island." Eisen told all of them, and everyone quickly got to work with these things, while the six Dragons stepped up to Eisen as well, looking up to them nervously.

"Is there any way we can help as well?" They asked, and Eisen looked at them with a frown before moving his fingers through his beard in thought. "Well... For one, how about you finally let your children know what kind of test or trial they need to beat to get some actual names?" Eisen suggested, and they slowly nodded their heads with sligth embarra.s.sment on their faces, and two of them, the Steel and Blue Dragons, one of which only had a toddler and the other didn't have a child at all, looked at each other, unsure what they should do, and Eisen got a rather good idea for that.

"And you two... Hmm... Steel Dragons are pretty strong physically, while Blue Dragons are great at flying, right?" The old man asked them, and they both nodded their heads immediately. "Yes, exactly!" The Blue Dragon exclaimed, "I'm the fastest out of all of us, and he is the strongest of us!" He replied, before Eisen nodded his head satisfied.

"Good, then you please fly around the island and look for a few materials, and you bring them here, alright?" Eisen asked as he looked at the two of them, writing down a small list on a piece of paper in his pocket, before handing it to them. Without hesitation, the two Dragons turned around and ran off to do their task, while Eisen started smiling happily.

"Ahh, how nice it is to be able to concentrate on crafting, huh?" The old man chuckled to himself, before he looked at Kiron and the village Elder with a smirk, "Let's get back to the Town Hall, shall we?" He suggested, and the two of them nodded their heads before following Eisen back there, while everyone else stayed behind to work on some other task that they may have been given.

And when they got back to the Town Hall where they grabbed the Town Core in the first place, Kiron quickly let the crystal float into a good spot and then poured his mana inside of it as per Eisen's instruction, before a notification appeared in front of Kiron and Eisen.

[Guild Member wants to establish a Town under the Guild . Allow?]

"Yes, allow." Eisen said, and while the notification in front of the old man disappeared, Kiron's seemed to have only been replaced with another one.

A little nervously, the Half-Dragon looked at the Town Core directly in front of him and breathed out deeply, before saying the name that he wanted to give this town. It seemed like the Village itself didn't have a name, and considering that it was the only one on the island, they didn't really need a name until now either. So, the Elder allowed Kiron to choose.

"I name this town 'Dreki'." He exclaimed, using the Old Norse word for 'Dragon', somehow, and then a new notification appeared in front of Eisen.

[The Town has been established under the Guild ]

With a smile on his face, Eisen just waved the notification away and looked over toward his Grandson. "Good job, I'm proud of you, bud." As the old man told this to Kiron, the Half-Dragon slightly smiled and took the Core Guardian out of the Box in his hands and made sure it was laying on the ground properly, and then activated it, once more as per Eisen's instructions.

And after commanding it to connect to the Town Core, Eisen, Kiron, and the Elder had to leave the building before the Guardian appeared in front of the three of them in a cloud of mist. While the Elder was just standing there rather confused, Eisen was looking at the Core Guardian with curiosity to see what its first artificial evolution turned it into.

Largely, it seemed surprisingly similar to Sigurd in its general outer appearance, just with a generally slightly different build and hair-color and style, but you could see that they did look pretty similar to each other. On top of that, they both had the same tattoos as the elder and most of the Human villagers seemed to have all over their body.

"h.e.l.lo there!" The Guardian greeted with a bright smile, and then quickly turned toward Kiron. "How can I help you?" He asked, before Kiron looked over at his Grandfather, who ended up just slightly smirking.

"Well, basically, we need you to turn this into a proper town. Properly take care of the streets, re-build the houses, create proper defenses, and so on." Eisen explained, and then crossed his arms while looking at the Guardian. "One of us is currently working on some general concept designs for a style that we would like to follow, so please work together with her when starting those types of projects."  

Quickly, the Guardian nodded its head, ready to get to work whenever needed. Something which it seemed to have already started, considering that the streets were already turning into a more organized version of themselves around the group. "I think I found who you were speaking about. Evalia, is that not right?" It asked, before Eisen nodded his head in response.

"Yes, exactly. Then please make sure to instruct whoever can help, how they can help you." The old man suggested, before the Core Guardian disappeared in another cloud of mist.

Spending My Retirement In A Game 396 Dreki

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