Spending My Retirement In A Game 397 A Single Bottle

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For a little while, everyone continued to try and help out with the further construction of town as they possibly could, and by the evening of the same day that the town of 'Dreki' was established, the Town Hall was completely rebuilt in stone while the streets were properly re-built as well. Some old and unneccessary buildings were destroyed and started being reconstructed for differnet purposes, while the walls were pushed further out to the edge of the area that the town core could govern, while also making sure they were reinforced as much as possible.

Otherwise, the houses stayed as they were, at least for now, until all the villagers were properly informed on these decisions. Of course, n.o.body would lose their house, it would just be re-built in the same way that it was beforehand, just using stone instead of nearly rotten wood.

The different designs that Evalia came up with seemed to be mostly accepted by the Villagers as well, although that was to be expected. With Evalia's Charisma stat, it shouldn't be hard to convince people. Eisen's stat was steadily growing every once in a while as well, but it was still incomparable to an Artist's Charisma.

But either way, considering that he now had the time to do so, Eisen figured he should work on a few items for now. After all, the Blue and Steel Dragons went out of their way just to bring him some Draconic Materials. Or, rather than materials, they were whole corpses, one of them being a rather large serpent similar to a supersized Viper. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Hmm... Where did you find this one?" Eisen asked them as he started taking the snake apart with Jyuuk's and Bree's help to salvage as much as he possibly could, before the Blue Dragon crossed his arms with a smile.

"Oh, you see, there are a few in the more central are of the Island. One of them is actually an 'Island Boss'. It's kind of annoying to take down even for me, so I left it alone for now. And it doesn't bother us, so..." The Blue Dragon explained, before Eisen slowly raised his eyebrows. He thought there wouldn't be one on this island, considering that it was tough enough to get onto here already because of Kai, but apparently it was simply unrelated to the Town Core.

"Hmm, is that so...? Just wondering, but how large is that Island Boss?" He asked, and the Blue Dragon thought about it for a moment and then quickly turned back into his Dragon form, stretching himself as long as he could.

"As thick as the base of my tail, and twice as long as my body." The Blue Dragon explained quite swiftly and then turned back into his Human form, stepping back toward the old man, who couldn't help himself but smirk.

"I see, I see... Hmm... Sigurd, could you get out a bag of Silica for me?" Eisen asked as he turned toward Fafnir with a slight smile, although the small artificial Dragon just tilted his head to the side confused, before the Core Guardian swiftly appeared with a small pouch in hand.

"Here you go. I doubt you need a lot, do you?" It asked, and Eisen shook his head. "Just need to show them for a moment." He replied, slowly opening the pouch and holding it over toward the Blue Dragon.

"Did you at any point find a large amount of sand like this? It's Silica Sand, something like ground down quartz." Eisen explained, and the Blue Dragon slowly cupped his chin in thought. Eisen figured they had at least some, considering that the Town Hall had gla.s.s-windows that seemed to be made using Silica.

"I personally don't think so... But I don't pay too much attention to the ground..." He replied, and as they were talking, the Red Dragon stepped over toward them. "Silica, huh... Yeah, we have it, but we don't use it much. There's a place to the south with a bunch of it." He pointed out, and Eisen simply started to grin broadly.

"Bree, can you grab one of the seed-packets from your backpack that I gave you and give it to Jyuuk? The one with the red ribbon." Eisen asked her with a grin, and the young Fey-Kin simply nodded her head and jumped up, swiftly heading over toward her backpack to grab the small pouch.

"Hmm? What is this?" Jyuuk asked curiously as he opened the bag, and then looked over toward Eisen with a bright smile immediately afterward.

"Alright, what do you want me to do?" The Beastperson asked, and Eisen just smirked at him. "Over the next two days, prepare as much of it as you and Caria can, and please get Bree's, Sky's and Xenia's help as well. Even Evalia's if needed, her paintings might help a bit. There's an open spot of land behind the village that should be good enough for paddys." The old man explained and then quickly returned to the demantling of the monsters in front of him, while the Beastperson looked at him curiously.

"And what are you going to do in the meantime?" Jyuuk asked him, but Eisen just turned around toward him with a smile, "I'm making a bottle." He explained, and while the Dragons around him were rather confused, Eisen continued with the demantling as quickly as he could, trying to place everything he could away while Eisen handed the meat out to the Villagers. He really only needed the scales, bones, and different organs, after all.

Either way, immediately when Eisen was finished with that, he looked toward the Red Dragon with a broad grin. "I have to get a few materials, but bring me to the place with the Silica in about 20 minutes." The old man told him, and then quickly disappeared toward the carriage, where he swiftly grabbed whatever could be needed for this and then headed into the Dungeon to make sure everything was placed inside of there for now.

And then, when those twenty minutes were over, Eisen was carried over toward that Beach by the Red Dragon, accompanied by Fafnir and Sigurd because they had his tools and equipment, and Brody as an escort and because the Demon-Orc said he was 'Bored'.

After a little while, the red Dragon sat them down where he remembered the place with all of the Silica sand to be, and with a broad grin, Eisen could confirm this to be the right place.

Then, it was only the matter of moments before Eisen got to work with what he wanted to do. Make a bottle.

Creating a huge container for it with his element, Eisen started to shovel as much of the Silica sand into that container as possible. He would need to make sure that he really only got pure silica in a little bit, but this sand seemed relatively pure so it shouldn't be a huge issue.

"Wait, didn't you say you wanted to make a bottle?" Brody asked with a frown as he saw the raw amount of sand and soda ash that was put into the container after the un-pure parts were moved out of it, and Eisen nodded his head immediately.

"Of course. Well, I might make a few more, but my plan right now is just for a single bottle." He explained, before he started to fill other materials into the container as well, such as ground down mana crystals that he previously enchanted, before swiftly starting to melt it all down while pouring a large amount of mana inside of it to help out the mixing-process a little.

And then, while standing on the surface he made with his magic with his size fully increased, the his flames ignited the world around him in a bright light, while the old man opened a small hole in the container to let some gla.s.s pour out of it.

Eisen then started to work with a large amount of gla.s.s at once, a rather insane amount, forming something like a large, hollow tube out of it. It didn't really look like a bottle at all, but to Brody's and the Red Dragon's surprise, it apparently wasn't even supposed to be.

Because soon enough, with the help of his ManDoubles that Eisen now found a great purpose for, the old man quickly cut a slit along the length of the tube and folded it open to turn it into a rounded piece of gla.s.s.

After making sure that it would hold in this shape, Eisen made use of his Doubles to make them hold it in place properly together with him, and once the gla.s.s wouldn't be able to 'droop' anymore, Eisen placed it into an annealer that he specially made for that piece of gla.s.s.

But when Eisen finished this, Brody really just had to ask about it. "Alright, I get that there's a lot of people trying to do abstract art these days, but in what universe is that a bottle?" The Demon-Orc asked with a wry smile, and Eisen looked at him with a laugh and rubbed the sweat from his forehead.

"Brody, that's just a piece of the bottle. If I could grow as large as a normal Giant, I might be able to make it in one piece, but like this I have to use a lot of different pieces like a puzzle. I made the edges with a little bit of a 'pattern', so it should be easier to link the different pieces up with trans.m.u.tation later."

With a confused expression, Brody looked at the man in front of him and tried to figure out what he was talking about, before he remembered one of the pages in the book that Eisen got from someone, 'Perfect Booze', about snake wine, as well as the conversation with the Blue Dragon earlier.

"Wait, wait, wait... Don't tell me you're trying to turn the Island Boss into Alcohol?" Brody asked, and Eisen shook his head with a frown. "What, of course not!" He exclaimed, and got started in making the second piece for the large gla.s.s-bottle that he wanted to make.

And just when Brody was calming down a little, Eisen looked at him with a smirk. "I'm going to turn the Rice I asked Jyuuk to make into Alcohol, then drown the Island Boss in that wine inside of the bottle I'm making right now to turn it into a beverage with medically restorative capabilities." The old man explained, and not only Brody, but also the Red Dragon looked at him confused.

"What are you talking about? It's a Rank 7 Monster!" He exclaimed, but Eisen just turned toward him with a frown.

"So what? What Rank are you and the others?" The Old man asked him, and the Red Dragon just looked at him with a wry, confused smile. "R-Rank 8... But the Island Boss has really annoying abilities, it's going to be incredibly bothersome to-"

"Don't worry, we don't need to kill it. All we need to do is lure it into the bottle, close it up, and make sure that the snake falls asleep inside of the alcohol." Eisen pointed out, before the Red Dragon continued to stare at him confused, while Eisen himself continued to work on the gla.s.s-pieces for the bottle with the help of his Doubles.

He somehow had to work on Gordon's Quest, after all, and Eisen figured that a good way to make up for the fact that he basically ignored it for so long was to start out with a bit of a Spectacle when he returned to the mainland, enough to make the news spread all the way to the Capital, where the Dwarven Brewer should already be waiting for some news from the old man.

And then, using one of the buildings that Komer hopefully managed to purchase in that street, he would open a liquor store officially run by Starlight, selling all kinds of weird alcoholic beverages. Some simply with a weird or unusual taste, and others with incredible effects on one's body.

But all of them should be enough to attract a little bit of attention especially amongst players.

Spending My Retirement In A Game 397 A Single Bottle

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