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Eisen momentarily placed his blade back into his soul storage while he swung his hand toward his face to get the Champion off of it. But sadly, it was like trying to squash a bug. The champion was incredibly evasive and continued up the old man's body until she reached his eyes. Eisen could see her squatting there on his cheek, pulling her arm back to stab the old man's eye.

"Not happening." Eisen replied immediately, quickly jumping up before decreasing his size to his normal height. This gave him the chance to grab onto the champion and swing her around while flapping his wings to keep his own body straight. The champion was thrown through the air as Eisen increased his size again, and swung his fist toward the champion at full force.

But of course, the champion wasn't a chum, and tried to twist her body around mid-air to try and catch herself a bit and maybe use the punch to her advantage.

Eisen watched as she pulled her legs close to her body just before the old man was about to hit her. And then, she pa.s.sed through his hand as if it wasn't there in the first place. And just a moment later, before anyone was able to react, the old man hit the champion and her body was flung right at the wall. Eisen could even hear her body impact there.

What Eisen did just now was rather simple. Using visualization, he created a fake fist that he placed just in front of his real one. It wasn't something that could be used to always trick people, since the visualization was slightly translucent and incapable of hiding Eisen's real fist, but from the champion's perspective, Eisen was able to hide this fact perfectly.

And then, Eisen looked down at his palm and hand. When he just decreased his size, the blades were still stuck to his body, so they actually did quite a lot of damage, although it was necessary for Eisen to properly do this. On top of that, they hindered Eisen's punch right now considerably, since he wasn't able to properly move.

But just as Eisen was thinking that, the old man could feel something tug on the two blades. Immediately he stared down there and saw the champion hanging onto the chain connecting the blades, trying to climb up onto the old man's body again.

Immediately, Eisen tried to figure out what it was that he heard impact in the wall then, and soon realized that it was just a small decoy, like a hefty rock that she might have created with her element or something.

"Fine, then let's try this out..." Eisen muttered, and then proceeded to grind his teeth as he pulled his hand away from his arm with as much force as possible. He could hear the sound of his rock-like skin cracking as a large chunk of his flesh was pulled out of his arm, due to the 'roots' that the blades created throughout Eisen's flesh.

Things were also about to be ripped out of his palm, but his arm gave in earlier. And so, now that this was the case, Eisen quickly filled in the chunk of flesh that he was missing with some metal from his element to protect him as much as possible, while he swung around the chunk that he still had connected to his hand via the champion's weapon, with the actual champion hanging right onto it.

And then, the old man stepped over toward another part of the room, making the trip as uncomfortable for the champion as possible by increasing the heat of his hand incredibly while squeezing down onto her as much as possible. Although even then, she was somewhat protected by the chunk of flesh that Eisen pulled out of himself, so it didn't hit her directly, or so it seemed at least.

Eisen used his element to light up the coals laying inside of this fake forge. While he wouldn't be able to truly make a good item here, he should be able to at least do what he wanted in regards to this fight. And that was to push his hand into the hot coals.

Eisen, especially with his Draconic Demon King transformation active, was able to hold out with this, but the champion didn't seem to. All the flames cackling inbetween the pieces of coal and the fumes created by them being burned up had to affect the champion somehow.

And for a while, it seemed to work as well. The champion wasn't fighting back and trying to cut into Eisen's palm as much anymore. But just as Eisen thought that he managed to make it work out, he felt a deeply painful sting in his hand, and soon saw one of the two blades push through the back of Eisen's hand.

The chain that was connected to it extended in length immediately and shot toward Eisen's chest. Of course he tried to dodge it, but it was as if the weapon was alive, and it was seeking out the center of the old man's chest as if just that life depended on it.

It burrowed into the old man's rocky flesh, as if trying to reach his heart. At the very least, Eisen knew that he now couldn't rip this blade out in the same way as before, since that would be far, far too risky. And at the same time, he couldn't shrink down like before anymore, because the blade would most likely end up piercing his heart if he did that, considering how deep it penetrated into his skin.

But just as he thought so, the chain connecting the two blades became shorter again, pulling Eisen's hand toward his chest, flinging around some coals at the same time.

And due to the force at which Eisen's hand moved, it seemed like the champion got a good chancet to jump up and once more reached the old man's face rather quickly. Eisen tried to get rid of her with his free hand, but since his arm was injured that actually wasn't that easy.

Just as the old man was running a few things through his mind to figure out what to do, his eye reflexively was pressed shut as he felt something sharp right in its center after the champion stabbed the old man's eye with a free dagger.

It was painful, and Eisen's eye was practically burning up from inside, as if the champion pushed some kind of poison or venom into it, which seemed to be right up her alley.

But just as the champion was climbing over Eisen's face, the old man knew that he had to try and do anything he could to get her off of him, or else this fight would be incredibly hard for him. And as he did, he quickly summoned his Demonic Blade and threw it into the room, where a second figure soon appeared and grabbed it for Eisen.

It was the Elemental Spirit, which Eisen had immediately swing it around. Right at the old man's face.

Eisen knew exactly where the champion was, and it was most likely hard for her to dodge while hanging onto the old man, so this was a good chance.

The edge approached Eisen's face more and more, and the champion turned around and looked at it while freaking out quite a lot at what the old man was trying to do. Of course, she figured that he wouldn't actually have a spirit slash at his own face like that.

But in order to prevent just that from happening, Eisen created as many of his mandoubles' hands as possible, and really only the hands, and turned them all completely metallic. Eisen moved them along the area of where the edge would end up being to stop it properly.

And a moment later, with a loud clang, the blade was stopped as Eisen could feel something wet dripping down his face. It was blood. Of course it wasn't his own, but rather the Champion's, who had a leg cut off through this attack just now.

Eisen did actually cut into his own nose a little bit, but it wasn't a wound that couldn't be healed with a health potion.

Now, the moment after, Eisen moved all of the manhands over his face to get rid of the champion, and soon managed to fling her off of him. With as much force as he could muster, Eisen swung his arm forward to try and punch the champion once more.

This time, he didn't add a visualization onto it, since it surely wouldn't work twice anyway. But instead of letting her use the punch as a platform to move around, even though she was missing a leg now, the moment that Eisen hit the champion he didn't try to just push her away again. Instead, he punched his fist right into the edge of his blade, and this time, it seemed like the champion was. .h.i.t.

Eisen cut halfway through one of his fingers in the process, but it was a wound that could heal easily, at least.

The old man took a deep breath as he watched the scenery around him slowly fall to dust. The fight was over now, and the champion was in pieces. Eisen stood in the center of the arena with his size fully increased, while the champion's body was laying on the ground underneath him. Eisen touched his demonic blade and placed it into his soul storage as he unsummoned his spirit as well while slowly squatting down to look at the champion.

"Could you remove these blades of yours? They hurt like a b.i.t.c.h." Eisen said bluntly, and the champion groaned loudly while raising her hand up toward him. And just like that, the blades fell to the ground while Eisen quickly decreased his size and immediately opened his item storage, where he grabbed a concentrated health potion that he poured down his throat to recover as much of his HP as possible, before grabbing an alchemically hardened chunk of concentrated Health Jelly that Eisen softened a bit and quickly ran over his wounds to make his flesh 'regrow'. 

It didn't take long until the old man was in an alright condition again, at least 'alright' enough to fly around in a bit to look for the next place to craft or even fight.

"You have an insane way of fighting, you know that?" The Champion asked as one of the angels quickly repaired her body, and the old man just looked back at her with a slight smirk, "Oh? Do I?"

"Of course. There aren't many that would swing their own blade at their face full-force."

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Spending My Retirement In A Game 651 Full Force

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