Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 364 - Say It Again!

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It was really difficult for Lin Nuan to say words like "f*ck me"—it was so embarra.s.sing that it was worse than stabbing herself with a knife.

Hearing Lin Nuan call his name with a red face and looking as though she was hesitating to say something, the heat in Fu Huai'an's body reached a peak, and he said, "En? What is it… I'm listening!"

Lin Nuan gulped with difficulty, finding the surrounding air burning hot.

She tentatively opened her mouth and said, "Do men… really like cursing during s*x?"

Fu Huai'an felt that Lin Nuan was asking something completely unrelated to the current situation, and he tried to think back on whether he had ever cursed when they had s.e.x.

Not remembering doing it at all, confusion appeared in Fu Huai'an's eyes.

Lin Nuan decided to be more direct even though her face was getting redder, saying, "Do men like to hear women say words like f*ck me… ah! Fu Huai'an!"

Before Lin Nuan could finish speaking, Fu Huai'an swept her up by her bottom and placed her on to the desk, his body pressing down on hers. Lin Nuan tightened her arms around his neck and shouted his name in surprise.

The l.u.s.t in his deep gaze rushed towards Lin Nuan like a tsunami.

"Lin Nuan!" said Fu Huai'an with a s.h.i.+ning gaze as he solemnly called her name. "Say it once more…"

Faced with Fu Huai'an's gaze, Lin Nuan felt that… if she repeated her words, she would die right there.

Are those two words really a switch to unleash the beast in men?

Lin Nuan's heart was beating extremely fast, and the cold surface of the desk behind her made pain shoot up her spine.

Fu Huai'an pressed down his own desire and tried to lure Lin Nuan, saying, "Baby, say it again!"

Lin Nuan felt afraid, and her body trembled as she said, "If I say it… Won't I die here?"

Lin Nuan's voice had a slight nasal tone to it, and the words came out sounding soft and cute.

Fu Huai'an kissed Lin Nuan's lips, then moved along her ear and neck while his large hands felt under her clothes, the last line of rationality in his brain so tense that it almost broke.

Light moans fell from between Lin Nuan's lips, and she called out, weakly saying, "Fu Huai'an…"

Fu Huai'an tried to control his desire as his hands continued traveling up Lin Nuan's thigh. Lin Nuan quickly held on to Fu Huai'an's strong wrists to stop him but to no avail. A light layer of sweat broke out on her forehead from the torture, waves of intolerability growing in her body.

He opened his mouth once more to say, "Baby, say it again! I like it!"

Lin Nuan bit down on her lips, but Fu Huai'an's hands tightened their grip on her body, making her whine and draw her legs tightly together.

She was filled with l.u.s.t after Fu Huai'an's torturing actions and couldn't think coherently anymore. She balled up Fu Huai'an's s.h.i.+rt in her fists as she said in a small voice, "F*ck me…"

The two words were said extremely softly in a nasal and crying tone; it wasn't particularly seductive, but the feeling was strong enough for Fu Huai'an to lose his rationality.

Lin Nuan was close to tears as she said, "Huai'an… Fu Huai'an!"

To prevent Tuan Tuan from finding the condoms, Fu Huai'an had placed the condoms in the study, the room that Tuan Tuan was most unlikely to enter. He resisted his urges as he opened the drawer to take out the condoms and prepare himself.

Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 364 - Say It Again!

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