Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 368 - That Slut, Gu Hanyan, Deserves To Die!

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Wen Moshen reached out for the tissues and clutched them tightly in his hands. He said nothing more. He got in his car and left, not daring to take another look at Lin Nuan.

Lin Nuan didn't go into the broadcast building after she watched Wen Moshen leave. She walked briskly to the Maybach, stood on the pedestrian walkway, bent down and looked in through the opened window of the pa.s.senger seat.

"I'll make a move…" said Lin Nuan.

"Get in the car first!" Fu Huai'an put out his cigarette.

Without hesitating, Lin Nuan pulled open the car door and sat inside.

Fu Huai'an closed the car windows and leaned towards Lin Nuan. He grabbed the back of her head and planted a long kiss on her lips.

Under the visor of her cap, Lin Nuan could see his handsome profile closely. She couldn't help but return the kiss as her hands gripped the sides of her seat.

Her tongue tingled as it was finally freed. Her cheeks were flushed hot as she gazed at Fu Huai'an with glazed eyes. "I'll make a move then!"

Fu Huai'an's phone on the dashboard vibrated. He grabbed it, took a look, and answered the call.

"Fu! Lu Qili's mother is making a scene at Kaide. She's threatening to jump from the highest level, I've managed to stop her. Lu Qili's mother wants you to visit Lu Qili at the hospital. If you refuse… It doesn't matter that she's caught this time, she will find another opportunity to jump from the building. If her daughter is gone, she doesn't want to live either."

Lu Jinnan's frustrated voice could be heard at the other end of the line. Inside the car, Lin Nuan vaguely made out the words, 'Kaide', 'jump', and 'hospital'. She started to worry about Fu Huai'an.

"If this idiot really jumps from the building, that old fogey is going to gloat!"

Fu Huai'an said coldly, "Got it!"

He ended the call and turned towards Lin Nuan. "Send me a message once you know what time you get off work today!"

"Did something come up at the office? Anything troubling?" Lin Nuan couldn't help worrying about Fu Huai'an.

Fu Huai'an smiled as he held her face and caressed her lips with his thumb. "Are you worried about me?"

Lin Nuan nodded as she reached out to grasp his hand.

Fu Huai'an interlocked his fingers with hers. With one hand against the dashboard, Lin Nuan leaned towards Fu Huai'an to hear what he was about to say.

"If you could be more unbridled the next time we have s*x, it would make me a lot happier, and all my troubles wouldn't be as troubling…"

Lin Nuan recalled their coitus last night and how she had succ.u.mbed, crying out the words he wanted to hear… She flushed and glared at Fu Huai'an abashedly. She grabbed her bag and got out of the car in embarra.s.sment.

Fu Huai'an's eyes darkened as he watched Lin Nuan cross the road and enter the broadcast building. He lit a cigarette and called Lu Jinnan. "Bring her to the hospital!"

Lin Nuan tried to restrain her racing heart as she scanned her work pa.s.s. She hung the lanyard around her neck and stood at the elevator, waiting.

"Lin Nuan… you must be Lin Nuan!"

Someone she had never spoken to before but recognized as her colleague from the broadcast building approached her.

Lin Nuan was taken by surprised. She nodded and smiled.

"I saw the posts last night. So you are the one who went to Iraq to look for Wen Moshen, the photographs are too shocking! I misunderstood you previously… That s.l.u.t, Gu Hanyan, deserves to die!"

Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 368 - That Slut, Gu Hanyan, Deserves To Die!

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