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She didn't utter a sound and kept her head buried in Fu Huai'an's chest…

Her nostrils were filled with the strong masculine scent from Fu Huai'an, giving Lin Nuan a sense of security and an unprecedented steadfast sense of belonging.

After G.o.d knows how long, Lin Nuan looked up at Fu Huai'an, her gaze slightly moist. She originally wanted to ask him if they were done staying in this position, but after meeting Fu Huai'an's eyes, she lowered her head again, her hands circling his waist tugging at his suit.

"Weren't you throwing a grand tantrum yesterday and slamming the door? Why aren't you slamming it now?" Fu Huai'an asked with his voice lowered.

Whenever he recalled Lin Nuan with her reddened eyes and all, he couldn't help feeling anger and heartache.

Lin Nuan gazed up, her arms still on Fu Huai'an's narrow waist. She bit her lip, then tried to hold back a smile as she said, "Then… why don't I go stand there and let you slam the door in my face?"

Fu Huai'an was rendered speechless.

Lin Nuan was a smart girl, yet here she was, acting blur with him; how could Fu Huai'an not have seen through this?

A sly glint flashed across Fu Huai'an's dark eyes; he finally removed his hands from his pockets and put them on Lin Nuan's shoulders.

Lin Nuan held her breath, her eyelashes lightly fluttering as Fu Huai'an lowered his gaze to look at her. Surely Fu Huai'an wasn't going to kiss her right there?

But Fu Huai'an's lips landed next to her ear instead. "Rather than letting me slam the door in your face, why not put on that thing Xie Jingqian gave you?"

Lin Nuan flushed instantly, retracting her arms from Fu Huai'an's waist and patting him hard. "You still dare to mention it, wasn't that torn by you?"

"Buy a new one…" Fu Huai'an's voice had a raspiness to it.

Lin Nuan's eyes widened as she surveyed her surroundings. Seeing that there was only an elderly couple staring at them from afar with tea in their hands, she tugged at Fu Huai'an's arms and got him to walk to the window. Blus.h.i.+ng furiously, she said in a low voice, "It's broad daylight! Can you not… talk dirty the minute you open your mouth? Do I still dare to walk around in the streets if people overhear this?"

There was a momentary silence…

"Fine!" Fu Huai'an seemed to agree with what Lin Nuan said after giving it some thought. He calmly retracted his hands from Lin Nuan and slowly flung his arms.

"Let's go then…" Fu Huai'an regained his decent composure and walked to the elevators after taking a glance at Lin Nuan.

Lin Nuan's bag slipped from her shoulder; she grabbed it and half-jogged to keep up with him.

When they pa.s.sed by the elderly couple, Lin Nuan saw the old lady smiling at her very obviously, causing her ears to flush.

By the time she caught up to Fu Huai'an, the elevator was already there, and he strode in with his long legs first.

Lin Nuan followed suit.

There was no one else in the elevator, only Fu Huai'an and Lin Nuan.

She had both hands on her bag; through the mirror, she could see a serious and unsmiling Fu Huai'an in a suit, a n.o.ble and mature aura about him.

Lin Nuan hesitated whether to hold Fu Huai'an's large hand. From the corner of his eye, Fu Huai'an caught a glimpse of what Lin Nuan was up to. Just as Lin Nuan finally mustered up enough courage to reach out for his hand, he slowly raised his left arm and adjusted his suit and s.h.i.+rt collar with his gaze lowered, perfectly dodging Lin Nuan's outreached hand.

Lin Nuan's hand was stuck in midair, suddenly not sure what to grab. After a moment's hesitation, she reached for the corner of Fu Huai'an's clothing, gently tugging at it.

Fu Huai'an's gaze turned towards the aggrieved-looking Lin Nuan, then removed her hand from him, seemingly smiling. "It's broad daylight! Be more proper…"

Lin Nuan was stumped for words.

Could Fu Huai'an get pettier than this?


Once the elevator arrived, Fu Huai'an walked out first again.

Lin Nuan wasn't stupid, she knew this was a trap Fu Huai'an set for her. He was just waiting for her to relent and say… Fine, fine, fine! Fine, she would wear it for him!

Neither of them spoke in the car. To deal with Bai Xiaonian's incident, Fu Huai'an had dropped all business matters at the Kaide Corporation to keep Lin Nuan company. Now that everything had been settled, Fu Huai'an had to return to the company.

Fu Huai'an was intending to leave after sending Lin Nuan to the hospital Bai Xiaonian's father was at.

Lin Nuan unbuckled her seatbelt and asked Fu Huai'an, "Then… what time will you be done with work tonight?"

Lin Nuan was softening her stance…

"There's a bunch of stuff to do at the company today. You can sleep first tonight, no need to wait for me!" Fu Huai'an maintained that maybe-smiling-maybe-not expression, making Lin Nuan feel uneasy.

Fu Huai'an wasn't the sort to express his anger blatantly; on the contrary, he spoke nicely and wasn't one to start a cold war. Despite that, it gave one an uneasy feeling.

"Then, don't forget to eat dinner…" Lin Nuan reminded him before getting out of Fu Huai'an's car.

She watched as Fu Huai'an's car left; only when even the rear lights were out of view did Lin Nuan walk into the minimart at the hospital entrance to buy a fruit basket and some milk. She then headed to the ward to visit Bai Xiaonian's father.

Upon stepping into the room, Lin Nuan saw Bai Xiaonian's father playing Chinese chess with a man who was similar to him in age and was also wearing a hospital gown.

It was a two-person ward, so they weren't bothering anyone with their activity, and the nurses tended not to mind them with the door closed.

Regarding Bai Xiaonian's matter, Lin Nuan gave it some thought…

It wasn't appropriate to lie to Bai Xiaonian's father that she had gone overseas for work, so she decided instead to tell Uncle Bai that his daughter had gotten injured and was hospitalized.

As her thoughts came to this point, Lin Nuan didn't enter but went to the stairs to give Bai Xiaonian a call instead. She told Bai Xiaonian her plan and got her story straight with her. Only then did Lin Nuan return to the ward with her hands full.

"Aiyah! Old Lu! Thanks for letting me win!" Bai Xiaonian's father sounded undeniably joyful.

"One more round! One more round!" The man seated opposite Bai Xiaonian's father rolled up his sleeves, clearly unwilling to admit defeat.

"Just admit it, with your standard, even if we do another 100 rounds, you still won't be able to win!"

Lin Nuan's lips turned up involuntarily as she listened in on their conversation from outside. She s.h.i.+fted the milk and fruit basket to one hand and knocked on the door with the other.

She could guess that the one opposite Bai Xiaonian's father… was probably Lu Jinnan's father.

Lin Nuan only peered in through the gla.s.s windows and didn't take a close look, but she could already tell how similar that man looked to Lu Jinnan.

Bai Xiaonian's father sat with his back facing the door. Upon hearing the knock, he turned around to see Lin Nuan coming in with one hand on the doork.n.o.b and the other carrying a fruit basket and milk. He hurriedly got up to help her with the stuff.

"Nuan Nuan, why are you here?"

Lin Nuan revealed a smile at Bai Xiaonian's father and said, "I'm here to visit Uncle Bai…"

"Come in quickly!" Bai Xiaonian's father took the things and welcomed Lin Nuan into the room.

This was a normal ward, so there was no sofa like in a VIP ward. There were two beds, two bedside cabinets, a curtain part.i.tioning the two beds, two chairs, two cupboards for luggage, two stools, and an LCD TV on the wall—this was the layout of a normal ward.

Mr Fu, I Really Love You 465 Be More Proper

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