Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 546 - Lin Nuan Admitted Her Loss!

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Chapter 546: Lin Nuan Admitted Her Loss! Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Nuan felt guilty. She drew back the hand she laid on the sofa's backrest and turned to look at Tuan Tuan, pretending that she didn't see Fu Huai'an coming over. It was as if the person who had intentionally revealed an alluring smile earlier wasn't her!

However, her flushed ears had already betrayed her current feelings…

In the distance, when Fu Qingquan—who was bringing Fu Tianci around to get to know different people—saw Fu Huai'an heading in Lin Nuan's direction, his countenance turned even grimmer!

Fu Qingquan had planned on getting Fu Huai'an to give Fu Tianci a helping hand, but after Fu Huai'an brought Fu Tianci to a few corporations' board members, he merely introduced Fu Tianci. After that, he smiled and said that he was going to take a long leave from tomorrow onwards. He planned to bring his wife and son to have some fun for a few months!

Other people were no fools. It was clear that the reason Fu Huai'an had suddenly said this after introducing Fu Tianci was to go against Fu Qingquan.

Fu Qingquan wondered whether the reason Fu Huai'an was intentionally doing this was because of Lin Nuan or because Fu Tianci was getting engaged with the Mu family's daughter.

Taking a long leave? Ha…

To suddenly announce that he was going to take a long leave, not leaving him with any preparation time… Fu Qingquan clenched his fists tightly. He was more inclined to believe that Fu Huai'an was feeling anxious about Fu Tianci and Pengcheng's Mu family being joined by a political marriage.

It was good that Fu Huai'an was was.h.i.+ng his hands of the corporation. With him doing that, there'd naturally be other people to take his place…

Fu Qingquan refused to believe that the Kaide Corporation wouldn't be able to continue without Fu Huai'an!

Seeing Fu Huai'an sit down on the sofa next to Lin Nuan, Fu Qingquan let out a long exhale and relaxed his furrowed brows. He introduced Fu Tianci to other people while thinking about the people he could use!

With Fu Huai'an gone, he would need to make arrangements to get a replacement as soon as possible. When his people got used to things, it'd be difficult for Fu Huai'an to return to the Kaide Corporation and have things done his way!

Fu Qingquan was considering removing Fu Huai'an's people. The first one would be that thorn in the flesh, Lu Jinnan!

Lu Jinnan was too difficult to handle. Even if Fu Huai'an was absent due to him taking a long leave, Fu Qingquan wouldn't be able to have peace of mind with Lu Jinnan around.

Feeling uneasy, Fu Qingquan turned to say something to Secretary Song. Secretary Song received the order and took over Fu Qingquan's role of bringing Fu Tianci around to meet people. Meanwhile, Fu Qingquan headed upstairs to think about how he should deal with this matter.

There was the board of directors as well. Fu Qingquan had to think of a way to calm them down. It was true that they had ties with him, but they also wished to earn money. Over the years, the value of their shares had multiplied countless times with the Kaide Corporation in Fu Huai'an's hands!

With Fu Huai'an suddenly deciding to take a leave at this juncture, especially with it being a long leave, they would inevitably feel anxious. Fu Qingquan would still need to calm them down.

Fu Qingquan headed to the study anxiously, and Lu Jinnan, who was watching the fun taking place, felt amused.

Lu Jinnan held a wine gla.s.s and was in a great mood. To think that the day would come where Fu Qingquan, who had been living a comfortable life all these years, would feel so anxious and panicky…

Fu Huai'an sat down next to Lin Nuan and saw that Tuan Tuan was holding onto a plate with a piece of cake, stuffing the cake into his mouth like a small hamster. It was as if he was afraid that Fu Huai'an wouldn't allow him to eat the cake.

Fu Huai'an was rendered speechless.

Looking at his son's puffed-up face, Fu Huai'an didn't know what to say. Would he be able to chew when he had so much stuffed into his mouth?

“Tuan Tuan!”

Fu Huai'an called out. Tuan Tuan raised his head and pursed his lips together tightly despite the fact that his mouth was almost unable to close. He looked at Fu Huai'an with his round eyes, his mouth stuffed to the brim while he wore an innocent look. He really was a small gluttonous hamster.

“Are you able to chew when you have so much stuffed into your mouth?” Fu Huai'an asked.

Tuan Tuan gave it some thought. Then, fearing that Fu Huai'an wouldn't allow him to eat anymore, he nodded.

Fu Huai'an sighed, his deep voice filled with the helplessness of an old father. “Go ahead and eat!”

Tuan Tuan looked at Fu Huai'an. He covered his mouth with his fat hands and chewed with great difficulty. He looked really adorable.

A group of girls who weren't far away were captured by how adorable Tuan Tuan was and lowered their heads, whispering amongst themselves.

“How adorable!”

“So cute! Even my heart is melting from how adorable he is…”

Fu Huai'an threw a glance at Tuan Tuan, who was focused on chewing the cake in his mouth. He then tilted his head and whispered next to Lin Nuan's ear, “Let Lu Jinnan take care of Tuan Tuan for a while. Let's go out for a walk and have a talk about that smile you made earlier!”

His alluring voice was intentionally lowered, and it mixed with the heat that blew into Lin Nuan's ear, causing her to move her head away uncontrollably. Her right ear, which was brushed by the heat from Fu Huai'an's breath, was strikingly red.

“What's there to talk about?” Lin Nuan feigned ignorance.

Tuan Tuan heard the conversation between his parents and turned to look toward Lin Nuan and Fu Huai'an, his hands covering his small mouth. His big black eyes, which looked like grapes, kept on darting between the two of them as he chewed on his cake.

Fu Huai'an put his hand on the backrest behind Lin Nuan's seat. His action was so intimate that it looked as if he had Lin Nuan in his embrace, and his body tilted in Lin Nuan's direction.

Lin Nuan turned and faced Tuan Tuan. From the corner of her eyes, she could see the big hand that was rested on the sofa's backrest, as well as his tall shadow, which landed on the carpet. As the heat behind her got increasingly closer, the rate of Lin Nuan's heartbeat started to get faster.

She sensed that Fu Huai'an's clothes seemed to be vaguely pressed against her shoulder, and she didn't know if this was just her imagination. She could even feel Fu Huai'an's strong heartbeat.

“Tuan Tuan, can you go play with Uncle Lu Jinnan for a while?” Fu Huai'an asked Tuan Tuan.

The tremor on the man's chest when he spoke was very strong, and Lin Nuan clenched tightly onto the piece of tissue paper she was holding, which she had used to wipe cream from the corners of Tuan Tuan's lips earlier.

Tuan Tuan covered his mouth and slid down from the sofa, running off to look for Lu Jinnan…

He hadn't finished the cake in his mouth and was afraid that his papa would make him spew it out. That happened the other time, where he wasn't allowed to swallow no matter what!

Lin Nuan turned, and her lips brushed past Fu Huai'an's. She was stunned… and then she moved back a little, her face burning up.

Although they had already gotten married, Lin Nuan wasn't a bold and unconstrained lady. She was unable to kiss Fu Huai'an in public without any restraint, treating it as if the other people didn't exist.

“Weren't you very bold earlier?” Fu Huai'an's eyes were filled with smiles. His eyes were deep, like a boundless ocean, making it hard for one to see their depths. They seemed calm and profound, making others feel that there were endless feelings of love hidden within them. “That smile and gaze…”

Fu Huai'an seemed as if he was about to speak and then stopped.

Seeing that there was no one around and fearing that Fu Huai'an would say something vulgar, Lin Nuan furrowed her brows and lowered her eyes. Her gaze landed on Fu Huai'an's s.e.xy Adam's apple, which was sliding up and down, and her face burned up even more.

He suppressed his voice and said, “It's especially alluring.”

Lin Nuan's heart beat even faster, and her clear eyes looked toward Fu Huai'an. She got a little closer to him and asked, “Then, do you like it?”

The hand resting on the sofa's backrest was knocking every now and then, and he got a little bit closer to Lin Nuan until their foreheads were almost touching. Fu Huai'an nodded slightly and said seriously, “Turned slightly hard as an expression of my regards.”

Heat erupted on Lin Nuan's cheeks. She stood up with her back stiffened…

Lin Nuan admitted her loss!

Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 546 - Lin Nuan Admitted Her Loss!

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