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Published at 31st of March 2020 02:00:11 PM
Chapter 613: 613

No wonder Lin Nuan felt so weak and feeble . She hadn't eaten for two days, so she was starving…

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“Want to eat something?” Li Muyang asked Lin Nuan .

Seeing the hesitation in Lin Nuan's eyes, Li Muyang spoke again, “You must be starving after having just woken up . I've been through this, so I know . I instructed the servants to cook you some porridge several hours ago, and it's being kept warm in the kitchen . Want to eat some?”

Lin Nuan didn't reject Li Muyang's kind intentions, nodding . “Thanks…”

Lin Nuan didn't hide the fact that she was wary of Li Muyang; in fact, she wanted Li Muyang to see her wariness of him, in the hopes that he would keep his distance from her .

But she was willing to believe that since Li Muyang informed Fu Huai'an of her whereabouts, he wouldn't do anything to her .

Right now, Lin Nuan had to fill her stomach; only when she had strength would she be able to talk…

Even if this Li Muyang had evil intentions, she'd only have the strength to deal with him and plot her escape after she was full .

Li Muyang was attentive . Lin Nuan didn't eat or drink anything over these two days, so he asked the servants to prepare red dates millet porridge, as well as steamed dumplings and some accompanying dishes that were easy on the stomach…

Lin Nuan remembered that millet wasn't easily bought in America . Regardless of whether it was Li Muyang's half-Chinese heritage that made him adopt Chinese eating habits or because he specifically asked his people to source this for her, Lin Nuan was grateful .

The servant set out a dining table on the bed and supported Lin Nuan to lean against the head of the bed to eat .

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Lin Nuan's spoon-wielding hand was trembling slightly . Seeing this, Li Muyang sat by the bed, reaching out to hold up the porridge bowl and taking the spoon from her hand . He shoveled a spoonful of porridge, then delivered it to Lin Nuan's mouth .

Li Muyang's eyes carried a smile in them, appearing gentle . “You must be feeling weak all over . Let me feed you…”

Lin Nuan shook her head . “That'd be too much trouble for you! I can do it myself!”

Their eyes met, and Li Muyang took a deep look at Lin Nuan's clear black eyes .

He retracted his spoon-wielding hand and gently stirred the porridge with it . “Lin Nuan, there is no need for you to be so guarded against me . I appreciate and like you very much, but that doesn't mean that I'd force you to do anything since you're in my territory . What's more… with my body, what can I force you to do? I might be gone any moment now . I'm just doing all I can to take care of others and not constantly require the care of others!”

Li Muyang then delivered the spoon to Lin Nuan's mouth, a smile in his eyes that appeared so deep that they seemed to hide countless stories and past experiences .

Suns.h.i.+ne shone on Li Muyang's pale-as-sheet fingers . If Lin Nuan didn't know about Li Muyang's life experiences, she would probably believe Li Muyang, who was trying to give the impression that he was weak .

No matter how Li Muyang tried to give the impression of weakness, so long as Lin Nuan remembered what Fu Huai'an had told her about Li Muyang having killed his entire family, Lin Nuan would feel a chilly sensation on her back .

Uncertain of whether Li Muyang was truly mentally ill, Lin Nuan was afraid of angering him . After a moment's hesitation, she took a small sip of the porridge that Li Muyang sent to her lips . She revealed a smile to Li Muyang and said, “Thanks!”

After the phone call with Fu Huai'an, Lin Nuan felt a lot calmer…

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She didn't even know where she was, and without Fu Huai'an by her side, she didn't have the capital to show her displeasure with Li Muyang .

She could only pray that these ten hours would quickly pa.s.s and that Fu Huai'an would arrive soon to pick her up .

“How's the taste?” Li Muyang smiled . Perhaps because he was overly pale, that smile gave him a subtle demonic aura .

Honestly speaking, Lin Nuan's mouth only had a bitter sensation after she woke up, and everything tasted like a candle to her . After some hesitation, she said, “There's a bitter sensation in my mouth, and I can't taste anything . ”

Li Muyang was someone who had been ill for a long time . Clearly, she wouldn't be able to get away with lying to him about this, and doing so would only reveal her cowardice .

Upon hearing this, Li Muyang's smile broadened . He nodded, then set the porridge bowl aside and called for Victoria . He smiled and told Lin Nuan, “I tend to blackout, and every time I come to, my mouth will also have a bitter sensation, and I can't taste anything else…”

Victoria entered with a tray in her hand, and on it were a rinsing cup and a spittoon .

A woman in her early twenties followed Victoria into the room; her hair was tied up in a bun just like Victoria's, and she was in formal attire as well . She carried a bowl of soup in her hands .

“Rinse your mouth first…”

Li Muyang tended to blackout, so he knew what it felt like when one regained consciousness . He had prepared all of these in advance but didn't bring them out until now, so what was Li Muyang trying to determine?

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Could it be that he was trying to see if Lin Nuan was afraid of him?

Lin Nuan was in a foreign environment, and the warning signal in her brain was still active . Facing a man like Li Muyang, her highly-strung nerves compelled her to overthink even the smallest of details .

The rinsing water was tea . After rinsing her mouth with tea, the bitter sensation did ease a bit .

The lady in her twenties looked up at Lin Nuan before lowering her head again, holding the tray as she bent over next to Li Muyang .

“Drink some soup…” Li Muyang remained seated beside the bed . He took the soup, shoveled a spoonful, and delivered it to Lin Nuan's lips . “The temperature's just right for consumption . ”

The lady in her twenties revealed a shocked expression . Perhaps she had never expected to see a high-and-mighty man like Li Muyang personally feed a woman soup!

Even s.h.i.+ Hanmei, who was once deeply loved by Li Muyang, had never received such treatment before!

Lin Nuan's hand, which was hidden under the blanket, clenched tightly, and a thin layer of sweat formed over it . She took a sip of the soup, which had a refres.h.i.+ng and aromatic taste .

The pale man's face was so handsome it almost seemed demonic . With a smile on his face, he resembled a graceful vampire from the fifteenth century .

The man could smell the fragrance of Lin Nuan's hair since she edged slightly closer to drink the soup . His gaze grew darker, and he delivered the spoon to Lin Nuan's lips again . This time, the spoon was further away from Lin Nuan—he had wanted Lin Nuan to take the initiative to get closer to him…

Lin Nuan was no fool and couldn't possibly miss the man's actions . Her face turned pale as she held herself back and solemnly said, “Let me do it myself…”

The man's eyes appeared so deep that one couldn't see their depths . After a moment, he set down the spoon and handed the bowl of soup to Lin Nuan, reminding her to be careful .

Li Muyang sat by the side of the bed and watched with interest as Lin Nuan finished the soup, then the millet porridge . He asked, “Do you want to lie in bed, or do you want me to take you around to explore the place?”

“I'll rest for a bit and wait for my husband to pick me up!” Lin Nuan tried her best to show Li Muyang a smile . “Thank you for your kind intentions!”

“Afraid of me?” Li Muyang asked with a smile .

Without waiting for Lin Nuan to deny it, Li Muyang smiled again and said, “I'll repeat the same thing, Lin Nuan . With my body, what do you think I could possibly do to you? Even though you're a woman and I'm a man, comparatively, I'm the weaker one, don't you agree?”

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Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 613

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