Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 739

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Chapter 739: I Don't Understand These Tyc.o.o.ns' World!

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The little one shouted, “Papa!”

 Fu Huai'an didn't look up from his phone, only asking, “Are you ready?”

 “Yes!” Tuan Tuan replied energetically.

 “Then, we'll start now…”

 “En!” Tuan Tuan nodded his head furiously.

 The little one raised the s...o...b..ll in his hand, but before he could throw it, he was. .h.i.t in the face with a large s...o...b..ll!

 Tuan Tuan was knocked sideways from the impact and fell on his b.u.t.t, his face full of snow, revealing only a pair of watery eyes and snow-dusted eyelashes.

 Seeing Tuan Tuan in this disheveled state, Fu Huai'an frowned and walked towards him. He squatted down beside Tuan Tuan and gently wiped the snow away from Tuan Tuan's face with his fingers. He then helped the heavily-dressed Tuan Tuan get back on his feet. “Didn't you say you were ready?”

 Tuan Tuan looked a little embarra.s.sed from the defeat. “Papa! Again!”

 Fu Huai'an placed a large hand on Tuan Tuan's head. “En. Tuan Tuan is terrific!”

 Tuan Tuan, who was praised, blushed even harder. He repeated in a more resolute tone, “Papa! Again!”

 Lin Nuan and Bai Xiaonian stood under the roof, watching as Fu Huai'an mercilessly knocked Tuan Tuan down with s...o...b..a.l.l.s amidst the falling snow…

 Tuan Tuan repeatedly crawled up with his two hands, not looking discouraged at all, even though he had failed to strike Fu Huai'an with a single s...o...b..ll.

 Fu Huai'an was having a lot of fun playing with Tuan Tuan. It was only when he sensed that Lin Nuan and Bai Xiaonian had come out of the villa gates that his attention was attracted to them.


 Tuan Tuan finally managed to smack a s...o...b..ll on Fu Huai'an's leg. He was so delighted that his eyes lit up, and he was speaking more eloquently now, saying, “Papa! I hit you!”

 Fu Huai'an looked down at the traces of snow on his leg and beamed at Tuan Tuan. “Not bad!”

 Lin Nuan walked to Tuan Tuan's side and stroked his little head. Tuan Tuan looked up and revealed a big grin at Lin Nuan, tugging at her down jacket with his gloved chubby hand. He pointed one finger in Fu Huai'an's direction, looking to get praised. “Mama! Mama! I hit Papa!”

 “Tuan Tuan is terrific!” Lin Nuan bent over, not stingy with praise.

 Even Bai Xiaonian bent over and complimented Tuan Tuan.

 The snow on the little one's eyelashes had melted into small water droplets, and his little face was so red that it looked like steam might arise from it.

 Lin Nuan was hooking arms with Bai Xiaonian and was carrying a shoulder bag. Fu Huai'an asked, “Going out?”

 Nodding, Lin Nuan gazed at Fu Huai'an apologetically. “I'll go out with Xiaonian and be back in the afternoon. Besties date…”

 Fu Huai'an nodded. “Go ahead! Be careful!”

 Lin Nuan looked down at Tuan Tuan, who was still tugging at her down jacket with his little hand. “Mama will be back in the afternoon to s...o...b..ll fight with you, okay?”

 Tuan Tuan gazed up at Lin Nuan, and after some thought, edged closer to her. He wanted to open his mouth and express his desire to go with Lin Nuan, but he was then picked up and held under Fu Huai'an's armpit by him. “Don't worry, leave Tuan Tuan to me!”

 Knowing that Bai Xiaonian was about to leave for America, Fu Huai'an knew to leave some time for Lin Nuan and her friend.

 Bai Xiaonian stroked Tuan Tuan on his little head. “Tuan Tuan, lend me your Mama today, okay?”

 Tuan Tuan gazed at Bai Xiaonian, then nodded after hesitating with a pained expression.

 “Then we'll get going first. I'll be back early this afternoon. After that, we can go to the new residence to visit Uncle Blessing, Aunt Blessing, and Xiao Liuli.”

 “Wait!” Fu Huai'an called after Lin Nuan, who was about to leave.

 He bent over and placed Tuan Tuan on the ground, then removed his own scarf and put it on Lin Nuan…

 Amidst the flying snow, there was a slight smile on Fu Huai'an's lips as he wrapped the scarf that was filled with his scent and warmth around Lin Nuan's mouth and nostrils. He was gazing at her with his deep and dark eyes, causing Lin Nuan to be lost in those eyes.

 Bai Xiaonian, who was standing by the side, was quietly force-fed this handful of dog food on this wonderful Christmas morning.

 Lin Nuan pulled down the scarf that was covering her mouth and nose and said to Fu Huai'an, “I brought a mask. Don't worry about me being recognized…”

 Fu Huai'an nodded. “Have fun!”

 Lin Nuan nodded.

 After he watched Lin Nuan and Bai Xiaonian leave, Fu Huai'an lowered his head and looked at Tuan Tuan, who was reluctantly watching as Lin Nuan went while tugging at Fu Huai'an's trouser leg. Fu Huai'an said, “Tuan Tuan, want to watch Mama's movie?”

 Tuan Tuan looked up at Fu Huai'an immediately and answered, “Yes!”

 When Lin Nuan and Bai Xiaonian got to the theater, they discovered that the tickets to “The Exorcist” were sold out, even those seats in the corners were sold out! And this was the case for all the movie timings that day!

 Bai Xiaonian widened her eyes in disbelief.

 Even if a movie was popular, she had never seen a movie this popular.

 Later, after hearing from the ticketing staff, they learned that all of the showings for today's premiere of “The Exorcist” had been fully booked starting from midnight!

 Bai Xiaonian widened her eyes and turned to look at Lin Nuan. “Do you think this was… your Mr. Fu's doing?”

 “I don't think so…” Lin Nuan also had her eyes widened. She hadn't heard Fu Huai'an mention that he had done something like this.

 While Lin Nuan and Bai Xiaonian still had blank looks on their faces, they heard a young lady complain…

 “Ah? No tickets? How can this be? This is already the third theater! Who is it… Can't you let me watch my Song Cheng properly!”

 “Right! So weird! How is it that tickets are sold out at all of the theaters! This is too strange!”

 “What's wrong with your theater? Are you joking about all of the tickets for 'The Exorcist' being sold out for the day! Not even a single seat left!”

 The ticketing staff member was helpless too. He could only smile and apologize. “Sorry, someone has booked all of the showings!”

 “Who! Is this person sick or what! Why did he book all of the showings? To show he's rich?”

 The young ladies could be heard complaining as they walked away.

 Bai Xiaonian looked at Lin Nuan with a gloomy expression. “I wanted to see your ravis.h.i.+ng looks in the movie. It seems like I won't get to!”

 Lin Nuan didn't know whether to laugh or cry. “I feel that it's unlikely to be Huai'an's doing. It could be Manman's suitor.”

 “I don't understand these tyc.o.o.ns' world!” Bai Xiaonian shook her head. “Let's walk around at the mall! After our hotpot lunch, I'll painfully return you to your Mr. Fu and little friend Tuan Tuan!”

 Bai Xiaonian made a painful expression.

 Lin Nuan was tickled by Bai Xiaonian. She reached out to hook her arm and said, “Let's go shop at the mall! Do you want to rent a wheelchair at the customer service section?”

 “No need. How can it be considered shopping when you're not walking with your feet…” Bai Xiaonian blinked at Lin Nuan, her beautiful smile appearing particularly dazzling.

There were relatively fewer people at the mall in the morning. Bai Xiaonian very quickly bought a piece of winter clothing for her father, then went to rest at a cafe with Lin Nuan.

Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 739

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