Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 813

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Chapter 813: Felt That Even the House Was Shaking

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The bodyguard was speechless.

 What in the h.e.l.l were wontons? Saying that it wasn't troublesome… Could it be food from Mr. Fu's country?

 Little Lu smiled very politely.

 The bodyguard reported all of Little Lu's requests. After getting a reply, he said to Little Lu, “The servants will send hot tea over in ten minutes! The supper is also being prepared…”

 As for the wontons that weren't troublesome, Mr. Khalifa's kitchen staff was already busy at work. The experienced chef wasn't proficient in making food like wontons and had called his friend to ask for help.

 Little Lu returned to the room to wait. Ten minutes later, someone knocked on the door, bringing in a teapot and teacups…

 The hands at Little Lu's sides clenched up a little when he saw the servant's appearance. He received the tray from the servant without showing any expression, opened the lid of the pot to smell the tea, then nodded and thanked the servant.

 Little Lu knocked on the bathroom door before saying, “Sir, the tea has arrived. I'll bring it in for you.”

 After that, Little Lu pushed open the bathroom door and entered, closing it behind him.

 The servant standing at the room's entrance saw that the bathroom was steaming up, but he didn't see Fu Huai'an. He scanned the room and saw the suit and s.h.i.+rt that Fu Huai'an had taken off placed on the bed. He then turned to look around and saw Fu Huai'an's stainless steel chain watch, which was placed on the bedside table.

 Hearing the sound of the bathroom door opening, the servant quickly retracted his gaze and asked, smiling, “Sir, do you have any other requirements?”

 “There's nothing else, thank you!” Little Lu smiled.

 The servant who left Fu Huai'an's room walked to the stairs, turned at the corner, and made a call. He reported to Naseer, “He should be taking a bath in the room, but it hasn't been ascertained yet! I'll verify things when I take in the supper in 20 minutes!”

 The person on the other end of the call said something, and the servant's expression turned solemn. “I'll return straight away!”

 That servant was someone Naseer had sent over. From the moment Fu Huai'an entered Dubai, Naseer had a strong sense of uneasiness, and thus he had sent someone to keep an eye on Fu Huai'an!

 It turned out that Naseer's intuition was right. After Fu Huai'an arrived in Dubai, the subordinates responsible for killing Feng Yang and his wife had died mysterious deaths one after another. Naseer thought about how Fu Huai'an had saved Qin Zhe in the past and couldn't help but suspect that he was behind it!

 However, even after so long had pa.s.sed, they hadn't seen Fu Huai'an's men making any moves. They checked Fu Huai'an and his men's call records, but they were just the frequent contacts in the country. n.o.body related to those matters had contacted Fu Huai'an!

 Naseer had experienced Fu Huai'an's moves before. Because of that, Naseer, who was a sensitive person, couldn't help but suspect whether the series of events had been done by Fu Huai'an personally.

 That was especially the case considering, after Haddad had hidden on his private island, Fu Huai'an had so coincidentally accepted Mr. Khalifa's invitation… to attend a party that was held not far away from his private island!

 That servant was Naseer's most capable killer, Hans. Naseer had sent him there to test Fu Huai'an!

 But when he heard Naseer say that someone had barged into his private island 15 minutes ago, Hans broke out in cold sweat!

 Fu Huai'an had only been helped to his room by his a.s.sistant 15 minutes ago. From there to Naseer's private island, it'd take 13 minutes even with the fastest speedboat. Hans couldn't help but feel worried for Naseer's safety and wanted to go back. However, Naseer insisted on having him personally see for himself whether Fu Huai'an had left.

 Hans couldn't remain patient. When he turned and saw a small window, his brows furrowed, and he decided to give it a shot. He pushed open the small window, which a searchlight shone past. Immediately after, he leaped up to the small window and, with rapid speed, jumped and climbed toward Fu Huai'an's room. His actions were swift, like that of a wild beast.

 He hugged the wall under the window of the bathroom in Fu Huai'an's room. To dodge the spotlight, he agilely squatted down. He heard the sound of symphonic music from the bathroom and stood up, wanting to push the window gently. However, his fingers had barely pushed the window open when he heard Little Lu's voice. Hans immediately drew back his hand.

 “Sir, you drank quite a bit tonight. If your stomach isn't feeling well, why don't I go and get Mr. Khalifa's family doctor and have him look at your condition? It probably won't be enough just to take a bath and eat wontons. If Madam finds out about this, she'll blame me for not taking good care of you!”

 Hans shrank under the window and listened in seriously. He heard the sound of water in the bath, accompanied by a low and powerful voice. “No need!”

 Hans, who had been anxious over the situation on Naseer's side to begin with, frowned tightly. Fu Huai'an was really around!

 He gritted his teeth and immediately headed for Naseer's private island, not daring to delay any longer.

 Little Lu, who was seated in the bath, stared at the window. After some time had pa.s.sed, when he ascertained that Hans had already left, he was already covered in cold sweat. He got out of the bath and dried his body with a bath towel.

 Little Lu had recognized Hans earlier when the latter brought in tea. Little Lu had seen his information in the past and had an impression of his face!

 Little Lu knew that Hans was Naseer's right-hand man, and he also knew that during that time, Naseer had sent quite some people to investigate Fu Huai'an's trip to Dubai. When Hans came in to bring tea earlier, he hadn't ascertained that Fu Huai'an was in the bathroom, so he would definitely find another way to check things out!

 Little Lu's brain moved very quickly. Preparing some contingencies, he immediately brought the record player from the room into the bathroom the moment Hans left. He found a black record for symphony music and purposely played it. Little Lu then unb.u.t.toned his s.h.i.+rt in a hurry, taking it off and looking toward the window. Worried that Hans would push open the window and see that he was the one inside, he brought out the backup phone he had prepared and recorded his voice, setting it as the phone's ringtone.

 He opened the bathroom door and put the phone just outside. Naked, he sat in the water and kept his gaze fixed on the window.

 When the window moved slightly, Little Lu used his phone to call his backup phone.

 His voice rang out, successfully causing Hans's to stop pus.h.i.+ng open the window!

 Little Lu purposely moved in the water to create sounds. With that, mixed with the sound of the symphony music, he lowered his voice to pretend to be Fu Huai'an, saying “no need” to try and pa.s.s off as him.

 Pressed for time, Little Lu's preparations weren't complete. However, Hans was worried about Naseer, so there would be some details that he didn't notice.

 Little Lu put on his clothes and put away the backup phone. He closed the bathroom door to cut off the sound of the symphony music.

 On the phone that Fu Huai'an had left on the sink, he saw a photo of Lin Nuan's sleeping face. He secretly prayed for Fu Huai'an's safe return…


 An intense explosion rang out. Little Lu, who was putting on his suit, felt that even the building was shaking.

 The hands doing his b.u.t.tons paused. He looked out the windows and saw a stretch of blazing flames on the sea's surface in the distance.

 Little Lu's heart was beating so quickly that it almost charged out from his chest…

Based on the map, that was the direction of Naseer's private island!

 Little Lu took a look at the time and quickly walked to the full-length window. He pushed open the sliding door and firmly grabbed the balcony's railings to look out into the distance!

Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 813

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