Mr Fu, I Really Love You 836 Lin Chen Nodded

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Seeing that Lin Nuan's mood wasn't bad, the corners of You Nainai's lips curled unconsciously. After some thought, she said to Lin Nuan in a soft voice, feeling embarra.s.sed, "Since the chance of getting pregnant next time will be higher, and you want a child so much, you and Sir Fu should work hard after your period ends!"

Lin Nuan was surprised to hear that coming from You Nainai. She couldn't help but laugh. "To think that even you would say something like this…"

You Nainai's ears turned increasingly red. She was terrible at consoling and encouraging others…

However, she recalled that Bai Xiaonian had said to her that she liked to joke about such things with Lin Nuan without feeling embarra.s.sed. Even though Lin Nuan didn't say anything, how could she not know how amazing her man was?

In fact, that was just a joke that Bai Xiaonian had played on You Nainai. However, You Nainai wasn't someone who would think much into things and simply took her word for it. Seeing Lin Nuan's smile, You Nainai felt that Bai Xiaonian was really the person who understood Lin Nuan the most.

"Lin Nuan? Why are you here?"

Hearing someone calling her, Lin Nuan turned. She saw Lu Hanzi, who didn't seem to be afraid of the cold weather, wearing a white s.h.i.+rt and a light brown suit with a pencil skirt. She held onto a brown woolen coat and wore heels of the same color as her coat. She held her briefcase as she walked out from behind the pillar in the hall and headed in Lin Nuan's direction.

"Dr. Lu!"

The nurses who pa.s.sed by Lu Hanzi greeted her. Lu Hanzi smiled and nodded.

Lu Hanzi had only taken a few steps when the doctor in a white coat who was talking to her earlier called out. He ran over and said something to her. She moved her coat to her left arm, took the pen that the other doctor pa.s.sed to her, signed her name, and tucked her stray hair behind her ears. Only then did she nod and continue to walk toward Lin Nuan.

Lin Nuan removed her mask and smiled at Lu Hanzi. "Sister Hanzi, why are you here as well?"

Lin Nuan had covered herself up so well but Lu Hanzi still recognized her.

"I have clinic sessions here in Jinjiang every Wednesday!" Lu Hanzi nodded toward You Nainai, then looked at Lin Nuan and asked, "What about you?"

"I… I'm fine. I hurt my arm a few days ago and had a recording at Jinjiang TV Station today, so I came over to have it checked!"

Lin Nuan lied to Lu Hanzi. After all, she wasn't able to openly share her private matters with a psychologist in public.

Lu Hanzi could tell from Lin Nuan's averted gaze that she wasn't acting naturally. However, Lu Hanzi's mind wandered in the wrong direction and thought of something else…

"You found out about the matter concerning your brother?"

Lin Nuan was Lin Chen's sister. Lu Hanzi hadn't really treated Lin Nuan as her patient but had looked upon her as a younger sister. Therefore, she didn't have any reservations when she spoke.

Lin Nuan was stunned. "My brother?"

Lu Hanzi pursed her lips. She knew that she had misunderstood and said the wrong thing.

She licked her lips. "I thought that you came for your brother!"

When Lin Nuan heard this, she felt very anxious.

"What happened to my brother?" Lin Nuan frowned and asked.

Lu Hanzi said slowly, "Your brother came to Jinjiang to seek treatment. I'm guessing that he plans to hide it from your family. Even though we were cla.s.smates, it's not my place to say much. Your brother seems to still be upstairs, getting checked out. If you want to know more, then go ask him. I shan't be the messenger between the two of you, in case your brother says that I'm interfering too much!"

Lin Nuan nodded. "Which floor is my brother getting his checkup on?"

"Wait a minute… I'll call to ask!" Lu Hanzi dug her phone out of her coat, dialed a number, asked a few questions, then said to Lin Nuan, "Your brother is on the third floor, at Dr. Zhou's office."

"Thank you, Sister Hanzi!" Lin Nuan put on her mask again. "I'll go up and take a look at my brother!"

"It has been a while since you came to my office. Find some time and come over…" Lu Hanzi spoke up.

The reason Lin Nuan hadn't been going was that she felt that her situation seemed to have improved compared to before after she had gotten together with Fu Huai'an.

She nodded. "Alright, I'll make an appointment and make a trip over as soon as possible!"

"Then, I'll make a move first!" Lu Hanzi put on her coat and headed out.

Third floor.

Lin Nuan stood outside the doctor's office and waited.

The door opened, and a tall doctor wearing a white coat looked at the person in the room and said, "We'll only know if it's malignant or benign after we've done a biopsy! Back in the day, you were at the very top at Haicheng Medical University and should know that such surgeries shouldn't be delayed!"

The door was opened, and the moment Lin Nuan stood up from the bench, she saw Lin Chen. He was wearing his suit and leather shoes, frowning and nodding. His deep gaze met Lin Nuan without any warning, and his bright leather shoes stopped.

Lin Chen clearly wasn't planning on heading to the company. He wasn't wearing his usual formal s.h.i.+rt, the typical sign of a successful businessman.

Under his form-fitting suit was a light gray turtleneck cardigan. His deep and mature features were contrasted to appear thinner and more distinct, making him look more elegant.

The hand in which he was holding onto his medical report had a coat hung on the arm. His black eyes looked at Lin Nuan, their depth covered by a thin haziness.

Dr. Zhou followed his gaze and looked over. He recognized Lin Nuan. "Oh! Isn't this Nuan Nuan?"

Zhou Yiheng was Lin Chen's cla.s.smate back at Haicheng Medical University, and he had naturally met Lin Nuan before and knew that she was his sister. Back then, as Zhou Yiheng and Lin Chen had been on good terms, he had wanted Lin Chen to help hook him up with Lin Nuan. However, he found out from Lin Chen that Lin Nuan had a fiancé and thus gave up on the thought. He didn't reveal any of that to Lin Chen.

After graduation, Zhou Yiheng got news about Lin Nuan once again. The first bit of news was about her heading to Iraq to look for Wen Moshen. There was another bit of news after that saying that Lin Nuan had become Fu Huai'an's wife!

Even though Zhou Yiheng had viewed Lin Nuan as his G.o.ddess in the past, he hadn't confessed to her. Therefore, there wasn't any awkwardness for him to meet her again after so many years. He could still treat Lin Nuan with composure, treating her like a friend's sister.

Lin Chen hadn't expected to see Lin Nuan there. She seemed as if she was waiting for him, which made Lin Chen frown.

"I'll be making a move first!" Lin Chen said to Zhou Yiheng.

Zhou Yiheng could tell that the siblings seemed to need to talk to each other, so he nodded. "Alright, I won't be sending you off then. I still have some doc.u.ments I need to tidy up!"

Lin Chen nodded. He walked out of Zhou Yiheng's office and walked up to Lin Nuan. His tall physique almost covered up the lights in the corridor above him as he asked Lin Nuan, "You were waiting for me?"

Lin Nuan glanced at the medical report in Lin Chen's hand and subconsciously reached out for it. However, Lin Chen quietly avoided her, clamping it under his armpit. "There's a cafe opposite the hospital. Let's have a seat there…"

Lin Nuan nodded.

In the elevator, Lin Nuan leaned against the wall and looked at Lin Chen's tall figure. Her mind was in a mess as she tried to guess what illness Lin Chen had.

In Lin Nuan's memories, Lin Chen had always been an existence that was like a big mountain. He rarely fell ill!

Mr Fu, I Really Love You 836 Lin Chen Nodded

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