Lilim Heritage Online 101 Prometheus Vs Sebastian - Round One

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Chapter 101 – Prometheus VS Sebastian - Round One

Mia operated Prometheus forward, setting his course to the junkyard extraction point. While his legs moved as if he was riding a bicycle, Mia pulled out a small piece of red ant from his inventory.

The piece was a portion of an ant's leg, yet it had a strong, sharp, spicy smell that made Mia squeezed his nose and closed his eyes.

As if someone cut an onion before him, tears dropped from Mia's eyes, and he could feel the burn.

*Nom-Nom?* (Can I eat it? It smells nom-nom.)

Since Mia was looking for a piece of cloth to wipe his eyes, he shoved the ant leg to Tama's tentacle.

"You can have it, but do me a favor. Can I have a bottle of water or something that can clean my eyes? It felt like I ate a pile of wasabi."

*Mrrr?* (Didn't you have nine more healing potions? Oh well, we can use this.)

Tama extended her tentacle to Shurka, who was still unconscious, curling and sleeping behind Mia's pilot seat.


Without caring about Shurka, Tama ripped her whole upper s.h.i.+rt and wiped Mia's face.

"Ah, thanks."

Wiping his eyes for a while, Mia used his MBR and recovered his sight back. As his eyes opened, he finally noticed a ripped s.h.i.+rt in his hands.

Mia frowned and peered at Tama's chest eye, "Where did you get this? I don't remember storing spare cloth."

*Mew* (It's from your cyka!)


A sweatdrop appeared on Mia's face, and he stared at the s.h.i.+rt with a dark face. His hands and arms subconsciously pulled the cloth to his face, sniffing it.

*Mrrr?* (Why are you sniffing if you can mate her any time you want to?)

In a panic, Mia tossed the s.h.i.+rt into the air, "NO! I DIDN'T SNIFF!"

*Mrrr* (Banana Mish, be honest with yourself. I can sense the increase in temperature on your wee-wee and your face. I can tell what you're thinking.)

Mia's face reddened, and white smoke came out of his ears, ashamed and embarra.s.sed.

While Mia was in a panic, Tama shoved a leftover piece of fire ant leg into his mouth.

*Mew* (Try this and see if it increases your stats.)

Mia chewed the ant meat in reflex, and a deep spicy taste attacked his nose, going up to his glabella as if he had savored a spoonful of wasabi.


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Inferno Dragonewt's perk displayed its effect.

[Gain one bonus attribute point to one random attribute for every eaten fire-element food.]

As fire ants were monsters with the fire element, Mia could increase many status points from eating them. Unfortunately, the game did not allow Mia to exploit it as he could increase only 49 more status points from nurse fire ants.

Still, he had other ants to try. Worker ants, warrior ants, queen ants, and the ant king was still in his inventory, so he could experiment with them later.


Prometheus reached the scorpion zone where monster corpses scattered.

Mia looked around, frowning.

"Where is Carlos?"

Realized that Carlos was not present, Mia activated his battle mode, searching for his life signal.

However, he could not find him. Instead, he found a flying dragonewt in front of his mech, glaring at his direction.

Sebastian was waiting for Mia.

"Sebastian …"

Mia took a deep breath as he charged the psionic engine, preparing for a fight. Unlike when he confronted Sebastian at the base, Mia was more confident that he could beat the h.e.l.l out of Sebastian this time. Since he had an esper mech but Sebastian did not, the disparity was apparent.

Sebastian glared back at Prometheus. Although the 25-meter-tall robot intimidated him, he steeled his heart and stood firm. For the sake of his people's safety and well-being, he did not mind breaking one of his old bone or two.

*Gao* (Old bone, that is not a usual robot. Are you sure you want to fight this?)

Sebastian sighed, yet a faint smile appeared on his face.

"For the sake of our people, I don't care if I die."

*Gao!* (Don't jinx it! You can always fly away if you can't win!)

"Ahaha, I'm sorry, Gaogao. Don't worry. I won't die."

*Grrr* (It's coming. Let's do our best.)


Sebastian exhaled and spread his wings. His entire body s.h.i.+elded in black armor plates, transforming himself into a 7-feet-tall medieval knight. Gaogao also turned his four tentacle tips into steel spears.

Once the changes had finished, Sebastian became a dark knight with six arms. Four of which were spear arms while his two human arms did not have a weapon.

Without waiting for Mia, Sebastian charged at Prometheus, swooping from the sky and aiming at the chest c.o.c.kpit.


Mia narrowed his eyes in doubt, wondering what Sebastian was planning. However, one thing for sure, Sebastian did not come in peace.

'Flame Field!'

Received the command from Mia's psionic link, Prometheus released a flame shockwave and firewall expanded in a circular wave around the robot.

As Prometheus Series' trademarks were their reinforced esper power and their medium specialty, Mia's flame field from Prometheus was stronger than his true power.

Sebastian braced through the firewall. In an instant, his black knight armor melted, which it burned his body.

*GAO!* (HEAL!)

Gaogao a.s.sisted Sebastian, regenerating his burned body parts.


Sebastian also regenerated his armor. All melted parts recovered anew!

As Sebastian got through the firewall, he reached the chest of Prometheus. Four spears thrust at the hatch!





Like how barbarians swung their wooden hammer at a 21st-century tank, Sebastian's spears only scratched the surface of metal frames.

Still, the spear attack was a feint to make Mia let down his guard. The real attack was his bare hands.

Sebastian gathered his strength into his hands and reached toward the front hatch.

As if Prometheus knew what Sebastian was planning, front boosters on Prometheus' legs roared, and it skated backward.

From Sebastian's palms, two small metallic tentacles burst out. Two more spears extended and reached the front hatch.

This time, they penetrated the frames by a centimeter.

At a glance, it did nothing to the pilot inside, but Sebastian achieved his goal.

The spear tips inside the robot's frame plates changed shapes, turning into mouths. Both ejected acidic liquid, which melted the frames at a rapid rate.

Within a second, the front chest metal plate was breached, and Sebastian could see inside the c.o.c.kpit.

Before the butler could reach the inside, he heard Mia's frustrated young man's voice.

"You p.i.s.sed me off, a.s.shole. That's my new mech!"

As if the entire mech transformed into a lightning rod or an electric eel, the 100,000 voltage electricity entered his body through his metal spears inside the frames.



Both Sebastian and Gaogao shook as the thunder temperature burned them from the inside.

In reflex, Sebastian detached his spear tentacle limbs and kicked the frame, sending his body backward.

Before he could regain his sense, Prometheus' left hand opened and swung at him.


Like a fly swatter, the metal palm slammed onto Sebastian's dark armor, sending him to earth.


Sebastian collided onto the ground, rolling 200 meters further from the momentum forces.


Again, Gaogao regenerated Sebastian's health and healed his injuries. Sebastian stood up as if the impact was nothing and planted his feet into the ground, staring at Prometheus with hatred.

'Otherworlders! I'll kill you all!'


Meanwhile, combat mode Mia gazed at Sebastian in astonishment.

One full strength zap from the mech and a slap could not disable this old dragonewt!

*Mrrr* (This stupid butler is too OP! Nerf please!)

Mia glanced at two holes before him. Because of the damages, the monitor display became static as the visual shook and flashed. He had to rely on his six sense to locate Sebastian in the previous attack.

'Should I open the front hatch to get my visual, or should I maintain my 3D mind map?'

Headache crept on Mia, "I've been using too much mental energy today. I'm getting exhausted."

*Mew* (Potion, Mis.h.!.+ Red gels, too! Chow it!)

"Ah, thanks for the reminder."

Mia took out all old red gels in his leather suit and shared it with Tama. He ate all of his portion in one go.

"Round two. Bring it, butler!"

He closed his eyes and focused his sense to the limit.


Inside Mia's mind s.p.a.ce, all girls were watching the fight through Mia's sense and vision while they were eating popcorns, made by a piece of Carlos' soul fragments.

"Had Maou fought, the fight would have ended in a second."

"Give our banana Mia a chance. It's a good stage for him to train."

"True. He didn't have the Maou's experiences. Let him train a bit."

"But, isn't that butler too strong? He's still standing after all that?"

"Don't worry. We'll simply wake up Maou when our banana becomes a disadvantage."

"Maou seems tired, though. Will he wake up?"


"If he doesn't wake up, we're doomed."

"Screw it. Let's wake him up. Can someone swim to the core and molest Misha Statue again?"

Lilim Heritage Online 101 Prometheus Vs Sebastian - Round One

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