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Published at 21st of September 2019 04:30:14 AM Chapter 124

Chapter 124 – Misha Statue and Mia – Part 1

5 . 30 AM

Morning arrived . After the all-night monster invasion, everyone could finally breathe a sigh of relief .

As scorpions and snakes did not like the sunlight, they burrowed themselves into the ground . Zombies became slower, and the egg monsters got drowsy and sleepy . None of them was a threat to the base anymore .

No red egg appeared in the vicinity or attacked the base anymore after Prometheus had chased the two-headed pteranodon away .

Still, Mia was frustrated . Fighting against any being with a teleportation skill was a headache .

'I should consult my grandmother about how she deals with someone with teleport skill . Ugh, I forgot that I can't go home . This stupid game …'

The night battle concluded with 20 casualties and one tank lost .


At late afternoon, all soldiers returned to their shelter with all of their loots . Upon arrival, Mia ordered everyone that they could rest for the day as the garrison forces would take over the labor job, handling the transported loots .

Their harvest result was worth the sacrifices and their troubles .

120,000 barrels of diesel fuel,

30,000 barrels of jet fuel,

10,000 green gels,

5,000 yellow gels,

2,669 red gels from both alligator hydra and the remaining of the dead alpha egg,

3,000 tons of provision,

20 mechs,

10 tanks,

And the most valuable a.s.sets of the current situation, diamonds!

Their total of harvested diamonds were 5,000!

Combined with Shelter 88's properties, this brought the mutants closer to their research goal . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .




 Adult Population: 12,140 (-20)

 Children Population: 1,518

 Satisfaction: 77% (+5%)

 Order: 97% (-1%)


Advertis.e.m.e.ntMilitary: 1,889 (-20)

 Domestic Employment: 8,592

 Unemployment: 3,177


Diamonds: 6,628 (+5,415)

 Red Gels: 6,401 (+2,669)

 Yellow Gels: 8,173 (+5,014)

 Green Gels: 20,686 (+10,632)

 Provision: 18,828 tons (+3,828)

 Chromium Ore: 2,480 tons

 Coal Ore: 3,047 tons

 Lumber: 5,819 tons

 Fuel: 1,920 Barrels



Many resources increased . Aside from the new loots, the people inside Shelter 88 had procured more gels and diamonds without Mia's managing .

Still, most of the loots were inside Mia's inventory as their warehouses did not have enough capacity to store a hundred thousand oil barrels . Aside from the gels and provision, everything else was with Mia .

As the oil was still under Mia's possession, the property value in his status menu did not increase .

Mia looked at his status with worries . They might have solved the short of fuel issue, but they lacked storage s.p.a.ce . The underground shelter would not be enough for their increase in the population and the warehouse s.p.a.ce .

As Mia was pondering about the base's future troubles, Shurka came to welcome him home .

"Thanks for your hard work . Was it dangerous?"

"No, it was rather frustrating than being dangerous . We ran into a two-headed hydra, an alligator hydra, and one escaped alpha egg . "

Hearing Maou Mia's voice, Shurka paused . As his current voice was deeper than the usual feminine high pitch one, she was surprised .

"Did you catch a cold? Your voice has changed . "


Maou Mia recalled that he was controlling the body at the moment . Because he got used to staying inside the statue and sharing his five senses with Banana Mia, he forgot that he was the master of his own body .

Maou looked at Shurka's face with a complicated feeling .

Banana Mia loved Shurka, but Maou also cared for her .

This complicated their lifestyle and relations.h.i.+p . To avoid future problems, Maou chose to concede for his derpy persona .

"Say, Shurka . Do you like my current voice or the previous one?"

Maou probed Shurka as he had a lingering feeling for her . Although he did not mind letting Banana Mia controlling his body during their bedtime, as a man, he also wanted to interact with her with his true self .

"Umm, I think I like both voices . They are charming, you know? I feel like I'm with my sister when with your previous voice, but the current voice is also s.e.xy . "

Maou Mia and every girl in his mind s.p.a.ce laughed . Banana had just gotten sister-zoned even though they had s.e.x .

Mia bitterly smiled at the confused Shurka . He leaned forward and kissed her lips before he returned the control to Banana Mia .

Getting the body back, Mia looked around in nervousness .

Shurka noticed the change, "What's wrong?"

"N-Nothing . "

"Oh, your normal voice is back . "



Nighttime, At Mia's cottage .

Shurka had already fallen asleep, but Mia was still awake . As he was lying down on his back and gazing the ceiling, his mind wondered .

He thought about the complication about their relations.h.i.+p .

Mia was aware of Maou's feeling toward Shurka . However, there was a protected memory within this brain that he did not understand .

It was about the existence of Maou's master, which connected to Misha Statue's origin . Unfortunately, he could not recall this part of the memories as if it was not his .

Using his instinct and his deduction, Banana Mia knew that it was related to him .

Unable to figure out the mystery about this sealed memories, Mia decided to confront Maou in his mind s.p.a.ce .

In the white room, Misha Statue was still at the center on the pool island, looking peaceful as ever . If Mia did not mind the seven remaining prisoners, this s.p.a.ce would be a sanctuary of his heart .


Another prisoner had exploded, and the dead soul fragments enter the statue . From Mia's observation, Maou seemed to be getting ready for something as his appet.i.te got more severe as of late .

At this rate, all prisoners would be devoured within a couple of weeks . Mia was worried for his 72 sisters in this place once Maou had destroyed every prisoner .

He was hoping that Maou would leave them alone .

[What are you doing here, Banana? You're supposed to get to sleep . Your body and your soul might not require it, but your brain needs rest . Go to sleep . ]

Hearing the command of Maou, Mia frowned .

Mustering his courage, he decided to be direct .

"What is our statue, Maou? Why has it taken the form of our game avatar?"

Hearing the taboo question, the statue frowned . Maou wanted to keep this a secret until the statue was reinforced enough before he revealed the secret, but it seemed that he might have to do it earlier than the planned schedule .

[… Do you want to know?]

"Yes . "

[Even if I tell you that your perspective of your world and your past will become nothing but a silly dream, do you still want to know?]


[It's better for you not to learn about this yet . You're not ready . ]


Banana Mia might be stupid at times, but he was not foolish enough not to get the hints .

All these times, both Maou and Banana were using Misha Statue as their temporary resting place of their soul when the other was occupying their real body .

As both consciences of theirs were bound together, Banana Mia would follow Maou everywhere when they used their psionic possession skill .  

During the time Maou Mia entered Shurka's mind s.p.a.ce, Sebastian's s.p.a.ce, or the white room of Carlos, the feminine Mia sensed and saw everything through Maou's conscience .

He noticed the anomaly within each person's mind s.p.a.ce . Shurka, Carlos, and Sebastian had a white orb inside their mental room, but only Mia had a statue .

When Banana Mia dug into the residual brain's memory, he found that the past Maou went through other s.p.a.ces, and each had a unique statue of their own .

He had never asked any of the 72 sisters about this, and Maou never told anything about them . It came to Banana Mia's attention that this statue hid a secret about their double-soul situation .

[Do as I said, go to sleep . ]

The more Maou refused to tell him, the more desire to unfurl the truth increased .

"What will happen if I know about it?"

[… You will not be able to call yourself Uriel Mia anymore . ]


Banana Mia's soul trembled . He had suspected about it before since it was unusual to have multiple souls inside his body, not including the 72 sisters .

[Was it too harsh for you?]

"Yes, you're cruel . Hiding everything from me is cruel . "

[I'm already merciful . Had I been cruel, I would have taken over my body the moment I had regained my conscience . I would have sealed you inside the statue and leave you in there until you disappear from my life . ]


[Go to sleep . You're not ready . ]

"When will I be ready?"

[After I digested all of these six fools, I'll tell you . ]

"… Okay . "


After talking with Maou Mia, Banana Mia went to sleep .

Before his conscience faded to the Lalaland, he heard a whisper from someone .




By instinct, Mia mumbled, "Yes . "


That night Mia had a dream .




In a resting quarter of a barrack, 50 boys returned to their bunk bed, getting ready to rest after their dinner .

They were the children who were undergoing military training in [The Child Soldier Project] .

Their barrack contained 50 bunk beds, which was a.s.signed to each of them for a bit over a year now .

Mia returned to his resting place after he finished his weird dinner . For some reason, his instructors forced him to drink a fishy-smelling supplement .

He felt nauseous, and he wished he could just puke and get rid of this feeling . He forced himself to the bed and sat in meditation .

Within the next hour, someone screamed .

"Help! Tom is puking blood!"

More panicking shout followed, "Call the officers!"



Mia snapped open his eyes . He leaped from the bed as he planned to help the others .

However, something entered his brain, and he lost control of his body . Mia collapsed on the floor while his nose leaked a trail of blood .

In the next moment, Mia found himself inside a white room . In front of him, a glowing white silhouette of a dragon was before him . Its red eyes stared straight into Mia, frightening the under-aged boy's soul .

Though Mia was scared, he asked, "Who are you? What are you?"

The dragon smirked, [You are a weird kid . Had it been anyone else, the first thing they would have done would be screaming and running away . So far, only you have talked to me . I don't know if you're a fool or a gutsy boy . ]

"Eh? Then, let's be civil if you understand my words, okay? Could you tell me your name and what is your purpose here?"

[For someone who is about to die, you don't deserve to know my name . ]


As the dragon warned Mia, dark liquid dripped into the white room . The fluid gathered into a body of a black slime, which was crawling toward Mia .

Sensing the danger, Mia jumped backward, but his back hit the wall of the room . He turned around to look for an exit, but he found that it was an enclosed s.p.a.ce .

[There is no exit . It's either you or this slime can be a sole survivor . ]

Mia looked at the slime again . It began to form a humanoid body as it crawled toward Mia .

He dashed away from the slime and looked around for a weapon to fight . Unfortunately, it was an empty room with nothing but a glowing dragon and a black ooze .

The dragon clicked its tongue . It did not hide its disgust expression .

[Coward . ]

"You …"

[Don't "You" me . Your opponent is the slime, not me . I'm here as a judge . ]

Lilim Heritage Online Chapter 124

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