Lilim Heritage Online Chapter 131

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Published at 21st of September 2019 04:30:07 AM Chapter 131

Chapter 131 – Birth of Maou Mia - Part 4

Mia's soul was absorbed into Misha Statue, and he could not break free from her . He tried to shout and resist, but it did not help .

As he was resisting, Misha Bloominglily's soul in a fairy form appeared before Mia inside the statue . While her eyes still closed, she kissed him .

The kiss was not a s.e.xual one . Instead of getting into a reproduction mood, Mia could feel that their soul began merging .

Their body became like two different ponds of water . Once it touched, it merged into one body .

'No, Misha! I tried to resurrect you, not to consume you!'

Misha did not stop . She slowly opened her eyes .

[Take care, Mia . Thank you . ]


As soon as the statue and Mia's soul merged, he lost control of his body and his soul .

His soul s.p.a.ce reddened, and all tentacles from the ceiling started capturing the girls as well .

[Mia! Stop!]

[Friendly fire! Stop what you're doing, Mia!]

The girls screamed in a panic . As they had learned that red rooms were bad news to all outsiders, they were afraid that Mia might consume their soul .

However, the red tentacles did not harm anyone . They put everyone into cages that Mia built .


Meanwhile, changes occurred in the real world . Several boys whose soul had been destroyed spasmed . Their body expanded and enlarged, turning into disfigured monsters .

Gabriel and the others leaped backward to avoid them .

On the other hand, Mia's eyes glowed in red light . Red smoke exuded from Mia's pores, and they moved as if they were alive .

The red smoke enveloped one of the boys, entering his body . Soon afterward, his body shook . Blood came out from all of his orifices as he collapsed on the ground .

Red smoke came out from his body along with a glowing orb at the size of a fingernail .

Gabriel and vice admirals recognized the orb right away . It was the esper core, the essential part inside the brain of all psychic users .

The smoke brought the core into Mia's mouth, which he swallowed it without hesitation .

As soon as the core got into his body, another thing happened in Mia's soul s.p.a.ce .

A new orb appeared inside his room .
One of the boys stared at the orb from inside a cage . He could sense a familiarity from the core .

As soon as he realized what it was, he shouted, [Hey! That's my core!]

The soul core was a vital part of their survival . Had it died, the owner's soul would erode and become a black slime .

Misha Statue, who had imprisoned Mia inside, looked at the floating orb . She walked to it, and the core entered her statue body, merging into one .


The boy screamed in a panic . Inside the same cell, everyone kept their distance from the boy, worrying that he would transform into a black slime soon .

However, it did not happen . The boy kept his appearance as a soul after a minute had pa.s.sed .


Meanwhile, Mia kept releasing red gas, which entered every boy's body and brought out their esper core .

He turned to Maple, who was tied into a chair . Before Mia devoured her, Maple chose to enter Mia's soul s.p.a.ce along with Lana with her free will .

Both girls entered Mia's soul s.p.a.ce despite the threat of a red room . They, too, were instantly captured by the ceiling tentacles and were thrown into a cell .

Once Maple got inside Mia's mind s.p.a.ce, Mia's real body paused . Instead of harming Maple's real body, he ignored Maple .

Mia looked at the disfigured monsters, whose soul had already been destroyed .

The monsters became mindless zombies as they bit and ate nearby friends, whom Mia had taken out their orb .

After Mia ate all orbs, he s.h.i.+fted his attention to the disfigured zombies . All red smoke returned to Mia by entering his pores and orifices .

Seeing the zombies ignoring him, Mia created condensed plasma ball, which was different from his usual thunder b.a.l.l.s . The rotating and crackling ball was pitch black, but it gave a sound of thunder .

"Not good! All of you, escape from this place, now!"

Gabriel was afraid of this plasma ball . Had it been anyone else, they would have thought it was a child's play . However, Gabriel seemed to know what it could do to the colony .

Had Mia commanded it to explode, everybody here would have died!

Plasma chain lighting was released from the condensed plasma ball, and branches of black electricity linked all zombies together .

All zombies were left with several burning holes inside their body . More than half of them died as their brain was fried, but three of them was still alive .

The plasma thunder ball shrunk, which relieved Gabriel and his subordinates . It seemed that Mia did not want to suicide-bomb them .

Two living zombies rushed to Mia, planning to devour him whole . Each of them widened their mouth and dislocated their jaw, revealing over two-feet-width mouth . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Mia glared at the zombies as he transformed the remaining plasma thunder ball into a long pole . It rotated and flew to the oncoming zombies like a spinning helicopter blade .

The rotating plasma thunder pole severed the head of the zombies, splas.h.i.+ng their blood onto Mia .

The spinning blade dissolved and disappeared, but Mia continued to walk on top of all corpses . Most of the zombies had reverted back to their human's form .

The last zombie glared at Mia . Instead of rus.h.i.+ng at him, it also created ten white lightning b.a.l.l.s .

Ten branches of chain lightning struck Mia, concentrating the zapping location at his brain .

The auto-mode Mia diverted the electricity into his palms as he created two more condensed plasma thunder b.a.l.l.s . This time, flame surrounded the lightning b.a.l.l.s because of the extreme temperature .

Mia returned the thunder fireball toward the zombie .

The disfigured monster ignored the fireb.a.l.l.s and activated all his psychic powers . A lightning spear manifested under Mia's feet, and it spiked from the ground, attacking Mia from below .

Mia side-stepped to the left and dodged the attack . He raised his right hand and touched the spike plasma thunder, which melted his fingertips .

Instead of crying in pain, the glowing eyes slowly faded . At the same time, Mia converted the thunder energy into his own, forming a thunder lance .

He threw it back to the psychic zombie .


The thunder lance went through the head of the monster and exploded . The shockwave force brought the b.l.o.o.d.y goo and flesh everywhere, and rain of blood poured upon Mia .



The two fireb.a.l.l.s exploded as well, creating a crater in the middle of the square .


Inside his mind s.p.a.ce, Mia also managed to regain a bit of control over his body, but his soul still got stuck inside Misha Statue .

He had to move around with a statue as his suit, or he would not be able to move .

Looking at the red room and the mess the statue had created, Mia did not know what to say to other girls .

Before Mia could control the statue, it moved by itself . Misha managed his body and his mind s.p.a.ce at the same time, which solved all problems for him while she created more issues for the girls .

He could not express his facial expression or thought anymore as the statue sealed his ability to communicate . Mia could only use his body movement as a gesture language now .

After freeing the girls, the room returned to be a white s.p.a.ce once more . However, all girls were wary of him .

[You're a devil, Mia . ]

[Have you become a monster?]

[Maou Mia . . . ]

[Yeah, he has changed a bit . ]

[What about the statue? Has he merged with his mentor?]

Every girl had different opinions, but they began calling Mia as "Maou Mia . "

Sasha braved herself and walked toward Misha Statue, [Mia? Are you still Mia?]

The statue nodded .

[Can you talk?]

The statue shook her head .

[I see . ]

Sasha walked closer to hug him, planning to console Mia from this accident .

At this moment, Maple shouted, [Sasha, get away from there! It's not safe yet!]

It was too late . Sasha hugged the statue .

Instead of feeling the hard and rough skin, Sasha could feel the warm and softness of the statue's flesh . She felt like she hugged a human rather than a marble statue .

Soon, Sasha felt several slimy tentacles were touching her legs and her abdomen .

Misha Statue had transformed her legs into white octopus arms . They coiled around her and began tickling her body .

[Mia! Stop! AHAHAHAHA!]

Mia wanted to scream that he could not control the statue, but his voice could not come out .

From the onlooker's perspective, Mia was molesting Sasha with the tentacles . Although it did not include any s.e.xual activity, it looked erotic to the boys in the cages nonetheless .

Maple rescued Sasha afterward, but everyone kept their distance from the statue since that day .


On the real world, Mia sighed and touched his throat, trying to feel his voice .

"Ahhh . Testing . Testing . "

His voice came back, but he could not use his psionic link to communicate with the girls inside his soul s.p.a.ce for some reasons .

As he walked on the pool of blood, Mia took off his upper bodysuit . The baggy and blood-soaked armor suit dropped on the blood pond .

Mia continued to examine the dead bodies around him with a frown . All boys whose soul was shattered turned into monsters, while the rest still had a living soul .

'A body without a soul turns into a monster? Then, why didn't all humans I devoured turn into a monster, too? Is it because of the fairy overlord's blood?'

While Mia was pondering, Gabriel clapped his hands and mocked him .

"Well done, Uriel Mia . Now, raise your hand over your head and surrender . "

Mia almost laughed when he heard it . He could now believe how pretentious Gabriel was in this situation . His p.a.w.ns were no more, yet Gabriel still thought that he had the upper hands .

Maple whispered him in his soul s.p.a.ce, [I know where they kept everyone's body . Buy me some times . I'll return everybody into their body . ]

Since Mia could not use his psionic link, he muttered, "Okay . "

Mia thought of a plan . He looked at Gabriel with a wide smile .

"Oh hey, Gabby, I want to play a game . Since I beat you in your turf, it's my turn to set the new rules, yeah?"

Gabriel's mouth corner twitched, "I'm not in the mood, trainee!"

"Like it or not, your daughter's soul is in my hands . You have no choice . "

"Son of a b.i.t.c.h! It was you! Let her go!"

"You did this upon yourself . Sisters, let's go!"

Maple returned to her body along with 70 sisters, leaving Lana inside Mia's soul s.p.a.ce .

Lana sat alone in the room, looking at the cages of the boys . She pleaded, [Don't kill my father, Mia . I'll tell you everything, okay? I'm very sorry . ]

"I know … Actually, death is too easy for him . I want him to suffer more . "


That day, Mia fought against Gabriel and two vice admirals again .

After exchanging chain lightning against cryokinesis, magnetic fields, and abilities of the three elites, Mia was worn out from the overworked psyche . He lost his body control to the statue again .

Mia's memories were in fragments during the fight . He could not remember anything, but the girls told him later that Maple suffered a severe injury, and she had to return all girls into Mia's s.p.a.ce to escape from the hands of the government .

Among the fragments, he could see a silver-haired woman cried as she held Mia's b.l.o.o.d.y body .

Two vice admirals that were with Gabriel were also dead, lying beside Mia . However, he did not remember how Gabriel got out of that mess .

Mia lost control of his body several times after that fight . After he went through a memory implant surgery, Mia fell into a deep sleep .


In Shelter 88, Banana Mia woke up, finding himself covered in sweat .

Shurka was sleeping beside him on his bed . Her faint smile hinted that she had a sweet dream .

Mia looked around, it was still night time . The clock showed that it was 3 . 35 AM .

'What was that dream!?'

Mia held his head as if he had a headache . Then, he heard a voice from Maou, [Having fun peeking into the black hole of my life? That stupid game system or the G.o.ddess must have shown you that dream, right?]

Lilim Heritage Online Chapter 131

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