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Chapter 16 – No Loot? Eat It

"10 Mags of 40 bullets each. Let's see how many levels I'll gain."








Two hours later.






After spending two hours sniping zombies from the edge of the crater, Misha pulled back her rifle.

Checking the remaining ammunition, she had 27 bullets left.

She checked the time. It was 10.30 AM, which she still had plenty of time left.

"It's time to go back and resupply."




Name – Misha

Cla.s.s – Una.s.signed Combat Cla.s.s

Level – 25

EXP – 0/3,000

Free Attribute - 120



At this moment, Misha had more than enough free attribute points to meet the cla.s.s change requirement. Thus, she could choose to get back to base right away.

She could have continued to grind further. However, the EXPs she acquired from each kill decreased after she hit level 21.

Before she got to level 21, she gained 100 EXP for each zombie killed, and the EXP requirement for each level up was 2,000.

As she reached level 21, the required EXP to level became 3,000, and a zombie only gave her 90 EXP per kill. From that point, each level she increased, the EXP yield lowered by 10.

Even if Misha spent all of her bullets here, she would not gain another level. Furthermore, using her handgun might provoke the horde as it required her to get closer, which was not a good idea.

Misha got up and backtracked to where she came from.


One hour later, Misha ran into a group of five psychics on the way back to base. They were dragging a corpse of a 5-meter-tall mutant, which looked like a wild rabbit with tentacles on its back and the obese body.

"Hey look, that's the Air-Force girl. She's empty-handed."

"What!? It's been hours, and she hasn't gained a loot!?"

"What do you expect? It's a girl's mentality, I tell you. Most of them are bad at gaming."

"Dude, that's a bit s.e.xist. But yeah, she's bad."

The group jeered and mocked at Misha for returning with nothing. However, the leader of the group hushed the other four and walked toward Misha.

"Is this your first trip back to base?"

Misha nodded.

"Then, you probably haven't learned about this. You see, one of the guys got a hint from an officer within the base. They said if you bring back a dead body of a mutant, they will teach you combat skills or give you the character experiences depending on the grade of the mutants. We have brought mutant corpses back twice, and we've reached level 20. That s.e.xist guy on the back chose to learn a skill from the staff, so his level is still at 17. He's still the strongest guy in our squad, though."

The s.e.xist guy bellowed, "Hey! Stop wasting times. We have to make another trip!"

The leader gave Misha an apological smile, "Sorry. It seems I have to go. Good luck out there."

As they left, Misha looked at their names.

The kind leader was Dove, and the badmouth guy was Pioneer King.

Sometimes, a name in-game could hint their personality and their interest.

"What a b.a.s.t.a.r.d," Misha snorted at Pioneer King. She minded her business and returned to the camp.


1 PM

Misha returned to the armory empty-handed, which surprised the staffs.

The armory manager stopped Misha, "Trainee, did you take anything from a dead body of a mutant?"

"No, sir. Under a potential danger circ.u.mstance, I can't approach any corpse."

"What did you run into?"

"A zombie horde, sir. About 2,000 of them."

The face of all onlooking staffs softened. At first, they were about to yell and punish Misha for being incompetent. However, zombie horde was a troublesome threat that even elites like them had to escape with empty-handed sometimes.

"That's understandable. Well, as you were, go and resupply. Once you finish your load-up, go see the logistic department. Give your report there. Make sure to tell them about where you find or kill the zombies so our pick-up team can clean up the place later. We'll give you your rewards after we take everything into account."

"Thank you, sir."

Leaving the staff, Misha took the same gears as she went out the first time. Upon getting out of the armory base, she saw King Pioneer and his gangs again.

Unlike her, they only took firearms.

"Hey look, it's that girly again. Why is she still packing useless tools?"

"I told you, she's stupid. Being in an elite school doesn't make you smart."

Misha ignored the insult and went to a logistics division, which was recommended by the staff.

"A trainee? What are you doing here?"

As usual, Misha saluted, "Sir, I'm here to give the reports about the zombie corpses, sir!"

"Zombies? If it's one or two, don't bother."

"There are about 300 to 400, sir."

The senior officer turned around and stared at Misha in the eyes, "Trainee, did run away from the horde?"

"No, sir. They were busy eating a green egg in the crater northwest of our camp."

"How many are in the crater, the zombies?"

"About 2,000 before I killed some of them, sir."

"What's the current size of the egg?"

"About 10 meters in diameters, sir."

The officer frowned. He turned back and began making a call using his wrist.w.a.tch, leaving Misha in the salute position. After a minute of a series of command that Misha could not understand.

He turned around, "Are you from the Air Force, trainee?"

"Yes, sir."

"Let me see your watch."

The officer took Misha's wrist.w.a.tch and entered the building. It took him a whole ten minutes before he came back and returned her watch. He also took a steel briefcase with him.

"I've increased your permission tier. And this," The officer knocked on the briefcase, "A new toy, a reward for your information."

The officer grabbed Misha's right hand and placed it on the side of the briefcase.

"Keep your hand on it, and don't scream."

Misha frowned. Something was not right.

Alas, it was too late for her.



Misha felt the burning sensation coming from her right palm on the case. The hand, which was on top of the briefcase, emitted a white smoke and a burning smell from it.

It was as if Misha was putting a palm on a hot frying pan.

"Don't move. It'll be over in a few seconds."

She gritted her teeth and endured it. Misha wanted to pull back her hand, but she could not shake her hand off from the strength of the officer.

"It's done. You can move your hand out."

Misha yanked her hand away from the case. It suffered a second degree of burn, which her inner red skin could be seen.

The briefcase opened by itself and revealed the content inside.

There was a green egg similar to what Misha found in the crater, but it was in a regular chicken egg size.

The officer grinned at Misha, "Eat it."

Lilim Heritage Online 16 No Loot? Eat I

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