Lilim Heritage Online 32 Desperate Struggle – Part Two

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Chapter 32 – Desperate Struggle – Part Two

The ambulance stopped, and the driver turned around.

"Calm your t.i.ts, ladies. We've arrived. Put that gun away and move the missy inside. I won't help you in your report if the higher-ups demand an explanation. Haven't you heard the rumor that they value the raw viruses and all new test subjects? One of the doctors was fired and got his license void because he killed a stage-one infected before he pa.s.sed the patient to the center."

The paramedic withdrew her finger from the trigger, and she put away her gun. The other nurse opened the backdoor, preparing to pull out Misha with her stretcher.

Misha's ears perked up when she heard the keyword [Test Subject]. She was not stupid enough to continue trusting these people the moment these words were uttered.

"What's with this [Test Subject]? Are they going to cure me or use me as a lab rat?"

The medics were about to answer, but the driver interfered with them.

"They won't cure you. They only have incomplete vaccines from the dead eggs, but they have yet to find the perfect cure for it. That comes to your existence, young miss. You will be one of their test subjects to find the cure. Well, that's all the hints I can give you, for now. The rest depends on your future performance."

The driver's eyes changed from brown to yellow for a split second before it returned to the former color. Within his pupils, a tiny yellow tentacle with an eye wriggling inside, sharing its vision with the driver.

Unfortunately, no one noticed this.

The medics bellowed, "Hey! Shut up!"

They turned around and whispered to Misha, "Don't listen to that bullc.r.a.p. Our medical center will cure you as long as you are obedient. Follow what they tell you to do, and you'll be fine. Trust me."

As Misha was astonished by the two conflicted new info, the paramedics placed the stretcher on a wheeled bed and brought her into the building.

Inside the [Medical Center], they did not enter through the front door but a side door. They pushed the bed through the long white corridor, which had nothing but bright glowing walls and ceilings, into a room with a lone elevator and a guard, who was sitting and reading a book.

One of the paramedics showed her cards, "Code Hydra."

The guard raised his head to glance at the Hatmaz suits and the stretcher, "First timer?"

"Yes. It's our first time taking a patient here. We're following the Hydra Code protocol."

"Good work. Get in."

There was no b.u.t.ton in front of the elevator nor any switch that could indicate that they could operate it, yet the elevator doors opened after the guard allowed them.

They got into the elevator and pushed the only red b.u.t.ton in there.

The elevator doors closed and it moved down into the underground.

In Misha's experience, all elevators should take less than a minute to bring the pa.s.sengers to the designated floor even if it was from to ground floor to the 50th floor.

Yet, it took them a whole five minutes before she could hear a sound of the elevator door opening.

As soon as the door opened, three soldiers with railgun rifles, equipped with laser-pointer, aimed at the paramedics.

At the side of the wall of the corridor underground, the medics could see a monitor, which displayed the front entrance of this facility, the long white corridor, inside the elevator they took, and the ground floor where the guard was reading a book.

However, they could see that it was not a book. It was another CCTV monitor with the book cover as a disguise. On the book monitor, there was an addition of a red crosshair in it.

"Leave the patient here. You two go back."

The medics raised their hands to the air and smiled back, "Okay. The patient is yours."

One of the soldiers pulled Misha's bed from the elevator, but they did not close it or allow them to go back yet.

"Aside from you two, who else knows about this Hydra infection and this girl?"

"The ambulance driver."

"What's his name?"

"Thorn C. Cha."

"Good work. Fire AR rounds."

"Wait, wh!?"



Before the paramedics could understand what happened, the soldiers shot them in the head. As soon as the nurses collapsed, the elevator doors closed, and it brought the bodies back to the ground floor.

The captain of the soldiers picked up the intercom phone on the wall. He pressed a few numbers before he said a few words.

"Officer Thorn C. Cha never exists. A car accident happens, and two paramedics, a driver, and a patient died."

Pausing for five seconds, the other side replied back, "Affirmative."

Putting back the intercom phone, the captain of the soldiers glanced at Misha.

"Bring her in. Don't lay a hand on the test subject unless you want to become a zombie."

"A pity. She has a hot body."

"You will change your mind after a few days of transformation."

"Ah, I know."






Upon listening to the paramedics, the driver, and the soldiers, you have suspected that there may be no cure at all in the base, but they are looking forward to making you into their guinea pig!

There is no guarantee that you will be able to see the sunlight again if you are trapped inside the medical center. To obtain your freedom, you have to escape from this facility before they trap you there for eternity.

Be warned. You have yet to tame the viruses within you. Possibilities of dying from the infection are still there.


- Escape from the Medical Facility.

- Overcome the viruses within your body.

64 Hours, 59 Minutes.


23 Hours, 50 Minutes.


- A new skill

- Bonus Status Attributes

- Desperate Struggle – Part Three


If you fail to get out of the facility before the time limit exceeded, your character will be trapped inside the Medical Center as a test subject, and the character [Misha] will be permanently unplayable.



Even though Misha could not see what in front of her, she could still see the updated content of her quest menu.

It was now that she realized why the quest was named [Desperate Struggle].

The difficulty kept increasing as she progressed through the quest while the penalty for failing meant she would lose her in-game character.

It spelled "Game Over."

'Oh, G.o.d. Why did I even accept this quest!?'

Misha questioned her decision when she was prompted with the quest earlier.

'Can I refuse the quest now? What will happen if I log out?'

In desperation, she opened the game menu to log out. As expected, the log out b.u.t.ton was disabled, and it displayed a note message.

[During the Desperate Struggle quest series, players are unable to log out. All prior auto-eject timer is also temporarily disabled, and your relatives in the real world will be notified upon this event.]

'WTF!? Really game!? You want me to complete the quest first, so I can resume my real life!? Really!?'

[A tip from the developers of the game. This quest series might last up to one day in real-life time. If you value your real life more than the game, just give up the quest. It was designed to satisfy the hardcore gamers and resident players.]

Misha almost coughed a mouthful of blood when she read the note.

'I spent so freaking many days to get this far, and you want me to discard everything!? Screw you, devs! I'll skip school for a day and clear the G.o.dd.a.m.n quest!'

Misha's fighting spirit burnt as she concentrated her hearing sense and her cells within her body to feel the surroundings.

As soon as she focused her telepathy to her blood cells, she found what Tama had been doing to her.

Her blood cells were strengthened, and they were eating the uncontrollable viruses within her blood vessels and other systems within her body.

Her circulatory system had been cleansed from the spreading green cell viruses.

Unfortunately, the viruses had contaminated her digestive system, nervous system, immunity system, and her muscular system. It would take a while to clean them all.

'I see. So that's why there's a curing timer on the quest menu. I have to protect Tama while I'm completing the runaway quest. But first, I have to get rid of this mask.'

Misha attempted to move her body, but she could not even raise her hands. All binding of the stretcher restricted all of her arms, legs, chest, neck, forehead, stomach, and her wrists.

'My vision is blocked. My entire body is chained. What's next? Dumb me into a tube of water so I can pull a Harry Houdini's escape trick!? G.o.d d.a.m.n it, game. At least give me a hint.'

Lilim Heritage Online 32 Desperate Struggle – Part Two

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