Lilim Heritage Online 39 Greedy Misha

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Chapter 39 – Greedy Misha

The sounds of gunshots quieted down. Eight soldiers, who had provided the cover fire slowly moved in, hoping the secure the corpse of the infected.

Meanwhile, the remaining men on the other side also rushed in to reinforce the previous team. However, the doctor and a soldier stayed behind to avoid the conflict.

All of them reached the dried naked body at the same time, but they were shocked by what they found.

"This guy is from our team!"

Misha finally got both her feet back after Tama finished digesting the blood of her second victim. It was a troublesome process of regenerating, but it was worth the effort.

Peeking from behind a giant ice cube, Misha could see the commotion of the soldiers. They have found another dried body of the leading soldier that she had killed.

She counted her grenades and ammo in her hands, two frag grenades, and five clips of bullets.

Looking back and forth, Misha saw the exit of the warehouse. She wanted to leave the building in the disguise of a soldier, but she forgot one thing.

Misha forgot to steal boots. She was too preoccupied regenerating that she forgot to wear them or take them with her when she looted the soldiers.

'None of the staffs will believe me if I walk out without boots. Heck, my clothes are also baggy. I need a smaller size coat and uniform.'

That was not her real reason for remaining inside the warehouse.

Her eyes still darted around, checking every ice cubes around her and looking for a similar shelf that stored yellow gels.

Misha wanted to get rid of these soldiers to search for more viruses before she got out!

'Where's all my precious? d.a.m.n, it's getting stink around here. Has one of the soldiers farted!?'

She twitched her nose, waving her hand to get rid of the rotting odor [Pheromone] that the pursuing soldiers were using.

Before this, she had relied on her tongue sense to detect the oncoming soldiers and laid a trap for them. However, the smell of the [Pheromone] began to get in her way. As long as the rotting smell was around, Misha could not detect any living signature with a flicker of her tongue like a snake anymore.

'I can only use my vision.'

Peeking at the soldiers again, they had begun to move and spread out to search for her.

'First, a distraction.'

Misha pulled the pin off a grenade and rolled it at the direction of the nearest group of soldiers. The grenade traveled like a bowling ball, hitting the ice cube behind a team of pursuers.


The grenade exploded, and the shrapnel scattered, piercing the three soldiers of the wondering team.

The shrapnel did not kill the soldiers right away. However, the small pieces of iron fragments flying from the explosion were deadly enough to tear human flesh like b.u.t.ter. The three unlucky soldiers were stunned and collapsed on the ground by the scattering shrapnel.

The sound of the explosion caught the attention of the other teams, but Misha had already run to the other way after she rolled the bomb.

Misha hid behind another 3-meter tall ice cube, seven blocks away from her previous location. She gazed at the top of the ice and jumped.

At the peak of the velocity of her jump, she spat a mouthful of saliva at the ice.

Her spit melted the ice, making a dent on the ice cube.

Misha looked up again. She extended her hand and placed her hand into the hole, using it as an edge to pull her body upward.

After she pulled her body with all of her strength, her head got higher than the make-s.h.i.+ft handhold.

Misha spat at the ice again to make another hole for her hand and a foothold to climb. She repeated her action until she got on top of the three-meter ice block.

Climbing on top of it, she lied and scouted the entire warehouse on the high ground.





The injured soldiers had just died from the wound poisoning, which they gave a bountiful EXP for Misha.

Looking down, no soldiers paid attention to the top of any ice. Instead, they kept moving around the corner, trying to form a net to search for her.

'This place is still not a good vantage point to snipe all of them. I need a bigger block.'

Misha looked around again. Unfortunately, her ice block was the tallest among the blocks nearby. The taller ones located in the inner area, which was over a hundred meters away.

Hesitated, she decided to snipe the soldiers here instead of moving to another place. Despite knowing that she would not be able to take down all of them in one go, Misha went on with it anyway.

She aimed at the team where she had a clear shot.








One shot, one killed. Another team of three went down, but the gunshot gave away her position to all remaining soldiers now.

Misha aimed at the other team.






Unlike the other teams, Misha managed to kill one out of three since the other two reacted in time and got behind an ice block as a cover.

Her location had been found, but there were nine enemies left.



The soldiers return-fired at her direction, which several bullets. .h.i.t the edges of the ice block.


One of them got her left arm.


"This can be trouble."

Misha kept her head down as more yellow-needle-like bullet afterimages flew over her head along with dozens of whistling noises. It was a matter of time before she would be gunned down if this had kept on going.

As she ducked her head down, she stared at the giant egg in the ice block. Another idea came to her mind.

'Acidic Fluid!'

Misha activated her skill for the first time, and her stomach produced a mouthful of digestive liquid. Similar to vomiting, her stomach shrank, and the acid water was pushed into her mouth.

Misha opened her mouth and puked the yellow liquid on top of the ice block, which it immediately melted the ice at the same rate as Tama did on the upper floor.

Realizing that the ice block she was on would break apart soon, Misha rolled away and got down from the giant block.

As she landed on the ground, the two-meter green egg also lost balance and rolled on the ground naturally by the law of gravity and physics.

Its body began to pulse while the pale green veins darkened every second that it got out of the ice. The mouth of the egg trembled as it stuck several tentacle tongues out.

Lilim Heritage Online 39 Greedy Misha

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