Lilim Heritage Online 70 Falling Out With Sebastian

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Chapter 70 – Falling Out with Sebastian

'Well done, Tama.'

Mia laughed in his heart while Tama revealed her smiling eyes.

As both of them were celebrating their successful scam, Sebastian had not fully believed in them yet. As a fellow dragonewt, he knew the limit of dragonewt skills, but he did not have enough evidence to prove Mia and Tama wrong.

'I ate a terra hydra core, but I don't have that body transformation ability. If a fire hydra gives a transformation ability to the consumer, I'll have to find one to prove it. I would get backlash from the citizens if I accuse Misha and Tama now without a piece of solid evidence. Well, there are other ways to get rid of her.'

Sebastian canceled his killing intent while his partner's tentacles transformed into wings.

"Misha, you can undo your transformation. Your current form is somewhat … uncomfortable for the civilians."

Mia stared at Sebastian in doubt. Canceling his appearance right now could be fatal since he was not in the clear. As his relations.h.i.+p with the Hydra Faction reduced to [Casual] from [Friendly], It meant someone among these captains had not yet believed in Mia.

Mia opened the game menu and inspected the relations.h.i.+p tap, which revealed the evaluated connection with all NPCs.

As Mia had suspected, his relations.h.i.+p with Sebastian showed as [Hate] while the others dropped from [Friendly] to [Casual]. This might be the reason that brought down the entire relations.h.i.+p rating.

Unfortunately, when Mia looked around in the job-seeking center, all of the powerless mutants were shrinking in fear. These people could feel the increasing temperature which came from Mia, so they thought he was trying to cause a scene.

'Right, my blood circulation is in a combat mode. I have to cancel this form eventually.'

Unwillingly, Mia converted back to Misha, suppressing the leaking fire aura and his warmed-up psychic powers.

As soon as Mia turned into Misha and the raging fire aura was gone, everyone sighed a relief.

But Sebastian interrupted the peace, "Although I don't have any evidence that what you said is true, that doesn't mean the suspicion about your existence has been cleared. You can't avoid the fact that you came from the Mafdet Training Center, and I heard from our spies that many of them are otherworlders!"

Misha frowned and glared at Sebastian with hatred.

'b.a.s.t.a.r.d. This geezer hasn't given up yet!?'

In an annoyance, Misha retorted, "Then, what do you want me to do? Go kill an otherworlder and bring back their ears or something?"

Sebastian clicked his tongue, "Don't make me laugh. This is not some games nor are we an adventurer guild that we can send you to hunt some goblins. Well, since you bring this up, I have another idea to prove your innocence!"

Sebastian turned to see Dolphin, who was not paying attention to this commotion.

Dolphin had not given up on his subordinate yet. In his mind, he never stopped thinking and looking for a way to save the kidnapped pilot.

"Captain Dolphin."

The Tautog Captain snapped out of his trance, "Yes, sir!"

"Do you want to save your soldier?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Good! Well then, Miss Misha. I think you should be able to guess what I want to do. As a fellow dragonewt, I know that our power alone is enough to destroy a city with ease. Go and destroy a Mafdet city and get Captain Dolphin's subordinate back in one piece, then your ident.i.ty will be proven! You are going to attack that city alone, of course, and we will not welcome you until you come back with the kidnapped pilot!"






< for="" whom="" am="" i="" fighting="" for?="" -="" the="" proof="" of="" comrades.h.i.+p="">>

You have chosen to side with the Hydra Faction, but their trust has to be earned! The geezer, Sebastian, hasn't fully believed in you yet, so you will have to complete his task to shut him up.

The task itself is shady, and it's too risky for a newbie player like yourself to attack a city alone. However, any dragonewt can complete this job easily, as long as that dragonewt has a brain.


- Rescue Brim, a pilot from Tautog Squadron.

- Cause as many damages to a city (optional)

- Kill a player and bring back the dead body (optional)


- Improve your relations.h.i.+p with the Hydra Faction.

- Sebastian won't bother you for a month.

- You can log out.


- This is a party quest. You should gather fellow players to complete this quest together, or it might be too challenging to complete it alone.

- Act fast! If you can't rescue him before tomorrow's midnight, Brim will be killed!



The face of Misha distorted when she read the bottom note. She wanted to scream at the developers of this game because of its unreasonable situation she had.

'Who can I recruit into my party when I'm the only player in the mutant clan!?'

Gritting her teeth, Misha glared at Sebastian and wanted to speak something. However, her eyes met with Dolphin's, who had a bitter expression on his face.

It was the face of a sad man who had lost a family member.

'Banana butler! I'll get you for this!'

She groaned and bellowed, "Fine! I'll get that pilot out of the human's base."

The elder dragonewt grinned, "Very good! Then, you can go whenever you want to."

"But I have a few conditions!"

"Hmm? Sure. If it's something we can do, then we'll help."

"I want a hundred tunas, 300 red gels, weaponry, and transportation!"

"Oh? That won't be a problem. Captain Dolphin will supply you with-"

"Stop there! My second condition, you will have to provide all of those from your pockets instead of that Captain or this base's treasury!"


Crystal, Sebastian, Thorn, Dolphin, and all captains were astonished by Misha's demand.

Dolphin also gazed at Misha with a complicated expression on his face. He might be willing to part with his 500 red gels, but he also needed this for his team and the families of his subordinates.

Unlike the other teams which they separated their reward gels with each other, Dolphin's team was the type that gathered all of their profits into a large pool and used it for the sake of everyone.

This was not his gels alone. It was from everybody of his teammates.

Opposite of Dolphin, Sebastian had a private stash. As a commander and the ruler of the base 88, he had many ways of making money. As a result, he was well-known as the wealthiest person in this base.

Not only Sebastian was the richest man here, but he was also the strongest person, judging from the abilities, skills, and overall status attributes.

Extorting directly from the most powerful commander was unheard of, and Misha specifically targeted Sebastian because of a grudge, too!

"Don't cross the line, young Miss."

"You're the one who crossed my line! Do you even know what I had been through!? First, I got infected, I was kidnapped to a s.h.i.+tty place, I fought my way out of the human base, then I was invited here by your men. I even fought the humans and got one of their missile trucks for you. Anyone can easily tell that I did everything for the sake of our people and this base. After what I had been through, you slandered me without proofs! Your abominable partner also threatened to kill us without a thorough investigation! Then, for the sake of me being here, you order me to attack the human base against my will! Everything you've done up until now is a bias attack against me! Your actions confessed that you're jealous of my skills! Since this started because of your personal agenda, you will hold responsible for my preparation!"

The astonishment turned into awe and shock. Sebastian also could not believe what he was hearing.

In reality, Misha giggled within her mind, 'It was a half-truth-half-lie bulls.h.i.+ting story though.'

At this moment, Mr. p.i.s.s smirked and muttered to himself, but he did it in a loud voice that everyone could hear him talking.

"Come to think of it, I also wonder why there is only one dragonewt remaining in our base while other bases have like a dozen of them? Oh yes, there were other dragonewts in this base in the past, but they all died in battles after Sebastian had been chosen as the new commander. I wonder who sent them to their death? Now that there is another newly evolved dragonewt, he's sending her to a battle. This is odd, very odd!"

Thorn and other captains also gazed at their commander with a frown.

Meanwhile, Misha squinted her eyes as she noticed their unusual reaction. There was something between them that she did not know about it.

'A politic infighting?'

On the other hand, Crystal got scared by Misha's outburst, "M-Misha, y-you should apologize, okay?"

"I won't apologize. This has become personal since he is forcing me to go out there alone! He must pay for the preparation cost, not this Captain!"



Misha snorted at the notification, 'Something is fishy within this base. I'll ride along with it and drag this a.s.shole into a pile of s.h.i.+t!'

Meanwhile, Sebastian also glared back at Misha with hatred. He wanted to unleash his power and kill her on the spot, but he could not as he had to protect the order and the reputation as a fair commander.

Revealing his true color was not a good choice for him at the moment.

Glancing back and forth between Misha and Dolphin, Sebastian talked as he gritted his teeth, "I'll fund your expedition! But you'll have to depart before nightfall!"

"That's what I want."


Mr. p.i.s.s grinned as he walked back into his office. There, he picked up a satellite phone and dialed.

A few seconds later, someone picked up from the other side.

The daoist reported, "Another dragonewt has appeared in base 88. As usual, Sebastian is planning to kill that dragonewt."

"Where is he sending that dragonewt this time?"

"He's sending her to a human city, sir. He used the kidnapped pilot as an excuse to deploy her."


"What is your order, sir?"

For five minutes, the daoist listened to the series of orders from the other side of the phone.

Lilim Heritage Online 70 Falling Out With Sebastian

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