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Chapter 77 – Local Yakuza

"Boss, can I take a look at that parade?"

Shurka asked her mentor, who was busy examining a malfunctioned CCTV camera.

Her mentor, a middle-aged female NPC, looked behind her back at the parade and clicked her tongue, "You still lack concentration. Well, fine! Go and play. You can't do anything over here anyway."

"I'm sorry, ma'am. I'll hurry back."

Shurka ran to the palanquin where Mia was sitting. Although many escorts protected the carriage, they allowed Shurka to get closer when she said she was Mia's friend.

"Mia! Is that you, Mia?"

Hearing someone calling his name, Mia turned to the direction.

Seeing the flas.h.i.+ng green name of Shurka and the familiar face, Mia was shocked.

"Shurka? Why are you here?"

"That's my question! What are you doing up there in the palanquin? Are you cosplaying?"

Mia was about to say [No], but he reminded himself that many people were watching them.

Connecting his excuses earlier when he wanted to open a path, Mia came up with another reason to flee from this farce.

"I'm sorry, guys. This is one of my friends. I'm going to get down and go with her."

The otakus looked disappointed, but their smiles did not disappear.

"We understand, your highness!"

"Have fun, your highness!"

"Thank you for being with us!"

"We will always be your friends!"

"Please stab me, too!"

"Kill me, too! Can we f.c.u.k and still be friends!?"

They waved and cheered as they let Mia off the palanquin. None of them bothered trying to find fault in Mia's words.

All of them left Mia a good impression, except the sick ones that wanted to get stabbed. One of them also deserved to die.

Mia ignored these mental people and walked to Shurka.

"Are you here to play, Shurka?"

"Play? I'm not free enough to play with those freaks. I'm here with my mentor," Shurka pointed at her senior who was fixing the CCTV camera.

"Are you a technician?"

"Mechanic engineer. Well, I have to train under a technician first before I get to that point. By the way, are you cosplaying? Why are you looking like that?"

As Mia was about to answer, he remembered that Crystal could hear everything they said. If they blurted out any information about Game or Player , the other side would find out that all of them were otherworlders.

"I'm sorry, Shurka. I have something urgent that I have to do. I'll message you once I'm free, 'kay?"

Not waiting for Shurka's reply, Mia dashed through the dark street using his exoskeleton, leaving the baffled Shurka behind.

"Eh? What?"

She did not understand why Mia was in such a hurry to leave. She wanted to ask if he inherited all psychic skills from the real world into this game world as well.

Shurka's father seemed to know something about the game and recommended her to create a new character with her real name and her actual appearance. As a result, she imported her psychic abilities into this game as her skills.

Unfortunately, most of her skills were mediocre as none of them reached level ten.

"I just want to ask about your skills," Shurka grumbled, "But he does look cute in that cosplay. That leather tight bodysuit was spot on. Was that exoskeleton real, though? How did he run so fast?"

Shurka opened her game menu and opened her VIP s.p.a.ce Inventory which was the privilege of VIP5. As Luckyaf had rigged a VIP10 account for Shurka, she could enjoy the game with all the pay-to-win cheats.

In her inventory, several items, potions, food, and VIP gift boxes were there. She got all of them for free, of course.

Shurka scanned through her item to check if there was something that could give her an exoskeleton or something that could boost her running speed. To her disappointment, there was none.

"How did he get that suit? Is it from a quest? Oh yeah, he said that he was busy. He must be doing a time-limited quest or something."

Shurka hummed and opened her friend list menu. She added "Mia" into the list.




Shurka tried again by putting Mia's full name into the box.



Shurka looked at the direction where Mia left in shock.

"He didn't use his real name for his character?"

She frowned and recalled her memories. Soon, she realized that she did not see his display name in-game.

"Did he turn off his name? Why did he have to do that?"




Mia escaped from the calamity by a hair's breadth. Had he been slower in his decision, Shurka might have unknowingly ratted him to Crystal.

He wiped away his sweat as he asked Crystal.

"Am I close to the prison yet?"

[Not yet. Keep going straight until you start seeing barricades and fences. Say, was that your friend?]

"She's my friend when I was still a human."

Obviously, it was a lie.

[I see. That must have been hard on you avoiding her like that.]

"I can't drag her into our mess. At least she deserves a good life."

[True. Well, you should get going.]

"Okay. By the way, did you know about this princess Celestine? Is that why you gave me this leather suit and this exoskeleton!?"

[Hahahaha! Busted. Yes, I knew. I was surprised when I saw your face for the first time. I thought it might look nice on you, and boy, I was right!]

The corner of Mia's mouth twitched.

'That's why she was so confident that I won't be found out!'

After Mia took a deep breath to calm himself, he continued onward. As most of the shops in the west entertainment area were closed at night, Mia could barely see anyone on the street now.

The street was empty, so Mia ran in the middle of the road in full speed, trying to get to the prison as soon as possible. Since he had killed several guards and a worker in the garbage area, someone might find the corpses soon.


Meanwhile, the yakuza gang tracked Mia to the entertainment district. As they could not drive on the streets here, the scarface boss ordered them to take a detour.

The night streets were quiet, and traffic was not an issue in this enclosed city. Because of that, they used the road to the prison and reached the back of anime zone.

"Boss, that girl is getting to the northern end of Anime Street. We can grab her."

The scarface stared at the GPS on his laptop with a grumpy look on his face.

At first, he almost gave up chasing after Mia when he leaped over several buildings at once. However, once the inside guys reported him with a picture of Mia in the parade, he changed his mind.

In this age, not many young girls were pretty and delicate. As the world was still recovering from the grand apocalypse, the majority of them took up arms and dirtied their face with oil and gas, protecting themselves from being kidnapped or ravished by an outlaw.

The other type were downright prost.i.tutes from the red-light district. To the scarface yakuza, those women reeked diseases and STD.

Hardly any girl wanted to look pretty among the crowd, only the rich women of a wealthy family could enjoy the cosmetic and fas.h.i.+ons.

This innocent looking Mia was a rare find. Even if she was the daughter of a powerful family, scarface could always do something to get away with it.

As he was about to confirm the kidnap operation, satellite phone in his car rang.

Scarface frowned and picked up the phone with a grumble. The only ones who knew about this phone were his superiors.

"Sanada here."

[This is Yos.h.i.+da. We've received urgent news, and I want you to take out one girl ASAP.]

"Who's the target, chief?"

[We've sent her picture to you. Her name is Misha, a dragonewt, but her real ident.i.ty is an otherworlder. Our spy from Base 88 reported that she has infiltrated your city to rescue a captured pilot. Capture her, dead or alive, then bring her body to us.]

"Understood chief."

[Also, take notes. She's able to transform into a young girl, and she's deadly. The details are in the file I sent you. Don't underestimate this girl, or all of you won't stand a chance. I repeat, she's an otherworlder, and she's deadly. Use everything you have to take her down!]

"Yes, chief."

Yos.h.i.+da hung up, and Sanada's laptop beeped, telling him that he received an encrypted email.

Upon opening the files, pictures of Mia and Misha appeared along with details of their status attributes.

They were the attributes when Mr. p.i.s.s examined Mia the last time.

"This girl ... isn't this the same girl we're chasing!?"

Then, Sanada eyes glued at Misha's pictures. As Mia created his ideal girl as his avatar, Misha's perfect curvy body and her face also attracted this yakuza.

Sanada licked his lips.

"I want her."

Lilim Heritage Online 77 Local Yakuza

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