Lilim Heritage Online 86 Miracle Of Healing Potion

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Chapter 86 – Miracle of Healing Potion



Mia ignored the system message. At the moment, he was shocked by the sudden recovery and the resurrection of Brim's partner.

'Wow, that's super effective, way too effective!'

Mia had hoped for a bit of recovery, so Brim could walk and run on his own. However, the potion exceeded his expectation.

Furthermore, Brim's body began to change. His scales shone in l.u.s.ter while small horns grew from above his temples. A short lizard tail also pierced through the back of his pants.

Brim had just evolved into a dragonewt!

*Mew* (Well, that escalated quickly.)

The commotion did not escape Crystal's eavesdrop. She heard everything from Mia's earpod.

[What happened, Misha!?]

"Err, I'll explain later. To sum it short, Brim has evolved, and his partner has kinda revived."


"I'll explain everything to you once we get back. Please continue being our eyes for now."

[Fine. Don't waste too much time in there. Hurry and get out of there already. The hydra has already reached the city!]

"Welp, s.h.i.+t. Okay!"

Mia turned around and checked his surroundings. Although he had not looted everything on this floor, he already wasted too much time.

"Brim, catch!"

Mia tossed his rifle to Brim, so he could fight.

Brim caught it and looked at Mia's face for the first time.

Seeing that his rescuer was a cute girl, he had a wry smile on his face. He had many questions that he wanted to ask Mia, but he decided to keep quiet as it was not the right time.


Embarra.s.sed, Brim shrunk back. He kept glancing at Tama's tentacles and Mia's tail as he compared them to his newly grown dragonewt tail.

*Mow Meow!* (Nice to meet you, friends.)

*Mew!* (Sup, mate!)

*Mow* (I sense great power coming from both of you. How old are you?)

*Mrrr? Mew* (I don't think I'm older than month old?)

*Mowow* (Holy Kitty! You are one freaking genius, I see.)

*Mew Mew* (Of course! Misha feeds me fishes!)

*Mah-Hah Mow!* (AHAHAHA! Well, let's get going. From what I see, we're running away from this place? Shouldn't we hurry?)

Sam slowly regrew his tentacle arms. Two of them bit through Brim's muscles and exited through his back. Afterward, they transformed into dragon wings.

Brim cried in pain as he had not felt this for a long time.


*Mow* (You slacking, brat. Your muscle tissues are softer than before. What were you doing during the time I was sleeping? Watching p.o.r.n all day again!?)

"No! Heck, I don't have times! I'm a pilot now!"

*Meow* (Being a pilot doesn't mean you should skip the workout routine.)

*Mow Mow* (Now that I'm awake. I'll monitor your training schedule!)

*Mowow!* (Now, move it, soldier! Get going! Little lady, little child, guide us, please.)

Mia had the urge to correct them that he was a man, but the conversation between Brim and Sam made him laugh.

Still giggling, Mia drew his pistol, "Let's go. We're done here."

There were a few unopen crates and boxes, but Mia decided that he had looted enough.

Two dragonewts and two tentacle cats proceeded through the B7 floor. Using Mia's sense of direction, they arrived at another elevator.

Unlike the previous elevator, this one had a mark of E-3. The elevator size was also the standard one instead of the other cargo lift.


It took a while, but the elevator got down from the surface to B7.


In the elevator, Crystal asked Mia. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

[Misha, can you pa.s.s your earpod to Brim?]

"Huh? Okay."

Mia thought that these two had something to catch up, so Mia gave his earpod to Brim as Crystal requested.

Brim took it and put the pod into his ear.

"This is Brim."

[Crystal here. I heard another cat's voice during your conversation, and I can understand a few words. Who are you talking to?]

"Oh, that's my partner's voice. Sam, can you say something to our operator?"

*Mowow* (Mind your tone, Brim. I'm older than you, and I'm not your pet.)


Crystal screamed from the other side, and there were noisy sounds of metallic clanking as if someone fell down from a chair.

"Are you alright?"

[@#%!%, I-I'm fine! Brim, aren't all Tautog members scalesmen? How did you get another partner?]

"Err, I didn't get another partner. My partner revived, and I evolved."


"Miss Rescuer fed me liquid medicine, and my partner revived."


[Please pa.s.s the earpod to Misha. I have many things I want to ask her.]

"… Sure."

Before Brim could return the earpod, the elevator reached the ground floor.


Different from the last time, Mia did not cause a scene nor got into a battle stance. Although he readied his pistol, he did not point it forward.

Upon getting out of the lift, they found themselves inside a luxurious white building. When Mia looked at the view outside a window, he noticed the collapsed building from afar.

'Isn't this the House of Parliament?'

Mia noticed that they were in the government house at the center of Mafdet City.


Crystal's scream came from the earpod. Fortunately, Mia had not worn it yet, or his eardrum would have been shattered by her high pitch voice.


Mia refused to put the earpod back as he cared about his hearing and his nervous system. As if he was using a walky-talky, Brim put the earpod close to his mouth and talked.

"I found a hidden stash within the underground prison, and one of them is a weird medicine bottle. It's labeled as a healing potion, so I tested it with myself first. It worked, so I fed it to Brim. Then, Sam came back to life."


As usual, Mia created another false story to cover the VIP items. He did not want to reveal this secret to anyone, or troubles would come after him.

Mia was not afraid that Crystal and Thorn might be hostile against him. He was more wary of others in the base 88 and other mutant bases.

This healing potion was too valuable to the lizardmen. Not only it could revive the partner of the medicine consumer, but it could also evolve that person into a dragonewt.

Looking at Brim, Mia could tell that he was just a common dragonewt since he did not possess any elemental attribute within his breathing.

On the other hand, Sebastian's breath contained the smell of gra.s.s and nature, while Mia's was downright gasoline. Both Mia and Sebastian held their elemental power in their lung, and their overall potential was higher than a common dragonewt.

Still, a dragonewt was a rare race of the mutants, and they seemed to hold significant influences among their community. If this information about the potion leaked, all mutants would be in a frenzy.

Mia hesitated, but he whispered into the mic anyway.

"There is some medicine left in the bottle I looted. I'll give it to you. Don't tell anyone about this yet, or I'll be in trouble."




Crystal's voice sounded erratic like someone who had just won a lottery. She seemed delighted by the news that she could revive her partner.

Listening to Crystal, Mia was happy for her too.

Unfortunately, their celebration was still too soon.


An earthquake followed after the grand explosion from the side of the outer wall.

Looking at the city wall from a distance, Mia saw a large hole, which he could see through to the wasteland.

The wall has been breached!

Lilim Heritage Online 86 Miracle Of Healing Potion

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