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Chapter 91 – Amro on the Run

Mia exerted more of his psychic power and psionic link into the engine, charging it and getting ready to activate this mech's esper skill for the first time.

Prometheus series robots were well-known by its utility as their primary pilots could export his psychic abilities into the mech.

If a pilot could create a fireball at a hand-size, Prometheus could also create a fireball at its hand-size. The scales of power depended on the pilot and the engine power.

This phenomenon could only happen because of the refined t.i.tan arum ores, which were used as the psionic engine core.

However, without the psionic engine core, Mia could only charge the pseudo core and use it as an activation medium.

While Mia was charging the engine, his legs and feet were not idle. His s.h.i.+ns had been equipped with leg controllers while his feet stepped on the three pedals in a rhythm.

Prometheus began skating and swaying left and right as it was trying to get closer to the hydra, making it difficult for the hydra to aim his eye beam.

Amro's eyes glowed, and he activated his laser as Mia had predicted. Prometheus got out of Amro's line of sight with ease, and the beam missed the target.

Tama controlled both grips, and Prometheus left hand, which was carrying the cricket revolver, aimed the gun at Amro.


Tama's aim was off, and the sh.e.l.l landed 10 meters away from Amro.

*Mrrr* (Eh, how do I aim?)

"Line the iron sight with the front sight before you shoot. Use the head's visual to aim, not the chest's visual."

*Mew* (It's so small! How da hack can I aim with this little thing.)

"Just spam the trigger and keep the hydra in check. Use the saber to parry the beam if I can't dodge it."

*Mya?* (Am I going to swing the lightsaber like a Jedi?)

"Yup, have fun while you can. Once I'm done the charging, I'll finish the fight."

*Meh-Heh Mew* (Neat!)

All six tentacles of Tama s.h.i.+fted to the handgrip controllers, and Prometheus aimed the cricket revolver.


This time, Tama did not miss. The bullet hit Amro's chest, and Amro staggered backward.

AR sh.e.l.l revealed its effect on the spot, which alarmed Amro, who was trying to regenerate Krastel's head.

"Again? No matter how many times you use that, it won't work!"

The AR bullet within Amro's chest melted and the wound began recovering again.


Another bullet went into the same hole that the previous sh.e.l.l created.

The hard muscle that had always stopped all projectiles failed to prevent the second bullet, and it got into his inner organs. The sh.e.l.l penetrated Amro's spinal cord and got stuck into his bone.

Amro cried in pain, and its eyes reddened in anger. However, he was calmer than his look. Amro stopped retaliating against Prometheus.

Amro used his tentacles behind his back to stab into his flesh, digging the bullet head out of his body.


The third bullet hit the same spinal cord area that the second sh.e.l.l hit, which cracked and dislocated Amro's bones.

Again, Amro's panicking tentacles scrambled and pulled out the embedded AR bullet.

Before Tama could pull the trigger of the fourth shot, Amro turned tail and ran into the city.

Tama held back the trigger as she did not want to waste another bullet.

*Mew* (Misha, chase! Chase!)

"I know!"

Mia sent his command via the psionic link and the mech's beetle wings spread. Mia's feet also tapped the pedals in succession, which maneuvered Prometheus to jump.

It leaped into the air, and the back booster activated, propelling the 50 tons mech forward in the speed of 100mph.

Overtaking the fleeing hydra, Prometheus turned around.

"Aim at its head, Tama. Let's try to take out all heads instead of aiming its body."

*Meh* (His head is too small! I don't like aiming at small targets!)

"Didn't you purposely aimed at the same wound you created!?"

*Mew* (That was my aiming practice …)


The corner of Mia's mouth twitched. Targeting at the same wound that the previous bullet hit was harder than shooting at Amro's head, yet Tama claimed that it was too hard to aim.

Sensing Mia's mood, Tama stopped playing around.

*Mew* (Okay, I'll try.)


Shurka watched the battle between the local army and Amro from the top of a 20th-floor resident condominium. She had been observing the fight from the start until the red mech appeared.

As a studious type youth, Shurka had researched in the real world's ancient history, military, and culture. She recognized the model of the new giant mech after a few minutes of thought and recollection.

"The Prometheus Series!? I thought tech trees disable all future technologies here. How did the military have this?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Shurka began recording the battle scenes between Prometheus and Amro. Although she could not get a closer look, seeing them from afar was enough to capture the red robot model and shape.

"I'll squeeze more info from dad and uncle Fluke about this. This game is too fishy! How did they cheat the tech tree?"

She still thought that someone had cheated the game and used the future mech to fight.

As she recalled that there were combat players in the game, she checked their rankings to inspect how they fared so far.




1. Hunter Division Trainee - Level 101 – Misha

2. Psychic Trainee - Level 61 – Dove

3. Psychic Trainee - Level 45 – Pioneer King

4. Psychic Trainee - Level 38 – Homeless Billionaire

5. Psychic Trainee - Level 37 – DaVinci



Looking at Misha and Dove's level, Shurka was astonished. Her character level was only 40, but Dove and Misha surpa.s.sed her by many levels.

Recalling Misha who she had met during the early game, Shurka had a complicated thought.

'Is that girl a game addicted? I don't think a psychic elite have an interest in games. Is she one of the weirdos?'

Then, Shurka gazed at the red mech.

'Who is piloting that mech? An NPC? A player? Can it be either Dove or Misha? Wait, Mia was running around with an exoskeleton just a moment ago. Could he be in there!?'

While Shurka was in doubt, changes occurred.

Amro fled into the city, running away from Prometheus. His direction was the residential area, where Shurka had sought refuge.

'c.r.a.p! It's coming here!?'

Screams and panicking shouts came from the people below the buildings and from a distance as the three-meter height and six-meter long hydra crashed into multiple buildings at once.

Shurka could even hear a cracking voice of the monster.


Amro rammed into the lower floor of Shurka's building, and she could feel the floor shaking.

In a panic, Shurka opened her inventory to find an item for an emergency. In there, she pulled out a jetpack, which was an item from VIP5 gift box in the shop.

'Eeeek, nothing to do here!'

Before she could activate her jetpack and fly away, the red mech landed on the street 300 meter in front of the rampaging hydra.

It aimed a small pistol at the base of her building.

However, Prometheus suddenly got into a defensive sword stance with its lightsaber.



Amro sent an eye beam at Prometheus, which it used the lightsaber to deflect the attack toward the sky.


An explosion occurred in the sky. Afterward, strong wind and heatwave engulfed Shurka.

Shurka did not want to get involved in a fight. She activated the jetpack and flew.

At this moment, Amro got out of the building. Its mouth was covered by human's blood as it had just eaten a few unfortunate locals.

Moreover, Krastel's head had been fully regenerated.

Amro bellowed, "Help me kill this bug, Krastel!"

"I hurt. Me, angry!"

Krastel's eyes flashed, and all surrounding buildings and surviving humans turned into ice!

Lilim Heritage Online 91 Amro On The Run

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