Lilim Heritage Online 92 Teleported Shurka

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Chapter 92 – Teleported Shurka

The range of Krastel ice expansion reached Shurka, who was flying on a jetpack. She could feel her legs frozen, and her jet booster malfunctioned.

'Oh s.h.i.+t!'

The jetpack was deactivated as the engine got stuck by the frozen moisture air. Because of that, Shurka was falling to earth from the height of over 100 meters.

She did not panic. Shurka put back her frozen jetpack into her inventory and pulled out another item from her VIP gift packages.

This time, it was a simple hand-sized red b.u.t.ton. It was the most expensive item in her possession as it was from VIP10 gift pack.



Random Teleport b.u.t.ton

- Randomly teleport you to a place within the capital city of your faction.

- This item disappears upon usage.



Fortunately, the VIP10 package gave her 100 of these b.u.t.tons, so she did not mind using it. Instead of dying and losing levels, she would rather take a gamble and get away from this monster.



As soon as she pressed the red b.u.t.ton, her body became transparent, and her vision blurred.

When Shurka regained her sight again, she found herself landing on something soft.

Shurka looked around and found orange tentacles holding a grip before her. Her neck also touched the soft skin of something long.

As she looked behind her, she found the same orange tentacles holding on another grip controller.

Then, Shurka glanced at the other direction of the bright light, which she found the 270 degrees monitor with various HUD icons and statuses of a robot.

"Eh, err?"

Shurka moved her b.u.t.t a bit to adjust her sitting position and noticed that she was sitting on someone's laps. Nervous, she peered at the person.

Mia was looking at her with his usual poker face meme expression.

"What are you doing here in my mech, Shurka?"

*Mew* (Cyka! You're interrupting our fight! Go home and rush B!)

Now, Shurka's face also turned into a similar poker face.

"Whoops. Err, hi!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

*Mew Mew!* (Don't [Hi] us, cyka! Where da heck did you come from!?)

"Mia, do you keep a kitten in your robot?"

*Mew Mew!* (Kitten!? No, you're a kitten. Your sister is a kitten. Your whole family is kittens! You don't compare the magnificent me to a kitten, cyka!)

Mia wanted to say something to appease Tama or ask Shurka questions, but Amro began moving again.

He rechecked the status of Prometheus. As Krastel's ice burst froze its legs and outer frames, he could not move the mech.

With a wry smile, Mia warned his cla.s.smate, "Shurka, the temperature in the room will get hotter. Please bear with us, okay?"


Shurka was confused. As she looked at Mia's face up close, she realized that her face was too close to his. In a panic and embarra.s.sment, she attempted to adjust her sitting position again.

"Shurka, err … you can sit still like that for now. Please don't move too much or I'll also be embarra.s.sed."

Mia's face reddened as her soft b.u.t.t rubbed his private part. Because of the stimulation, it was fighting back against the soft muscle.

Shurka's face blushed as she could guess what Mia meant. She could also feel something hard below her b.u.t.t.

Though she was ashamed, Shurka peeked at the bulging lower part that she sat on anyway.

*Mew* (Cyka is peeking Mia's wee-wee!)

Mia swallowed his shame and activated his psychic skill through his psionic linkage. Prometheus received his command and also activated Mia's esper skill.

Pyrokinesis: Flame Field!

Similar to Krastel's AOE ice attack, Mia's could use his flame field as the same attack as Krastel, but it was a fire attack instead of ice.

Prometheus defrosted all attached ice from its body, and it could move again.

'Next, Amro is a fire type hydra, so using fire attacks are a no-no. I should use lightning attacks instead. Also, I can be creative.'

Mia activated one of his seemingly useless skill, Telekinesis: Medium Object Control.

As if Prometheus turned into a Jedi's mech, it extended its free hand at Amro. With the amplifier medium of the pseudo psionic core, Prometheus used its telekinesis to lift Amro to the air without touching him.

Amro and Krastel were shocked when their feet could not touch the ground. They screamed like babies as they looked below their feet.

"Tama, do you have any memory about baseball, tennis, badminton, cricket, golf, or something similar?"

*Mrrr?* (I know baseball. What about them?)

"We have a lightsaber and a ball subst.i.tute. Do you know what I mean?"

*Mrrr?* (Eh?)

*Meh-Heh Mew!* (DAHAHAHA! You're a genius!)

Mia and Tama were in sync. They controlled Prometheus in a way that they set up for a baseball swing.

With a change of his thought, Mia pulled the floating hydra with his telekinesis toward the mech's side as if a pitcher threw them.


Prometheus swung the baseball lightsaber, which it slashed through the hydra's body.

Because Amro was off-balanced, his head tilted down while Krastel's head was up. As a consequence, Prometheus separated both Krastel and Amro from each other!

Amro landed on the ground 200 meters behind Prometheus while Krastel crashed 500 meters away.

*Meh* (I thought it was supposed to be a home run. How da hack did it went through our bat?)

"We slashed with a lightsaber, Tama. It is not a baseball bat."

*Mew* (Oh right. Derp, I got infected by a banana disease.)


Shurka listened to the conversation between Mia and the mysterious kitten with her mouth agape. No matter how she looked at it, this should have been a scene from either a movie or an anime. However, it happened before her.

"Mia, can you take to cats?"

*Mew!* (You rude cyka! I'm an honorable Misha's life-saver, mind you!)

Mia wanted to facepalm as he did not know what to explain to Shurka about this tentacle cat.

"Let's say. I can talk to a type of honorable creature that can co-living with the human. How's that sounds?"

Shurka tilted her head, "Still confusing, but okay."

She adjusted her sitting position again as Mia's body temperature was getting higher due to his skill. It did not burn her, but it gave her a similar sense of sitting in a mild sauna.

Moreover, Shurka was still a curious girl in p.u.b.erty. She secretly twisted her b.u.t.t and rubbed Mia's tent while her fingers touched Mia's cheek, "Your body is very hot, Mia."

"T-That sounds dirty. Say, are you okay? Normal people would have screamed like they were cooked by now if they had touched my body while I'm using my fire skills."

"Oh, it's okay. My pain sensitivity setting is only at one percent! Lifestyle cla.s.s players like me don't have to worry about pain like the combat See, my hands have several scars, but I didn't feel anything when I had these wounds."


Mia examined Shurka's skin with worries. As he had suspected, her skins reddened because of the burn and the temperature within the c.o.c.kpit.

"Your skin reddens, Shurka. I'll have to let you out of this c.o.c.kpit before your character dies by the heatstroke."

Shurka was still smiling. She leaned on Mia's chest, "No problem! I have healing potions."

As she talked, she pulled out a VIP2 healing potion, which was the same type of item that Mia gave to Brim.

Shurka opened the cap and zipped it. Then, her burned skins healed.

"See? It healed."

Mia stared at Shurka with widened eyes in shock.

"You bought the VIP?"


In the sky, Sebastian observed the fight with a frown.

He did not care about the new mech, otherworlders, or the half-dead hydra. His eyes darted around as if he was searching for something else.

'Odd. A hydra is here, but they haven't come to take the bait. Isn't Misha one of their agents?'

Lilim Heritage Online 92 Teleported Shurka

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