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Chapter 94 – Loot






Dove clenched his fists, celebrating for his increase in levels. He glanced at the system message and looked at the rewards, which he was puzzled by its existence.

'What are these diamonds? Is this a currency or jewelry tokens? Can I exchange these into in-game currency?'



'Privilege? VIP?'

Dove's brain processed the info in an instant. He could not call himself a professional gamer if he did not recognize the VIP and its privilege system.

'Ah, this game is one of those money-grubbing games. I should have known.'

Realizing the nature of this VRMMO, Dove was disappointed. Still, he believed that this game was still in a close-beta state, so the developers had not released the VIP system to the public yet.

Also, this game ran by the government, so it had the potential to grow larger.

Dove walked to the corpse of the hydra. Close to his location, Krastel's severed body and his head were there.

'I wonder if there is any special loot for this boss. Do I have to sell this carca.s.s to the local government?'

As Dove pondered, more reserve soldiers of the local city came to the site. They looked at Dove in admiration and acknowledgment.

"Good job, youngster! You are the hero of this city!"

"Young man, well done!"

"We'll report your achievement to the higher-ups."

They gave Dove a thumbs-up in approval. Some of them slapped his back and patted his head.

"Err, I think you should give credit to the pilot of that mech," Dove pointed at Prometheus, which had stopped moving for a while.

All soldiers turned to the mech.

"Right! I heard they developed a prototype AHMU. I think this is the one."

"It's freaking huge!"

"Normal mech is only half of its size. What kind of power source it is using!?"



Shurka was snugging on top of Mia's lap as she leaned on his seat, sleeping.

Out of frustration, Tama punished Shurka by using one of her tentacles to knock her unconscious.

Tama also wanted to rush Shurka's [B] with her tentacles and also encouraged Mia to rush the sleeping girl's [V] with his [P] as well.

Unfortunately, Mia withheld his carnal desire and refused Tama's suggestion.

*Mew* (Eh, too bad. It feels good when she touched your wee-wee.)

*Mew Mew* (I want to use your wee-wee on her. Can we do it next time?)


Mia had a scare. It sounded like Tama could feel what he could sense. Then, he recalled Thorn's warning.

[Don't use them to m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e though. Once your partner gets addicted to s.e.x, you will never get free time.] (Author's Note: Chapter 54)

A s.h.i.+ver ran down his spine as he imagined a scene which Tama was using her tentacles as male genitals to violate random girls and himself.

Secondly, Mia had never forgotten that he was recording the entire experiences in-game for his grandmother. Moreover, the game console did not allow game recording editing, and users had to extract the footage with their computers.

In other words, grandmother Min would see everything uncensored had he done the deed! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Also, he had more than one spectators within his mind.

[AHAHAHA, our Mia is still a coward as ever!]

[You suck, Mia. Your sisters are not impressed.]

[Brother Mia, how long are you keeping your V card?]

[He didn't make a move on our real bodies even though he had many chances. Do you think he has the guts?]

[HAHAHA! Gutless Mia.]

[Mia, girls like carnivore alphas and confident men, not an herbivore. Learn to be more aggressive like Tama!]

[That's right! Once a girl hints it, you take her ASAP!]

Mia cried, 'Sisters, please don't bully me. I'm sorry.'

Giggling sounds of several young girls echoed in his mind. Unlike the other male voices, Mia did not hate nor suppress them. Instead, he allowed them to talk to him without restraint.

[How about this, Mia. Next time, let me borrow your body. I'll show you how it's done.]

[No, let me! I've never used a man's body before!]

[You bunches of perverts! Leave little Mia alone!]

[AHAHAHA, Sister Natalie is angry!]

[Okay, let's pipe it down, ladies. Let's continue watching.]

[Sure. Where're my popcorns? Hey, Sister Sasha is peeking into Mia's memory again!]

Their voices never stopped as they screamed and laughed inside his head. However, Mia was not annoyed by it. Instead, he was happy that they were more cheerful than the past when he had first refuged them here from the hands of all psionic users and their cruel instructors.

'I wonder how their residual consciences are doing in their real bodies. Are their bodies still doing okay in the real world? Will those people torture them again?'

Mia shook away his useless thought and turned to Shurka, who was still drooling and smiling at him in a trance.

"What am I going to do with her!?"

*Mew Meh-Heh Mew* (Simple, take her to our base. Then, I'll rush her B while you take her V. It's a team play! She'll be infected with our mutated cells, and we can ask Crystal for one of my glorious kins for this cyka later. Then, we'll have someone that can make your wee-wee feels good at home!)


*Mew Nom-Nom!* (BTW, You should start looting the dead hydra now. Humans are coming and examining our precious red gels!)


Mia reestablished his psionic link with Prometheus and moved it again. With a leap, the mech reached the remaining carca.s.s of Amro.

Below the mech, the soldiers, who were loading the carca.s.s to their truck, screamed in shock.

Prometheus brought it in its hands, taking the corpse away from the soldiers.

*Mew* (There's another one over there! Don't waste it!)

Mia stared at Amro carca.s.s as he was thinking, 'Can I store this into my inventory? Eh, since I can use my psychic through the psionic core, can I use my game privilege with it as well?'

Testing his theory, Mia attempted to open his inventory with the mech's help.


A transparent menu with blank squares appeared in front of Prometheus. The inventory worked!

Without further ado, Mia stored the carca.s.s in it.

Once the entire body of Amro got into his inventory, it did not appear as a whole corpse. Instead, many different items occupied the blank squares;

1,108 Red gels,

Amro's core,

Amro's skins,

Amro's bones,

And Amro's heart.

Mia's eyes turned bloodshot as he believed that he had hit the jackpot.

*Mew* (Hurry! We need to get another carca.s.s and GTA this mech!)

"HAHAHA! I know!"


Sebastian, who was still flying in the dark night, stared at Prometheus in doubt. Its presence was similar to an overmind as Mia had established psionic links with its engines.

'Is this the new toy of Carlos? Is he inside?'

Sebastian's real objective was Carlos Gagoa, the overmind who was hiding in this city.

Carlos Gagoa was Sebastian's nemesis. They had many histories together in the past decades.

Shelter 88 used to have many dragonewts, and Sebastian was one of them. Everything was peaceful as ever until Carlos visited his base.

Carlos came to negotiate a peace treaty between the humans and the mutants, which the mutants agreed.

However, things changed after that day. All dragonewts swore allegiance to the visiting overmind, and they became oppressive against the other sub-races.

At first, Sebastian also followed after his friends and worked with Carlos as he still yearned for human societies. However, once he realized that comrades of that overmind, the otherworlders from Milky Way Government, kidnapped their people to Mafdet City for human experiments. He was enraged.

Sebastian pressed Carlos to return his people, but Carlos refused. Half dragonewts in the base 88 also sanctioned Sebastian for his resistance and moved away.

Sebastian attempted to rally his remaining dragonewt friends and others to fight against Carlos and the otherworlders, but all dragonewts still refused.

He did not understand them at the beginning, but he discovered later that all dragonewts also committed immoral acts against their kins, such as rape, murder, torture, and even selling their fellow friends to the humans.

Infuriated, Sebastian secretly plotted and killed all dragonewts in his base to protect his people. After several decades of hard work, he remained as the last dragonewt in shelter 88. No outrage immoral acts occurred in his base again.

Then, Misha appeared, and she was suspected of being an otherworlder. Moreover, she became a dragonewt in a mysterious way.

Sebastian believed that she had a connection with the overmind of Mafdet City. Still, he did not have enough proof. She might also be an innocent who caught up in their cold-war. 

Fortunately, Amro emerged at a good time, so Sebastian used it to attack Mafdet City, hoping to lure the overmind out. As for Misha, he tested her if she would work with the overmind in this situation.

Now, Amro had been killed, but there was no trace of Carlos or Misha.

Sebastian glared at Prometheus as he wanted to shred it to pieces to dig out the pilot inside to investigate. Yet, he stayed put and s.h.i.+fted his eyes toward the remaining of Amro.

'I should at least secure the core before the humans take it!'

Suddenly, Prometheus moved, taking the carca.s.s from the local troops. Afterward, it disappeared!


Lilim Heritage Online 94 Loo

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