Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams 441 So Right Now You Can Be Mine?

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Three days later - Year 4014 Mist Kingdom -

Rhys couldn't believe the ridiculous news he was hearing. He only left them be for three days, but he didn't think upon his return. Something this ridiculous would happen. Are they both insane? A mutual break up? 'The Princess initiated it.' That part got to him greatly. Lyn broke up with Kazuya? Did the plan actually work? It's true that he noticed Lyn's feelings gradually change. But even then Lyn didn't remove Kazuya's present.

'It can't be...' Rhys thought. He hurried down the halls in the main palace. Lyn is apparently here today. The news about Kazuya and her aside. It's suddenly okay for her to enter the main section of the castle? A lot of people spoke about it on the way down. It won't take long before everyone in the castle learns about Lyn's ident.i.ty.


The moment he entered the room though, Rhys found the girl changing. He averted his gaze, "I didn't know you were changing."

"I have dance practice. What brings you here? You just got back right?" Lyn said.

It surprised him how calmly she was replying.

"You broke up with Kazuya?"

"Yes, I suppose you heard."

'She is way too calm about this...' Rhys didn't understand. Maybe if he looks at her expression. He turned around and was grateful she finished changing. He doesn't know

"You seem to be quite drunk. Shall I fetch you some water?"

Rhys grabbed hold of her wrist, "You suddenly look prettier."

"Is it the outfit? I dressed accordingly to your preference."

"Lyn, what are you planning," he trailed off. "This isn't like you."

She reached over and brushed her fingers across his lips. His eyes widened even more and yet a content sigh escaped his lips. Rhys liked the feeling of Lyn tracing his lips like this. "It isn't like me?" Lyn mumbled softly.

"It isn't, but I don't dislike it," Rhys placed his hand on his forehead. He had way too much to drink and felt terrible. However when he received the news, he had to rush back to confirm it. The second Rhys stepped into the palace he confirmed it.

"I thought as much. Shall I fetch you some water?"

Rhys shook his head and wrapped his arms around her. He doesn't understand what happened with her and Kazuya. But it's okay for him to touch her now isn't it?

"Rhys, are you feeling alright?"

"Stay still."

Why is Lyn so warm? This young girl, why does she make him feel better just by standing here. A mere glimpse is all it took for him to calm down. Despite the terrors he witnessed earlier, he suddenly felt a lot better. What is this? What kind of affect does this girl have?

An accidental glance, briefly hugging. Rhys cupped her cheeks. "So right now you can be mine right?"

He doesn't wait for a confirmation and pushed the girl down onto the ground. The ground was naturally cold and Rhys paused for a moment. Should he do something to make sure she is comfortable?


"Sorry," he mumbled. Rhys doesn't know what happens next, but before he knew it he was kissing her. He kissed her gently at first since he was afraid she would get angry. However when Rhys realized that she was okay with this. It lead to him well touching her more.


Is she okay? He's never seen her make this type of face before. Her flushed cheeks, that pa.s.sionate look in her eyes. Rhys turned slightly red.

He wants to see more of it. He wants to see Lyn like this all the time. "Lyn..."

"I feel strange," she mumbled. "Your only kissing be but weird. Is it okay to do this with you Rhys?"

At that comment Rhys bite his lip. So even though she is behaving oddly, she still has sharp senses? Is it okay for them to do this? No, is it okay for him to touch her this way? The answer? He knows it very well.

It isn't okay. This girl, he can't tell if she likes him. Awhile back Rhys felt that Lyn liked him. But he crushed her chance to tell him those words. He didn't understand why he even did something as stupid as that.

The way her tongue clumsily battled with his own made him amused. 'Is she trying to copy him? Silly girl, she is too young.' Too young, the words often haunted him. What is he trying to do to a girl four years younger than him? The more Lyn refuses, the more she looks at another guy - the more his feelings grow.

But now that she is vaguely accepting him, what is he supposed to feel? Rhys tugged on the top half of Lyn's robe. If he goes ahead and does it with her. Will all of this end?

Before he could do anything, they both hear someone knocking on the door frantically. At first he ignored it, but the bangs continued.

"d.a.m.n," Rhys cursed. "Who the h.e.l.l is it?"

Lyn tugged on his hand, "Go get it? It could be important."

"Alright." He reluctantly agreed and stood up. Rhys looked back at her and saw her gentle smile. 'Well, it doesn't look like she will escape.' When Rhys confirmed that he strolled over to the door.

Rhys spotted bubblegum pink hair and sighed deeply. "Beth."

"That annoying woman is looking for you, just a heads up. She might come this way."

Rhys sighed, "Find an excuse to get rid of her."

"An excuse? Don't make it sound so easy. Besides your sleeping with her again right? Do you think she would listen to me?"

At that comment his gaze darkened, "Hey, quit talking so loudly. If Lyn hears that.."

Beth however continued, "You don't want her to know? Then you shouldn't have done that."

"Like I had a choice."

"You've always had a choice! Rhys you can't live like this forever. Your a talented person. It's a waste for you to live your life the way you have," Beth exclaimed. She shook her head disapprovingly, "I don't approve of you liking the Princess either. In the end of the day, we will still betray the Mist Kingdom. I know Kazuya and you have had your fun this entire time. However you can't keep this up forever..."

"Hah, of course you see it that way," Rhys pulled out his pipe and blew into it. "You know Beth, if you said this a month ago I'd agree with you. However, not anymore. That girl has changed Kazuya and me."

"Changed huh?" Beth leaned forward and brushed their lips against one another. "Have you really changed Rhys? I don't think so. If you can still touch another girl without having feelings for her..then nothing has changed."

"Is that what this is about? Your still hung up on me?"

Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams 441 So Right Now You Can Be Mine?

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