Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams 442 Ten Centimeters Part 1

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The next few minutes were silent. Rhys was about to open his mouth and say something. However, that silence broke when Beth raised her hand and slapped him. Rhys, however, simply sighed. "Are you satisfied yet?"

Beth was on the verge of tears. "I understand that I meant nothing to you. But is it so wrong for me to act concerned? Will you not even grant me that much?"

At first, Rhys did not know what to say to her. Why is she even asking? Rhys never thought Beth of all people would end up in this state.

"You already know the answer to that, don't you? Don't make me repeat it. I repeatedly warned you, Beth, if you get too attached. Then we can no longer continue seeing each other."

Rhys honestly didn't want Beth to become like those other girls. He didn't want to have to ignore her like he did them.

"Look," Rhys ran his hands through his hair. "I'm not telling you to get lost or mind your own business. Don't you realize I've been listening to your advice this whole time?"

Before Beth could say anything, though, they hear a familiar voice. Rhys glanced over and saw that Lyn had left the room. She clumsily wrapped the blanket around her shoulders. "Rhys? Is there a problem?"

Beth scolded him, "They just broke up three days ago! Give her at least another week before you lay your hands on her."

Rhys saw her struggling to hold back her tears still, so he sighed. 'Quit trying to act strong when she obviously can't.'

Lyn walked over and tugged on his arm. "Rhys?"

"Nothing is wrong, go back inside," Rhys mumbled. He felt genuinely irritated with Beth right now. Still, he glanced over at Lyn. A single look was it all it took for his worries vanish. His gaze softened when he saw how concerned she looked. "I'll come with you."

She nodded and turned to Beth, "I'm sorry, but I need to borrow him for a while."

"...No need to be sorry," Beth looked away. "I will take my leave."

Rhys quickly ushered Lyn into the room. He genuinely didn't want to look at Beth right now. How could she act so ridiculous? Sure the entire thing with Princess Kaede is strange. But did she have to behave so unsightly for? He didn't think Beth would get attached to him. He thought he finally met a woman who wouldn't ask or expect too much from him. However, it turns out meeting someone like that isn't possible.

With his current status and standing in the Sound Kingdom. Rhys made a vow never to fall in love with anyone. Because the girl who falls in love with him would have to suffer, that's why he pushed them all away and maintained a neutral stance. He slept with so many women but only to fill his loneliness. Sometimes he slept with them to get close and get information.

He didn't intend to fall in love. But deep down, maybe he was waiting until he met Lyn again.

"Rhys, is everything okay?"

"Yeah," he pushes her back down. "Can I finish?"

"I think the mood is gone," Lyn sat up. "I'll make you some tea; it will sober you up."

'd.a.m.n,' Rhys thought. He watched the girl walk over to the other side of the room. It's not like he would have done anything other than kiss her. But, it still bothered him that they had to stop.

"Hey.." Rhys spoke up.


"You're really acting strange. Do you understand? If you're not dating Kazuya anymore, I'm not going to hold back.."

How could she be so careless? How much longer can he keep his hands off of her? If she weren't underage, then he would have done something by now. While people marry young in the Empire, the rule for consuming the marriage still hasn't changed. 'What is he even thinking of?' Forget occasionally kissing her, why is such a thing entering his mind. She is still too young.

Rhys isn't an immoral person; he won't lay his hands on a minor.

He isn't immoral. However - Rhys felt very stressed out. He should be happy that Lyn and Kazuya broke up, but instead, it is causing him to stress out.

"So speak up now. If you and Kazuya have some sort of plan, then...." his sentence fell short when Lyn walked back over to him. She caresses his cheeks, "Lyn..."

"Is it that surprising? Did you not want to be with me?"

"You know I do," Rhys muttered. "But this is too strange. Explain everything to me." He can't make sense of this situation at all. Did they actually break up? He found it hard to believe.

"There is nothing to explain. I simply want to learn more about you. Will you tell me now?"

"There isn't much to learn.."

Still, Rhys looked over at Lyn, who was watching him very carefully. Does she want to get closer or something? Rhys hesitated but extended his hand out. "Sit down here."

Lyn nodded and sat down on his lap. This time she sat facing him. Rhys sighed in content when he felt her brush her hands across his cheeks. Were they flirting? It would be nice if that were the case.

"Rhys, I'm not with Kazuya now."


"So, we can be closer than before. However, I am still Allen's fiancé."

Rhys immediately understood what she meant. 'So, it seems there is still a problem here?' Then again, Lyn avoided intimate moments with Kazuya because of her fiancee, didn't she? He sighed, and Lyn mumbled.

"Sorry, is it not enough?" Lyn sounded somewhat regretful.

He mentally scolded himself. What is he doing right now? Lyn is already right in his hands. True, she still has her fiancée. But it's not like she likes him that way. Rhys wondered when he became this way. Since when did he start doing everything for this girl?

Rhys shook his head, "You're doing nothing wrong."

"Did people stare at you on your way here? Forgive me. I don't intend to put you in such an awkward position. But I knew I could no longer keep up this reckless behavior of mine."

"Does that stuff matter? We can be together now." Rhys mumbled. Who cares about other people? Right now, he can be with Lyn, with n.o.body interfering.

"Indeed," she mumbled. She reached over and played with his now long hair. "Is this what happens when you're drunk?"

"When the power I've suppressed has vanished, yeah."

"It looks strange."

"Hate it?"

Lyn shook her head, "No, it's nice."

"Hey, isn't it fine to kiss you?"

"Kiss? To be honest, I'm not good at it."

"These things can be taught."

Or more like, he will teach her anyway. It will do her no good remaining oblivious to such matters. Lyn is very beautiful. For her age, she looks mature. He thought this when they first met one another too. Back then, Rhys flirted with her and proposed something ridiculous because he thought she was the same age. Or at least older than him. He didn't think she would be that young.

Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams 442 Ten Centimeters Part 1

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