Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams 508 Not Scared Of You

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After she parted ways with Savaris, Lyn headed to her next destination.

Lyn stood in front of the huge housing ringing the doorbell. The others said he headed to this place. But Her gaze landed on the nameplate 'Asou,' huh. The Asou family were quite famous in the performing arts world. A family of talented actors. Still, it is surprising that Rhys is related to them.

Lyn knew that his family line was quite large, with loads of prestigious famous people. But she hadn't thought it was to this extent. 

If Rhys himself came here to stay with them, then they're not bad people. Rather he probably trusts them more than his parents.

"No one is coming.. I wonder if he's all right. He's not sick in bed, is he? Just as she thought that she spotted somebody from the corner.

Rhys took one look at her and sighed. "Follow me."


It seems like he is still mad at her. It was awkward when she entered the house; it seemed like Rhys was looking for one of the neighbor's pets. So she decided to help him out.

Her thoughts broke when Rhys appeared behind her, "Is he here?"

Lyn didn't say a word. But, she glanced over at him, she was so surprised that she forgot what she was thinking about. So he did come after her, but he did not say anything. Geez, she didn't want it to stay awkward like this forever. However, if she breaks the silence first, then it would mean she forgave him.

She shook her head. Now isn't the time to be petty.

"Say, are you feeling alright? I hear that people always got sore muscles after a fight. Zepher told me."

Though right now, she was currently fighting with him. She didn't understand why he said that 'You should break up with him. I'll accept anyone else but him.'

Her gaze darkened at what happened the other day. Why on earth did he behave so unreasonably? She understood that he was worried about her, but she still thought he went too far. Sure Rhys is not a good guy, but this is her fight and her fight alone. She will be the one who decides whether or not she would end things with him.

Lyn watched as he pulled a face that clearly read, 'So what'.

"Not really. Its none of you're business, right?"

Rhys is doing it again. He is not honest with himself.. Lyn did not hesitate as she hit him. "Take this."

Rhys eyes twitch in annoyance. "You---"

"I was there wasn't I? You saved me, right? It is my business. You were bleeding a lot. Then you said something ridiculous that I couldn't understand. You asked me if I was scared of you, what is there to be scared about?" Lyn clenched her fist when she recalled what Savaris said earlier.

The reason for Rhys strange behavior is because he failed to protect her. It seems like he finally recalled what happened when they were younger. The incident that led to them separating and him returning to the Sound Kingdom.

"I know remembering all this now after everything that has happened. You wouldn't let me tend to your wounds. You left right away. It bothered me so much you don't understand how I feel at all." She shouted.

Lyn fell to her knees; the tears gradually fell from her eyes. She wanted to stay strong, but it was futile, she could no longer hold her emotions back.

"You told me nothing. I am relieved that you are okay. But you are still an idiot."

She really was scared that he was badly hurt. But because of her own condition, she didn't get a chance to say anything.

Suddenly Rhys bent down. His forehead touched hers. "Sorry, and thanks for worrying about me. I'm fine now, so..."

She heard him sigh next to her. Lyn could tell that the distance between them that seemed to widen was finally back to where it used to be. "I put you into such a situation and you saw me when I lost it." Rhys kept his gaze on hers, yet she could see the sad expression plastered on his face. "Back then, I couldn't protect you, and the same thing happened the other day. The thought that you were scared frightened me."

"I'm not scared of you. Ever since the moment we met. That kind of thing didn't bother me at all," Lyn said, smiling. "I am here because I want to be. So don't bring that up after all this time."

Deep inside his words, Lyn could clearly tell him, saying a small stay here with me. As she got closer to him little by little, she could see the real him. 

He is strong, gentle, and a little bit fragile. She wanted to know more about him. She's been in love with him for a long time now, so she didn't want him to leave without him saying anything anymore. Yumi was even more scared when he put the distance between them. It was almost like a repeat of what happened a year ago; their relations.h.i.+p was in danger of falling apart again.

Rhys bent down a bit and kissed her forehead, causing her to blush. He slowly made his way down causing her cheeks to redden more. "Rhys Mm..."

"I am truly sorry about what you saw with Mel."

Her eyes twitched, annoyed when she heard the nickname. Rhys scratched his hair awkwardly when he saw her angry gaze. "Listen, it's true that I am fond of her, unlike other women. But only because I sympathize with her situation."

"Her situation?" Lyn repeated.

"I will discuss it another time, right now--" Rhys suddenly picked her up. "You need to rest. Where did you rush off to despite being wounded?"

Should she tell him where she was? If he were to find out, would he not get angry at her? Right now, he is very gentle. She does not want to risk it. Lyn did not reply and buried her face in his arms. "Will you stay with me or go back?"

"I won't leave you." Rhys nodded. "I thought we could relax a bit today anyway, you know indoors and not outside."

Indeed since they came here, they went out nearly every day to play. For now, it seems like they have sorted things out. But does it not seem like something like this will happen again if she is not careful? 

Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams 508 Not Scared Of You

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