Lord Shadow Chapter 505 - The Song Of The End (6)

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 'I do not pretend to try to understand Him. But I think I might have one explanation why he let people like you went out from His control. Maybe, and this is just my own speculation. Maybe, he is just feeling lonely'

Azul did not believe it but he did not say it. He is just curious of the answer but he didn't really need his question answered.

Neither would hearing the words coming from Loki mouth bring him closer to the real truth

Loki continued amidst Azul musing about his own thoughts.

'Maybe after seeing all this lives all across the eons when he is slumbering and when he was awakening make him curios if there is someone who can be like Him. And who can stand equals with Him. He understands Himself and He understand His creation hence He did not put too much expectation. But as world grows, and it branches off into infinite Universes creating this myriad Universes full of chaos but also full of life, eventually anomaly existed. Like you. Like that person. And like that other person. You are the only Supremacy that could probably tangle with Him and survives.'

Azul did not say anything about this. It was because there was never a need for them to tangle against each other.

'I don't like him' WarG.o.d suddenly interjected

Loki smiles and then he said

'How could you like him? After what he had done to your race?' Loki ask nonchalantly.

Azul look toward WarG.o.d and with his gaze he could see the true form of WarG.o.d.

He might show his true form but WarG.o.d is still holding off one seal inside his body. If he releases that seal he would probably become so powerful that even this Universe could not contain him, breaking the barrier of reality around this Universe.

But the moment he broke that seal, Azul had no doubt he would die. The Creator would not just stay still if WarG.o.d broke that last seal.

The Destroyer might be sailing through the stars to go to Earth but if WarG.o.d broke the seal, By the Law that is set upon by Him, the Destroyer could immediately appear before WarG.o.d and destroyer him immediately.

There would probably ten breath of time for him to do something before he dies the moment he broke that seal.

But ten breaths are a lot of time for someone like WarG.o.d if he broke the seal. In that the breath, with the power he possesses he could do a lot of damage and take many lives

'This is the first time I've seen your true form' Azul suddenly said

'Isn't it majestic?' WarG.o.d ask

Azul nodded. But then he said

'Never summon that Gate again' WarG.o.d frowned. Then he chuckles and he said

'Maybe someday, he himself would summon it'

'Then I would prevent it' Azul said. His voice is calm but one could see the hint of anger in it.

WarG.o.d fumed as his head shoots fire that break through the void and landed into a deserted dimension outside this Universe.

'Azul! I might not be your opponent. But this is not your Vast Universe. This Omniverse belongs to Him. You are suppressed here. Let us not pretend that you are descending here with your True Body and not your avatar. If you come here with your true Body, then you are basically forcing Him to awaken.'

Azul nodded. But there is a hint of smile on his face. No, to be more accurate it is a smirk.

Before he is the Grand Supremacy Azul, he was a lawless Asura living in the universe with no one could force him to do things he doesn't want to do.

How could he be afraid of WarG.o.d?

'Yes, I am suppressed here. But I could still prevent whatever it is that you want to do.' Loki just look at this with apparent amus.e.m.e.nt. It is clear he did not want to interfere.

'YOU! That mortal is the last hope of my race! It is not like I am scheming something against him!'

Azul laughed a bit but then his eyes is trained to WarG.o.d.

The light coming out from his eyes seems to even melted the black hole behind WarG.o.d as it seems to dissipate into an unknown element that scattered away, traveling with the speed of light to other parts of the Universe.

He then spoke, his voice booming inside the mind of Loki and WarG.o.d.

'Not scheming against him? It seems to me that your race has been scheming on him since the creation of Time!' Azul retorted back.

'It seems you have been availed to some truth of the Thirteen Steps, Azul' Loki said calmly. He is now stepping in.

Loki knows all of this story. It was the story he reads in the many books of His, in that pleasant looking hovel in that Unknown Dimension.

Loki was calm as he looks at Azul and WarG.o.d. Out of the three of them, he was the weakest. It would not be an exaggeration to say that if WarG.o.d or Azul want to kill him, he would be toast.

There is no hiding magic that could hide underneath the gaze of a true Grand Supremacy like Azul and WarG.o.d have ways to know whether he truly dies or not

Jormungandr floats toward Loki throne. Right now the gigantic serpent Jormungandr look like a small serpent as it slithers around Loki hand. Loki patted his serpent and then he said

'Azul, did you find out the mystery of the thirteen steps?' Azul snorted and nodded

WarG.o.d did not say anything as he reins down his anger.

'I always wonder who created the thirteen steps. There were many races before my race. I just didn't think it was created by the Etherna. But that was not the shocking thing. The shocking thing is that they prepared it for this event. For this annihilation of the Omniverse. They were waiting for their Fated Person. They predicted their race extinction'

Azul smirks a bit as he continued

'And your race has predicted that Azief would be their Fated Person. I understand the Sorcerer now when he said to me that I have already met my Fated Person. My Fated Person is him but not the him in the first timeline, but the him in this final timeline. But even that your race has divinate'

WarG.o.d did not answer but sometimes silence is more telling. Maybe he too had come to the same conclusion.

Then Azul added

'Maybe, they even left some inheritances for him to find, some luck to guide his way, some fortune to favor him in his quest for survival and supremacy. Which means, if they divinate his existence and birth, that mean they have also divinate my role in all of this. I stay in this Omniverse because I divinate that the chance for my wife resurrection lies here. That is why I linger around in tis Omniverse. I pa.s.s through many dimensions and galaxies leaving my legacies and fortune so that one of them could prove to be my Fated Person'

Azul then look towards a direction as his gaze peered through many dimension and landed on the Supremacy Dimension.

His gaze is looking at the twelve steps.

It uses to be thirteen steps but now there is only twelve steps. While the other steps are still intact it is clear they are hanging by a thread.

There is crack everywhere and it look like even if you blow a wind to it, it could break down.

Azul knows, it needs the right wind to blows instead of any wind. And that wind is Azief. He then continues talking

'That steps were prepared for his second try. I shudder to think the power of your race when they rule over the Universe. They created the Thirteen Steps which mean they predicted that the Omniverse would be cleaned up and that someone would alter the Laws of Time and even send someone to change the ending of this long story. That is terrifying indeed;' Azul said as he looks at WarG.o.d with his eyes raring to battle.

WarG.o.d while he like fighting, he is not stupid.

WarG.o.d did not say anything. He too had noticed this matter the moment he saw the Steps crack and the statues turns into dust.

He had a suspicion when Azief had managed to walk all thirteen steps but that suspicions were confirmed when he saw the statue crumbling on the first step

Azul then snicker at WarG.o.d and said.

'Your race has been waiting for him, constructing that steps that complement Perfection, foreseeing that one day, he would come no matter how long and no matter how it seems hopeless. They have foreseen that the young mortal would come and he would walk all thirteen steps. Your race has decided to entrust their fate to my disciple, to bear the burden of life and death of your entire race!'

The he pointed his finger fill with the power of primordial creation and destruction towards WarG.o.d and the whole Omniverse seems to stirs and hummed with power

'WarG.o.d, don't tell me you don't understand? Your race rebellion is not yet over!'

A few secrets of the Universe is revealed. And some old matter are brought up. Hope you like this chapter because this conversation will afffect the end of the Final Battle.

Lord Shadow Chapter 505 - The Song Of The End (6)

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