Lord Shadow Chapter 506 - The Song Of The End (7)

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WarG.o.d frowned. Loki smiles bitterly

'Let us all calm down. Let us not accuse anyone of anything.' Loki said. Azul only snorted and close his eyes.

There was an uncomfortable silence for a while. They stand in the slowly healing universe and the only thing they could hear was the sound of the hissing of Loki serpent.

Loki noticed a planet was about to be formed. His eyes s.h.i.+nes as he smiles.

'I guess there is no harm in leaving some of my Will here' he said to no one in particular. Azul and WarG.o.d on the other hand is closing their eyes, both of them did not want to see each other face.

Azul never liked WarG.o.d and his race. WarG.o.d is an Etherna and during Azul era, the Etherna conquer millions of Universes and slaughter myriads of beings.

Azul might have killed many in his eternal life, but that would not compare to the ma.s.sacre of the Etherna

'It is quite weird then my friends.h.i.+p with him' Azul thought. While he did not like the Etherna, he has an old friend from that race.

In his long live there is not that many that could escape the cycle of creation and rebirth and as such Azul was used to walk alone in the trials of stars.

Azul only sighed when he is reminded of his old friend.

Loki ignore both of them as he blows a spell from his breath as the life in that planet a distance away from his t.i.tanic body.

Time vortexes appears around that planet and the development and evolution of that planet was accelerated.

But for the things and life forms in that planet time seems to move uniformly.

It is only to the eyes of the three beings that they see the life of the planet and the lifeform inside it to move like it was fast forwarded.

It was fast forwarded until it reached the point where civilization have already sprouted. In that planet, on a volcanic island that is vast and large, Loki send a rune.

The Laws of that world ripples as the runes covered that large island nation.

That island is full of people and tribes and with the guidance in that will, they turned their culture to that of the Vikings.

They crafted dragon boats, they raided other people and they wors.h.i.+pped Odin, Thor, Loki, Freya, and many other G.o.ds in the pantheon of Norse G.o.ds.

Their culture was steer by a force, by a will that come into the dreams of their soothsayers and their Norn.

It was like a collective consciousness pus.h.i.+ng through their civilization to develop that way.

WarG.o.d seen it and he just shakes his head. Azul also look at this act by Loki and he look that rune in disdain.

Loki notices these two looking at that rune and said deprecatingly

'I guess both of you look down on my skills' Azul only said

'Is that your stamp?' Loki nodded

WarG.o.d then ask

'Is that why your race keeps having to relive Ragnarok over and over again? Is that how you survive the first annihilation. Leaving a stamp, huh? But doing this…. you would never ever be able to transcend the limitation of the Omniverse'

And WarG.o.d laughed.

He had to constantly run all over the Omniverse because of the Curse that is placed upon him but even those that lives Beyond the Source Wall is not any better than him.

After all, at least he knows he is free.

His heart is free and he refuses to bow, not when there is still hope. And he knows if he bows now, it is because he fears Him and not because he is truly sorry.

No one could understand the feeling WarG.o.d is feeling right now when he thought about those deities, immortals and G.o.ds living Beyond the Source Wall and to think that even after all the power they achieved, they are still puppet on a string.

Odin would forever be bind to Destiny and Fate. Azul said nonchalantly. Behind him his Wheel is still spinning but it is not as fast as before.

Loki and WarG.o.d notices that all those souls that enters his Wheel has now begun their reincarnation process.

One could see the Judges of h.e.l.l inside the Wheel begins handing out judgment and casting off the souls to the cycle of reincarnation.

They will be born in the Vast Universe not remembering their past life in this destroyed Universe unless they became strong enough and choose to seek their past lives memories.

Loki look at that Wheel and he would be lying to himself if he did not admit that he is jealous of Azul who has transcend the limitation of the Omniverse and has freed himself from the constraint of Fate and Destiny.

If Destiny and Fate constrains him, that is because he chooses to be constrained by it . And if he wanted, he could break the chain anytime he wants.

Even though, when he enters this Omniverse, he is bind to the Destiny and Fate of his eons in here, there is not many Karma between this Omniverse and him.

The force of Destiny and Fate of this Omniverse could not have much effect on him.

If there is one thing keeping him here it is the mortal Azief.

After all, the current Azul could not have actualized his path if that mortal did not help Azul in resurrecting his lover and fulfilling his path of reincarnation and rebirth, of creation and destruction, of life and death.

Loki then said like he is reminiscing of the eons past

'You both know that my name is Loki. And my sworn brother name is Odin. And the rest of the Universe also knows it. Even those who never see Asgard and regarded us as myths knows us as Loki and Odin. Our name is not just myths in Earth prime. Even in some other planets, the Aesir culture thrive and our name is spoken in their halls of warriors and they call upon our name when they go to battle'

And Loki smiles bitterly at this thought.

 Even though some of them spoke our name a little bit different in the beginning it would slowly evolve to our True Name'

Loki then look at Azul and WarG.o.d. WarG.o.d is of the Etherna race, the First Race of the Universe.

They could even control the matter and anti-matter of the Universe and could remade and alter the fundamentals laws of the Universe and crafted by the Supreme One Himself.

Azul on the other hand is a True Grand supremacy that could tangled with the Supreme One Himself. Even though Azul could not kill the Supreme One, the Supreme One could not kill Azul either.

Not that there will be any reason for them to ever enter a feud when they reach this level. At least, Loki don't think the Supreme One would try to kill Azul.

But, he could never be sure. Loki never understood what He is thinking about. He then added

'Unlike you both, a lot of us find faith power very beneficial'

Lord Shadow Chapter 506 - The Song Of The End (7)

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