Lord Shadow Chapter 507 - The Song Of The End (8)

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He then sighed as he looks at that planet building their civilization

'Sometimes we left a stamp of ourselves. Imprinted it in the minds and the consciousness of the world and its Universe. As it is on Earth, it is also on other planets. That Monkey from Three Thousand Worlds also wanted to join the fun. A few hundred years after the deities and immortals of the Jade Empire left their stamp, he too left his stamp. He turned into a great hero and immortal in the pen of a writer, bringing his life to the forefront of myths. The mortals thought they conjured it from their mind when it was the consciousness of the world that helps them to gain such inspiration to write the story in the first place. But there is always a bit of difference between the reality and fantasy. Jade Emperor was not that inept during the Havoc of Heaven and the Monkey King is not as n.o.ble as they portrayed him to be. Why would then a Great Supremacy would imprison him under the Five Element Finger Spell if he was someone that could be reasoned with? But every story need a hero and an antagonist'

WarG.o.d nodded.

If the Asgard had their Ragnarok, and Olympus had their t.i.tanomachy and Gigantomachia then The Jade Empire have their Havoc of Heaven among many other events of the dusk of the Immortals and G.o.ds.

All beings constrained by Destiny and Fate.

WarG.o.d then commented as he too grows quite interested in the way Asgard kept their legacy alive even through all of these ages

'You left a bit of your will. So they would follow the way your culture developed' Loki nodded

Azul from the very beginning was not that interested in the ways of these being achieve their eternality. And Loki understood why Azul was not interested.

For someone like Azul who have transcended such limits and barriers, he would not need to do such thing

Doing such thing would be redundant as he could project his Will in his Vast Universe and enforce his Will if he wanted to, and whenever he wanted to.

Loki then explains to WarG.o.d about Will stamps and what he means by infusing the Will of their race to the people of other Universes.

'My brother and I were not always G.o.ds. It is the same for the Olympians and those G.o.ds in the Three Thousand Worlds. What those mortals think come from their mind as they constructed myths and stories about immortals were actually the story about us. We exist'

And he said that like he was trying to a.s.sert it to be the Universal Truth.

Loki continued

'And we sent our stamps into the Universe consciousness. For example, the Jade Emperor in Earth Prime story. The origin of his creation was actually that he is a story that was created to strengthen the unity of a mortal kingdom and strengthen the authority of the imperial house of mortals. And as such since then he was put in the pantheons of G.o.ds that they believe and cross over to many other spectrum of belief'

Azul nodded. while he never went to Earth, he knows all about it when Azief enter his six lives. He sees through that mortal memories and as such he had quiet the understanding of Earth.

He also knows that Earth was the site of the fight of the Great War of G.o.ds, Immortals and Demon five thousand years ago.

Azul himself remember that he was invited to partic.i.p.ate in that war but at that time nothing could move him from his throne as he waited for the Fated Person that will help him in fulfilling the Sorcerer prophecy

Loki on the other hand continue talking to WarG.o.d.

'What these mortals didn't know, Yu w.a.n.g had put his stamp a long time ago, when that universe was still in its infancy. What they thought their will and desires, their creativity and their stories, were actually the manifestation of his Will. Of course, his image in that world slowly changes as many people believes him to have many forms. And as you know there is always a fine line between the truth and the lies. It is like a line in the sand. With a blow of the wind, it disappears'

WarG.o.d smiles hearing this. For some reason he could relate.

'The thing people thought were myths were real because from the very beginning we exist. The cultures that those people had, some of them are from us. Some of them were a.s.similated with our culture. We too have had our own culture long before all of these Universes were formed. Long before the Supreme One decided to create humans. The stamp helps them to create a culture similar to ourselves and as such making our wors.h.i.+p easier for them to stomach'

WarG.o.d is slowly understanding the concept of this stamp. Then he wonders about one question as he looks at Loki.

'I wonder why He didn't just exterminate you?' Loki laughed and then he said

'I am his Gardener. If he kills me, who wound tend his Garden?'

'For that reason?' WarG.o.d ask shocked.

'Why couldn't that be a reason?' Loki ask back.

'Like I said, I never understood what he is thinking. Since he allows me to exist, then I shall exist' WarG.o.d take a little time to register what he just heard.

He himself did not dare meet the Supreme One. If he sees the true form of the Supreme One no matter how powerful he is, WarG.o.d had no doubt that he will be reduced to cinders.

Azul then ask

'Then where does He lives now? Is he still in that hovel? Or did he change his living residence?'

'In a peaceful looking hovel. I think it is the same hovel though I could not be sure' Loki reply. Azul shake his head a bit but there is a smile on his face.

'The entire Omniverse is about to be obliterated and he is peacefully living inside a hovel.' WarG.o.d snorted in dissatisfaction.

'This is why my race did not like him' Azul only snickered at WarG.o.d.

'Don't try to paint your rebellion like you are trying to liberate the Omniverse from his grasp. I at least know something about Him. He is quite laid-back. If He is not, then He would not have given your race so many chances'

Loki smiles bitterly and said

'If the Omniverse is destroyed, then if he wants he could make another one. If not, then that is that.'

WarG.o.d shut his mouth as Azul look toward Loki ad ask a different question that had nothing to do with the Omniverse being destroyed.

'What did he do in his hovel?'

Loki smiles and then reply

'Writing mostly'

'About what?' WarG.o.d ask. But Azul did not ask the question. He could already guess the answer.

Loki reply

'Stories of course'

Then he smiles and added

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Lord Shadow Chapter 507 - The Song Of The End (8)

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