Lord Shadow Chapter 520 - Shocking The Whole World (2)

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Fortunately, Xi Feng right now is not the same Xi Feng one year ago.

Probably since mastering the twelve moves of the Flowing Swords Arts he had become not only more confident but also possess the aura of a master.

The way he is now, it would be hard for people not to believe that Xi Feng really did kill those three Elders of the heterodox sect one year ago.

And Azief is proud of how Xi Feng had managed to improve himself in just the span of one year.

It had a lot to do with his desire for revenge and the pressure of people hiding in the background that force his potential to burst out.

If Xi Feng a year ago, possess the mastery he had right now. He would be able to prevent the tragedy that befall him and killed his martial uncle, his senior brother and his senior sister easily

The first battle that happened was Xi Feng fighting a person from the Star Killing Sect. The man has a pointed nose and he was wearing a blue robe decorated with star shaped patterns.

The young man was representing the First Peak of the Star Killing Sect. The Star Killing Sect have Five Peaks

Azief could sense that the young man has powerful internal energy and his sharp sword intent is leaked out intentionally.

If not for some flaws in his sect internal energy practice, Azief had no doubt that this sect could rise to become one of the strongest sect in the martial arts world.

Azief could sense it. After all, he had been exposed to more kinds of internal energy practices these past couple of months.

Xi Feng accepted the challenge as the young man charged right at Xi Feng who was standing on the stone stage.

He was fast like a shooting star but Xi Feng calmly deflected the stabbing motion by swis.h.i.+ng his sleeve and elegantly sidestepped to the side.

His sword then deflected the other movement of that young man who now changed his stabbing motion into a slas.h.i.+ng motion

The young man fought alone at first but then four more people join him. Azief disciple did not lose his cool and keep fighting.

All the people fighting Xi Feng is renowned swordsman in the martial arts world.

While they are not famous like the rising star of the martial arts world, their skills with the sword is undeniable.

And no one is calling them a bully when five of them ganged up on Xi Feng.

If Xi Feng could not break the Killing Star formation of the Star Killing Sect, how could he dare boast that he had mastered the Flowing Swords Art who was reputed to be one of the three supreme sword manual in the martial arts world?

Azief from the first moment he saw the formation of the Killing Star formation, he laughed. With one glance he could see that Xi Feng would have no trouble breaking the formation.

A falling of leaf reveals the coming of autumn.

Since that is so, how could he not extrapolate the way the Star Killing Sect swordsmans.h.i.+p. From the very few first attacks, he could guess how it would progress.

All the people of the martial arts world, from the heterodox sect and the orthodox sect bear witness to how easy it was for Xi Feng to deflect all those attacks.

Like trying to slice through water or cutting the wind into pieces, no matter how powerful the young man from the Star Killing Sect attacks him, Xi Feng sword seems to deflect every killing move in the smoothest and elegant way possible.

The more they fight, the more they could see the contrast and the gap of expertise between the two.

While that young man was rus.h.i.+ng and anxious, as none of his attack connected Xi Feng was leisurely walking closer to the young man while deflecting the young man swords arts.

It was then that the young man summons the other people from the other peaks of the Star Killing Sect. They then began employing their most famous Killing Formation, the Killing Star formation.

Even then Xi Feng was still relaxed.

Azief look proudly at his disciple and he could see that as his disciple fight with the Star Killing set members, he is improving even more.

Azief could not have known Xi Feng inner thought at that moment.

When Xi Feng was surrounded by the Stark Killing Sect members, they all emitted powerful aura and presence.

Even to some people in the crowd that kind of imposing presence and aura could affect one heart.

So all of them praise how calm Xi Feng really is when those four people appears and aided their sect member

What these people didn't know, his master presence and aura exceed all of these people. Whenever he is in front of his master, it was like he is in front of a Sword G.o.d.

They could not fathom the mental fort.i.tude that he had cultivated when training with his master.

Xi Feng would not be surprised if his master could slice apart a mountain with a sword.

To others, such a thing might have looked like a fantasy, but if it is his teacher, Xi Feng would believe it.

To the martial arts world however, after seeing that Xi Feng was not even pressured even as the Killing Star formation was activated, they nodded and a lot of them sighed

Seeing is believing.

The fact that Xi Feng could still moves unconstrained even though sharp sword aura is attacking him is the proof that he truly had mastered the moves of the Flowing Swords Arts.

Sitting on the orthodox camp looking at the battle with high level concentration is none other than the representative of the orthodox sect, the world renowned Sword Monarch Zhu Yao of the Sword Residence

Zhu Yao eyes is full of determination when he saw Xi Feng attack and swordsmans.h.i.+p

He is looking whether the swordsmans.h.i.+p of the Flowing Sword Arts could open up his mind of how to master the One Sword technique.

 But Zhu Yao also knows that Xi Feng did not use all ten moves of the Flowing Swords Arts. He could see it and felt it

The more he saw, the more he is convinced of his a.s.sumption.

Because he could see there are only two moves yet for some reason, these two moves could deflect all the sword light and sword attack from the Killing Star Formation with ease.

Zhu Yao was not the only one that notices this fact. The One with Sword Su Meng also notices that fact and so does others like the Young master Jian.

I can give you a G.o.dd news. There will be ma.s.s release by the end of the month. See you all tomorrow and leave some comments and votes for the story.

Lord Shadow Chapter 520 - Shocking The Whole World (2)

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