Cool CEO And His Model Wife 109 My Beloved Fiancee.

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Published at 21st of August 2019 09:55:05 PM Chapter 109: 109

Back to the present…

Seeing that Wu Ze had shut his mouth, Lee Xuiye had an adequate smile on her face .  

Afterwards, Lee Xuiye turned into a serious mode and straightforwardly came to the point for which she had called him "Where are you right now?" 

"I am at City Z for a vibes' photoshoot . " Wu Ze immediately replied like an obligate child .

Vibes was a well-known brand of perfume . Lee Xuiye used her connection to get the opportunity for Dream Star Studio to do the photo shoot for its commercial . So she asked Wu Ze to personally do the photo shoot for it .

Now the problem was, she wanted Wu Ze's help, but she couldn't tell him to come back to City B .

After some thought process, Lee Xuiye asked further "Hmm, then where is the man whom I have sent to you?"

"Man? . . . oh . . . so you are talking about that reporter, Liu Tian . He is in City B . I must say you have chosen a good photographer . . . Although he is not SOOOO as good as me, still, you can use him as my subst.i.tute . Ehehe…"

Lee Xuiye rolled her eyes upon hearing Wu Ze's self-appreciation

Since Lee Xuiye became the owner of Dream Star, many things had changed, except Wu Ze's arrogance and self-appreciation

In the end, Lee Xuiye blew her head and ignored him .

She knew that if something is constant like a stone, she shouldn't waste her time on changing it .

"Tell him to meet at Era Alfonsa at 8 PM . " With that Lee Xuiue hung up .

Era Alfonsa was the best Italian restaurant in City B . Only upper-cla.s.s people could afford to go there .

It was also w.a.n.g Yeyi's favourite restaurant because she likes Italian food . However, Lee Xuiye would make sure that it would not be her favourite restaurant after tonight .

Long Xue was confused staring at Lee Xuiye, she didn't get what exactly Lee Xuiye was trying to do . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Moreover, Lee Xuiye wasn't telling her anything . Was she really going to meet w.a.n.g Yeyi?

No way!

However, why was she calling that reporter Liu Tian there?

After Shaan Industries' Press Conference, Lee Xuiye hired Liu Tian as a photographer in Dream Star despite, he had insulted her in the Press Conference .

Many times, she didn't understand what was going on Lee Xuiye's mind?

Long Xue couldn't contain her curiosity to herself anymore, therefore she was about to ask 'What exactly will she do?'

However, at that time, Lee Xuiye already dialled a number and soon the call connected .

"Wow . . . Wow . . . What a lucky day it is! My beloved fiancee finally gets the time to call . " The person on the other side of the phone mockingly said .

Hearing the words 'My beloved fiancee' Lee Xuiye's twitch her mouth . Moreover, she already expected a mocking response, so she didn't affect with the tone of the person, rather she replied with a wider smile on her face .

"Well, how can I be audacious to forget Mr Gu?" Lee Xuiye sarcastically retorted .

Gu Kai scorned hearing Lee Xuiye's response . If she didn't leak his video in front of whole City B, he would have been in this position where his business partners were looking at him disdainfully .

All because of this b*tch!

It was a good thing that Elder w.a.n.g hadn't announced his engagement with this b*tch and Gu Family could show their face by telling that video was fake as someone was trying to frame them .

However, Gu Kai was very determined that he would make Lee Xuiye to pay a hundred times back . He wouldn't let her go just like that!

"Mr Gu, I know you must be hurt because of some past events . So, why don't we meet and let me treat you with tonight's dinner, as punishment for hurting me? Hmm?" Lee Xuiye said seductively .

Cool CEO And His Model Wife 109 My Beloved Fiancee.

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