Cool CEO And His Model Wife 288 Zhou Ziyao Is Dead Part-1

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And in the next moment, Xiu Tao took out a gun and pointed at Zhou Ziyao's head.

Zhou Ziyao immediately freaked out "You…."

"What happened? Why do you seem so scared? Didn't you just say to me that you will give me anything for the job to be done that I want?" Xiu Tao innocently asked.

"That...That's not what I meant…" Zhou Ziyao shuttered.

"Then...What do you mean? You want me to kill my partner and in exchange, you can't even let me kill you as well. That's not the way I make a deal!"

"Your partner?" Zhou Ziyao was confused as she couldn't understand what Xiu Tao meant about killing his partner.

She was here to make a deal with him to kill Lee Xuiye, so that meant Lee Xuiye was his partner? could this happen?

How could that b*tch become a partner with Xiu Tao, the criminal?

It was difficult for Zhou Ziyao to believe that so she asked "Lee Xuiye?"

"Wow...I heard that you have been undergoing psychotherapy and still you didn't make any process and you should have been in a mental hospital as you are creating a serious risk for the society, but...I must say you aren't that dumb huh!" Xiu Tao amusedly insulted her about being mental.

Zhou Ziyao didn't like it when someone talked about her mental illness and mention that she should have been in the mental hospital. Her first psychiatrist had said that and she lost her life by Zhou Ziyao. 

Now that Xiu Tao had said the same thing, Zhou Ziyao's madness was overwhelming and she wanted to throw him down from this mountain right at this moment!

Dismally, she couldn't do that because Xiu Tao had already pointed his gun at her.

However, there was also craziness overwhelming her mind just by thinking that how would Mo Lingtan react when she would tell him that his wife had been in a partners.h.i.+p with a criminal like Xiu Tao?

Then, her dream would definitely be fulfilled by then!

Now she couldn't wait to go and tell Mo Lingtan all of this!

"I don't think we can work together now. So, let's end our meeting here." Zhou Ziyao immediately said and turned around to leave hurriedly but before she could get chance to take a step towards her car, all of sudden, a line of cars appeared on the road beside the mountain where Zhou Ziyao and Xiu Tao were standing and in the next moment, those dozens of cars had surrounded Zhou Ziyao's car.

A couple of dozen of men came out and instantly pointed their guns at Zhou Ziyao.

Then Xiu Tao removed his gun from her head and leaned back on the front side of his car while asking "I didn't remember that I called off this meeting, did I? Moreover, since you have tried to kill my partner, don't you think you should pay for it, huh?" 

Zhou Ziyao immediately frowned and started to think, how did he find out that it was she who was trying to kill Lee Xuiye?

Didn't her dad say the police didn't find any evidence yet?

So how could Xiu Tao be sure that she was the culprit?

The driver had died and luckily she didn't transfer any money to him this time, then, how did Xiu Tao find out?

Still, Zhou Ziyao tried her luck "You...You don't have any evidence that it was me behind her accident!"

"Tskk...Tskk….Now… you really talk like a dumb person! Do you really think we work like the police and haven't found out any evidence against you, huh?" Then Xiu Tao leaned towards her and whispered beside her ear "Let me tell you a secret. It took me only a couple of hours to know that it was you!"

And instantly her mind stirred with craziness. "So what if it was me? She deserves to die! She s.n.a.t.c.hed Brother Lingtan from me! He belonged to me! How dare she come in between us? She is just a lowly illegitimate child whose father didn't even want her! I should have killed her a long time ago! B*tch Lee Xuiye!"

"Tsk… shouldn't have said this, dear!" Xiu Tao looked at her sympathetically and then he looked behind her. 

Xiu Tao tilted his head and hinted to her to look behind her to which she turned back and felt that she was engulfed in shock.

Mo Lingtan was standing right in front of her and he seemed to have heard Zhou Ziyao's every word.

"Brother Lingtan…"

"Honestly, we found some information about you and that driver but it was not enough to consider your guilt for trying to murder Lee Xuiye, but have confessed to it yourself!" Xiu Tao happily said which made Zhou Ziyao sweat coldly.

Zhou Ziyao had never thought that she had dug her own grave. Moreover, what was shocking to her was that of Mo Lingtan's appearance here which meant that he already knew that Lee Xuiye worked with Xiu Tao and he didn't seem to be affected by this news.

Mo Lingtan sternly looked at Zhou Ziyao and said coldly "Throw her!"

"Right away!" Xiu Tao promptly replied.

Immediately Xiu Tao's men came forward and held Zhou Ziyao while she started struggling hard "No….No...Brother Lingtan...Please...Please...listen to me...I was wrong!...I love you but you married that b*tc….Lee Xuiye...I was angry….I won't hurt her….ever again….I was wrong….please me go this once….please….!"

However, her plea turned to deaf ears as he just stood there and watched Zhou Ziyao as she was being dragged away by Xiu Tao's men and in the next moment, she had thrown herself down followed by her cries that could be heard for quite a distance.




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Cool CEO And His Model Wife 288 Zhou Ziyao Is Dead Part-1

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