The General Who Hates Me Chapter 159

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Published at 19th of August 2019 01:45:11 PM Chapter 159

Inside the car, Zach held Keira's hand while he drove towards their condo unit . His fingers were lightly grazing her soft hand, sending ripples down her whole body, this simple body contact sent flames burning in their bodies and minds . They were both antic.i.p.ating "the mark every corner challenge of their condo units" inside their heads . Zach was grinning inwardly while Keira was blus.h.i.+ng unconsciously .

Keira had never felt so excited in her whole life, not even travelling to the most beautiful and exotic places in the world could compare with her tingling and exquisite feelings right now, this was something special, something different: at this moment no place in the world could compare to their condo units, only that could be the best honeymooning place for her where the two of them would be together entwined with each other, lost in their own world . . .

'I want to have twins, it even runs in his family . . . ' Keira thought and lightly chuckled on her own thoughts . She wanted to have twins, fraternal twins like Josh and Rizie .

"What are you thinking?" asked Zach when he heard Keira chuckle . Keira smiled as she bashfully answered, "I'm thinking about having…"

Suddenly Zach's phone rang, interrupting their conversation, so Keira paused to let Zach take the call first . Zach's phone was connected to his car's media system via bluetooth, so he pressed the monitor to answer it .

"Bro, where are you? Our offer is accepted . Come back here now!" said Torin . Zach looked at Keira's glowing face as he answered in a low voice, "Alright, I am coming . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

Keira immediately understood the situation and felt sad when she realised they would be parting ways right then instead of spending time together . She called John to inform him that she would be switching cars in a while .  

After she kept her phone down she didn't look into Zach's eyes as she knew her tears were about to roll down from her eyes . Though she was a strong woman but her emotions were still not settled and she was not willing to let him go away so soon . She knew she could not stop him, and she must now wait for him to come back safe and sound as soon as possible . Even Zach was feeling very bad and he had no words to say to comfort her at that moment .

They both remained silent and looked out of the car . Keira closed her eyes and rested her head on the headrest of the car seat and tried to calm herself down a little before she gets down from the car .  

Stop the car at the side of the road and go now . Those two are just behind us," said Keira and Zach pulled the car on the roadside .

Keira looked at Zach and held his hand, then she buried her face in his palm and felt his warmth on her small beautiful face .  

Then she said, "Don't take off that bracelet, understand? No matter what happens, it must remain with you wherever you are . Just think that it is me who is with you in the form of this bracelet, and don't ever separate me from you . In short don't you dare take it off even for a moment!" said Keira commandingly . Although a bit confused with Keira's repet.i.tive reminder, Zach nodded and gave her a sweet smile .

"And be careful and take care, alright?! Hurry up and finish your mission and come back soon so that we can mark every corner of our units with our love," Keira added in a low and timid voice, blus.h.i.+ng as she said this .

Zach raised his eyebrows in amus.e.m.e.nt on seeing her flushed face and grinned widely . Then he bent down towards her and he reached for her lips and gave his wife a pa.s.sionate kiss .

When Keira felt breathless, he parted his lips from hers a little and let her breathe in some air before again taking in her lips in between his own and deepening their connection .  

He tasted her sweet mouth and started playing with her tongue, their tongues were dancing in unison and he tried to explore as much of her mouth as he could in this limited timeframe that he had with her .  

He slowly released her lips after a long time, still feeling unsatisfied, and watched her flushed face with a smile on his face and whispered in her ears, "Wait for me! I'll come back to you soon . Meanwhile, be good and eat well, do not exhaust yourself and take a very good care of yourself . . . . " 

Then he gave another kiss on her forehead and a peck on her lips, hugging Keira tightly in his embrace . Keira rested her head on his strong shoulders burying her face in the crook of his neck . She loved the way he smelled and she inhaled deeply a few times taking in his manly smell and calming herself down completely . They both hugged each other for some time before Keira got out of his car .

When J&J stopped near them, Zach left Keira with them and started the engine of his car . Then he called at the Military Base .

. . . . . .

As soon as Keira got inside the car, Jim, who was in the driver's seat asked, "Miss Kei… ahmm, Mrs . Lim, where are we headed to now?"

"Drop me at the office . " Keira simply answered . Then she handed her marriage certificate to John and instructed, "Put this in a beautiful frame so that I can hang this on a wall in my condo . Oh, and make another copy and get that framed too for Zach's condo unit . "

She smiled as she was contemplating about the best spot to hang the said Marriage Certificate . Then she excitedly called Lyra, Lana, May, and Drey to spread the good news . She invited them all to a celebration at night .

When she arrived at the office, Keira apologized for taking a sudden emergency leave .

"What the h.e.l.l happened to you, huh? You know how busy we are right now . Especially with our compet.i.tor's rating treading on our heels?! Keira, as much as possible, avoid taking emergency leaves like that!" Scolded team leader Grant .

Keira bowed her head to apologize once more . "Alright, I have already a.s.signed Luke to cover for you . You stay here in the office and a.s.sist the team with whatever they need," said team leader Grant followed with a long sigh . Among all the reporters, he thought highly of Keira, who excelled among the rest of his reporters .

Keira sighed and accidentally met Thea's gaze… She had almost forgotten that Thea was around . At least now, she knew that Thea wouldn't be a problem between her and Zach . But probably Thea would stir up troubles, Keira felt that Thea was ready to strangle her to death,at the first opportunity she would get .

"Keira," she heard Thea call her .

'Oh, c.r.a.p . What does she need now?' Keira mused wearily as she turned around to face Thea .


"I'm sorry but the show will start soon and my feet feel sore . Can you please get me a cup of coffee?" asked Thea smiling . Keira's lips pursed, as she looked around for an a.s.sistant, but n.o.body was present . Right now , she was the youngest inside the newsroom . It would be awkward if she asked anybody else to do it .

"Alright, what kind of coffee do you want?" Keira asked .

"Cappuccino for me . Ah, hold on, Gavin might want one too," said Thea with a smirk . She turned to Gavin, who was beside her and the latter requested black coffee .

"Guys, Keira is going to buy coffee . Who all wants one?"This time Thea shouted to everyone, and Keira wanted to run to Thea and jab her face hard .

Keira ended up taking orders from all the people inside the newsroom . 'You sure are enjoying this, huh? I will get back to you as soon as I deliver your coffee' she mused irritably as she was walking down to the ground floor to buy coffee for everyone .

Keira looked funny, trying to hold all the coffee and paper bags in both her hands . The doors of the elevator were about to close, so she hurried to run inside . She was startled when a pair of hands grabbed the paper bags from her .

"Give me this . Since when did you become a lackey?" asked Jeru irritably .  

"Well, ever since my nemesis arrived, but this will be her first and last try…" Keira mumbled as she turned to look at Jeru and asked, "Why are you here again?"

Jeru smiled and answered, "Business dealings . My family is a stockholder here, so you'll be seeing me often . "

"Ah, okay," Keira simply commented with a nod .  

"Who is that?" murmured some of the employees referring to Jeru, who entered the newsroom with Keira .

"Oh, you don't know him? That's Jeru Liu, the heir of the Liu Group," commented the head editor .

Thea looked at Jeru and their eyes met . For some reason, she retracted her gaze first as she mused, 'What's with his gaze?' She couldn't explain it, but his look at her was alarming .

Keira walked to Thea and handed her the coffee as she whispered with a grin, "Make sure to drink this . It's a special order with additional syrup, especially made by Keira Chan"

Thea's face curved into a gross expression as she put down the coffee on her table, thinking that Keira had put something awful in the coffee .

Keira turned away from Thea with a wicked smile . But then she paused and turned to face Thea as she said, "By the way, I did the honor of telling about the sacrifice you had mentioned to my husband . . . "

Thea's face paled hearing the word husband . She stood up and wanted to tell something to Keira when Director Holmes suddenly shouted, "Alright, Thea, get ready we start in five minutes . Keira, get out of there! Where the h.e.l.l is Gavin? Someone go and get Gavin!"

Keira immediately walked away from the studio, leaving Thea hanging with her last words .

'I hate bullying, but you started it first . ' Keira thought as she grinned .

The General Who Hates Me Chapter 159

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