The General Who Hates Me Chapter 216

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Published at 19th of September 2019 12:30:11 PM Chapter 216

"What are you doing?" Lyra shrilled as soon as she entered Torin's room . She was about to ask Torin what he would like to have for dinner, but was soon greeted by a sight she was not at all pleased to see .

"I will go with Keira and the team to rescue Bro," answered Torin plainly .

Torin was putting his military gear inside his army duffel bag and she immediately knew why . An intel from the military source had confirmed that her brother was still alive and was held captive inside Leon's new s.h.i.+p .

She was overjoyed with the news, but as she had guessed, Torin would want to partic.i.p.ate in the search and rescue operation as well .

Lyra bit her lower lip as she walked to him and abruptly put Torin's stuff back inside his closet .

Advertis.e.m.e.nt"Are you crazy? You are still recuperating and therefore are not fit enough to join them! Why are you being so stubborn!? What help could you possibly offer them when you are still a patient yourself?" Lyra ranted, trying hard not to let the already welled up tears out of her eyes .

Torin sighed and pulled Lyra to sit on the edge of his bed beside him . He embraced Lyra and whispered, "I feel helpless doing nothing while Keira and the team are working hard to get Bro back, Lyra… He is still in great danger, so I need to go with them to save him . "

"What is wrong with you? Do you think big Bro will be happy if he sees you there? What you did to save him is already more than enough! You have lost an organ, Torin! Who knows if you would still be able to do a lot of things after that! Who knows if you would still be able to perform well?" Lyra cried out as the tears that she had been trying to hold back started to flow out of her eyes .

The sight of Lyra crying really broke Torin's heart . The last thing that he wanted was to make her cry like this once more . As much as possible, he wanted Lyra to smile and laugh whenever she was with him .

Torin's forehead creased as he repeated some of the things that she said, "Wait… What do you mean I won't be able to do a lot of things? Don't tell me you think I'm losing stamina and won't be able to perform things well?"

Lyra who was in the middle of wiping her tears pulled herself away from Torin's embrace and stared at him with her swollen eyes . She replied, "Yeah… One of your organs was removed . How can it not affect anything? Of course there's bound to be a disadvantage . . . "

She was not well versed in a lot of medical information, so of course her initial thought about Torin not having all of his organs in tact inside his body anymore, was that it would somehow affect his abilities to perform some activities . For sure, there must be some kind of side effects?

Torin grinned and teased Lyra, "So you think I would be handicapped to perform some activities, that I would otherwise be good at? Such as my duty to please you in the future? I can a.s.sure you that I can still perform well in that department, Lyra . In fact, I will perform so well that you will beg me to stop . Wait, NO… Beg me for more was the correct term . "

Lyra understood what Torin was implying and her face flushed red . She was startled when Torin suddenly pushed her onto the bed . Her eyes widened at the sight of Torin grinning because he was enjoying her reaction .

She squinted and said, "Alright, let me see how well you can perform then . If you pa.s.s this test, I will let you go with Keira and the rest . But first, you will have to prove to me how well you can please me . Prove that stamina of yours!"

Lyra's gaze never left Torin's eyes . She looked at him with a challenging and serious expression .

This time, Torin was the one who was caught off guard and he couldn't find the right words to rebuke her . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

'Oh c.r.a.p!' he thought silently because Lyra looked so seductive and attractive at that moment, and he felt the urge to take her was building up inside him .

Without a second thought, Lyra placed her arms around Torin's neck and gently pulled him closer to her for a breathtaking kiss . Torin was intoxicated with that kiss and he did not want it to end .

'Is she serious about this?' he mused on Lyra's words about him proving his stamina to her, so he answered her gentle kiss with a deep and pa.s.sionate one, while one of his hands started to explore the skin beneath her s.h.i.+rt .

He felt his hands stopped by Lyra as she rolled him on his back so she could be on top of him . But Torin growled hard in pain because of his wounds .

Lyra quickly moved herself away from Torin and checked on him . With a raised eyebrow she scolded, "See?! Is that the stamina you were talking about?!"

"Don't you dare argue with me anymore or I will not give you the opportunity to prove that stamina of yours in the future!!!" Lyra exclaimed which made Torin's face pale . He could only purse his lips and remain quiet .

Lyra giggled to see how meek and well-behaved her boyfriend had become while she was checking on his wounds . She knew that she now had something to blackmail Torin with, should he ever be so stubborn to her in the future, and the thought made her laugh inside .

"Are you that happy?" Torin mumbled when he saw her giggle .

"Yeah, I am… Why? Are you complaining?" Lyra asked him with a glare . Torin's mouth twitched and he could only scratch his head .

"There . That's more like it… Behave well and I will test your stamina soon," Lyra whispered with a wink . She then gave him a sweet smile and a heart-melting smack on his lips .

The General Who Hates Me Chapter 216

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