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Thea felt too excited as she and Jeru headed towards their destination. They left early, before sunrise. The estimated travel time was about  six hours. It was the nearest province in the City with a good place for a vacation. The province was known for its lush greenery, coconut palms and exotic beaches. Jeru had arranged a private villa for them with complete amenities inside, like a real home located at the beachfront area.

Jeru was very thoughtful and considerate of her condition so he chose a place not very far from the City.

It was Thea's first beach vacation after all those years of agony. She shook her head to erase the ugly memories surfacing in her mind from her past. What she had right now was more important, and she must avoid reminiscing about her past.

Jeru grabbed her hand and kissed it lovingly. "I read good reviews about that place so we can surely relax there." he murmured before he cuddled Thea . "You can sleep during the  journey." he added.

"It's okay… I'm not sleepy at all," she said with a smile. Who would feel sleepy when her handsome husband was cuddling her during the ride. She would rather be awake on their joyride and feel him along the way.

"By the way, how is Zach doing?" asked Thea as she snuggled to Jeru.

Jeru chuckled and said, "Well he's doing good and he said he won't disturb me at all. He even wanted to confiscate my mobile phone so no one can disturb me during the vacation."

Thea laughed too and commented, "That's so like him. We're lucky, Keira and Zach are amazing people right?"

Jeru nodded in agreement and whispered, "Yeah." A lot of changes had taken  place and they were all good for him. He had a better and more fulfilling life now compared to before, where he always felt he lacked everything though  he had all the material things around him.

"Now sleep for some time hon… I will be keeping you awake later that's why I want you to recharge…" Jeru teased in his whisper not even minding if their driver would hear it.

Thea blushed hard with those words and she could not find her own words to reply. 

'Gos.h.!.+ Keep me awake? I like it!' she mused dreamily. 

Just the thought of Jeru keeping her awake with his love bites sent s.h.i.+vers in her whole body. It was the kind of sleepless night  that she was antic.i.p.ating in this trip. Then she thought of Keira's crazy ideas for the honeymoon. Thea giggled inside… The lingerie in her baggage were all provided by Keira and she was not even sure if she would have the courage to wear those.

Meanwhile, Jeru was in deep thoughts during the trip. He was thinking about how he could make these  two weeks an unforgettable romantic vacation for his dear wife. He was in a dilemma for days because of searching unrelentingly about how he could give Thea a few heartwarming surprises.

He smiled as he recalled his conversation with his father...

A day before their trip Jeru had a drink with his father Senior Liu where Jeru opened up to his father that Thea told him she loved him.

"Son… You two had  an arranged marriage because of the baby but that doesn't mean that the marriage could not work-out like what happened to me and your mom. We too had an arranged marriage, but I can feel that your mom loved me. And my mistake was  that I was trapped in my past such that I didn't let myself move on. One can learn to love with time and that is true, I believe, especially if the person is worth it." narrated his father who poured Jeru another drink.

"How come you let the woman confess first?" His father asked in jest and Jeru pursed his lips. Then his father stared at him and said, "I can see you really love your wife son… What's wrong? What's stopping you from  telling her?"

Jeru sighed before he said, "I don't know Dad…"

Senior Liu stared at his son's face and he felt guilty because Jeru might be facing problem in expressing himself verbally  because even he himself was not sure how to love truly, since he grew up in a robotic family environment, without the tender love and care towards the children and family members that a normal family should have.

"She loves me… But I'm actually afraid to say those words back to her because I'm not confident about myself… I'm not confident if I can love her the way she wants to be loved. I'm not confident so I'm not confessing my love to her  so that she won't get disappointed in case I can't love her the way she expects me to love her…" murmured Jeru before he drank his gla.s.s. He heard his father laughed.

"Son, why are you giving yourself a hard time by adding so many complicated thoughts? I mean you're thinking too much...Thinking in advance way before things even happened. Just love her in  your own way and trust me she won't get disappointed because your feelings for her are genuine. Do you see your future with Thea son?" asked Senior Liu at him.

"Of course dad. I even have a lot of plans for  our future…" he answered with conviction.

"Then, that's all that matters. You only live your life once so don't let opportunity pa.s.s by. Tell your wife what's inside your heart and be a man enough. Have that courage. You're not perfect… If you fail her at some point then make sure to learn from it and do better afterwards. Marriage is not a perfect relations.h.i.+p. There will be twists and turns and  things will not always be good, but what is important is your commitment to each other. So don't get discouraged…" Senior Liu explained.

Then he continued,"Geez you're not even starting and you already lack confidence. How come Thea have more  confidence than you?"

His father scolded him and he loved how the two of them got to talk like that because Jeru was awakened.

His thoughts were interrupted when Thea moved and Jeru chuckled because Thea was already snoring lightly…

He must be vocal and must tell his wife what he truly felt in his heart… he would definitely do that.


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The General Who Hates Me Chapter 342 - Love Bites

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