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"Ouch!" Keira exclaimed as Xander pulled out the dextrose.

"Bully!" Keira said next that made Xander laugh.

"What?! I'm just saving you from being too clingy. Sometimes a guy needs s.p.a.ce to think. I mean, you have already spread your presence, so it's time for you to go back and enjoy the training. I'm sure you have left a good impression and it's enough. Besides, it's true, you may catch a disease if you overstay in the hospital. It's not advisable at all. That complicated General has surely noticed your sincerity so no need to work so hard, you sly fox," Xander explained.

"There, you are done," he added with a smile and pinched Keira's nose.

"Why complicated?" Keira asked curiosity could be read on her face.

"Hmm, because I feel that he is a bit complicated. Anyway, you can still visit him and his grandparents once more before you leave. Mr. Lim had woken up and I'm sure his wife has already told him about the pretty lady who is so deadly head over heels in love with her grandson," Xander teased followed with loud laughter. He loved to tease Keira because he never got tired of seeing her irritated expression.

Keira pouted her lips and left Xander with a crumpled face. She was going back to the Military Academy that day but she would pay one last visit to Zach's grandfather.

She knocked and smiled when the door was opened by Zach.

"Oh, she's the beautiful lady I'm talking about. Come here, child, so Grandpa Shen can take a good look at you," Grandma Terri excitedly pulled Keira, who brought flowers, into the ward.

"You sit here beside Zach, and I'll put these beautiful flowers in a vase," said Grandma Terry enthusiastically as she grabbed them from Keira's hands.

Keira was really happy because Zach's grandparents were very kind and entertaining. Grandpa Shen was still a bit weak so he only smiled every now and then.

Grandma Terri did almost all the talking, and Keira felt very comfortable as she listened to how Grandma roasted Zach alive about his childhood and funny moments.

She noticed that they never mentioned Zach's childhood love which, of course, she was well aware of since she had already seen Zach's personal file. She practically knew everything about him and she was really impressed with her man.

She blushed unconsciously at her own thought, 'My man.' She would love to vocally and proudly announce it.

It's about time for her to go, so Keira bid her farewell and Zach accompanied her out to the parking lot where Keira said she was going to.

Keira paused at the exit door and turned around to face him.

She narrowed her eyes as if she wanted to say something then she sighed.

"General Zach, I told you to not give me answers yet, because I'm really not in a hurry. I also told you that I don't take 'NO' for an answer…" said Keira looking straight into his deep eyes.

"Keira, I…" Zach was about to say something, but Keira interrupted him.

"Stop! Just listen to me now, please. I'm not sure what you will take me for if I still pursue you like this… It's because I really, really like you very much. I also think it's already love, so I will never back down and will only follow what my heart is telling me to do. I'm telling you this as an advanced warning, so you won't get surprised as to what extent I can go. I wanted to be honest with you… and I am very serious with you..." she continued as her face turned deep red.

Then she inhaled and exhaled as if getting a bit more courage by doing so.

Keira quickly moved closer to Zach and tiptoed to give Zach a kiss on his lips before she turned around and ran out of Zach's sight like a flash.

Zach was left astounded with his facial expression shouting, 'What the h.e.l.l just happened? Kiss and run?'

He stood there like a frozen maggot and he was so out of himself.

No one noticed Mrs. Chan who had witnessed how bold her daughter was from a distance.

She was supposed to surprise Keira and pick her up and send her directly to the Military Academy. She never expected to see something like this. Her mother instinct was triggered at that moment.

"General Zacharias Lim." Mrs. Chan approached Zach who was still standing at the same spot where Keira had left him.

"Mrs. Chan?" Zach mumbled and quickly composed himself and slightly bowed to greet Mrs. Chan who at that time looked very serious with her pursed lips and creased forehead.

"General Lim, will you kindly spare some time. I would like to talk to you about an important matter," she said in a serious tone that made Zach suddenly nervous.

Zach let out an awkward smile and answered, "Yes, Mrs. Chan."

'Has she seen it?' He mused pertaining to the kiss Keira just gave him as he followed Mrs. Chan who led the way and gestured him to follow.

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The General Who Hates Me 89 Frozen Maggo

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