I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 1271 - Commit Suicide

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Chapter 1271: Commit Suicide

An Lin’s mind fell blank for a split second as he surveyed this scene.

His body began to tremble with rage at the sight of the despairing human subjects and merciless Divine Dark Dao Sect disciples.

Tina, Xu Xiaolan, and Da Bai also gritted their teeth as their breathing accelerated.

“Sect Leader An Lin, what do you think of our experimentation venue? Look at all of our sect disciples. How energetic and diligent they are!” Xiang Ling was extremely proud.

Upon seeing An Lin’s arrival, all of the Divine Dark Dao Sect disciples worked even harder in order to impress their new sect leader. All of them unleashed a flurry of extremely heinous demonic techniques. The human experimental subjects howled with even more agony and anguish as they had their limbs amputated, their bodies were torn apart, their blood drained, and their souls sucked away.

“Where did these humans come from?” An Lin asked in a voice so enraged that it was completely flat.

“We captured all of these lab rats in secret from the border of the Kingdom of the Nine States. We have a quota of at least a hundred thousand a year to fill, and all of them will act as experimental subjects for our sect disciples and elders so that they could practice their demonic techniques. Of course, if it pleases you, we can increase this quota to an even higher number…” Xiang Ling spoke with a wide grin.

“All of the sect disciples and elders are here to cultivate?” An Lin asked again.

“That’s right. However, we only have a limited number of subjects, so each Divine Dark Dao Sect disciple has a cap on the number of subjects they had access to… Of course, you are exempt from this as the sect leader. You can experiment on as many subjects as you like. This is just one of your many special jurisdictive powers…” Xiang Ling’s eyes rippled seductively as she spoke.

An Lin nodded. “My horizons have been broadened. There are people being skinned, having their tendons pulled out, having their chest dug out, have holes drilled into their heads, having their souls extracted… I’m only limited by my imagination here…”

Xiang Ling nodded excitedly as the smile on her face grew wider and wider.

An Lin took a deep breath. Boundless ferocious light erupted from his eyes as he roared with a thunder-like voice, “Stop what you’re all doing right f*cking now!”


Golden ripples proliferated throughout the entire venue.

An Lin had unleashed his Divine Might Technique to its fullest extent.

All of the disciples present fell to the ground, frothing at the mouth as their eyes rolled into the backs of their heads. Not even a single one of the several thousand disciples could stand up to the power of An Lin’s Divine Might Technique!

Even the Return to Void Intermediate Stage Xiang Ling’s legs gave out from under her as she fell to her knees.

The entire venue suddenly fell silent.

All of the imprisoned human subjects turned toward An Lin. However, there was absolutely no change to their lifeless, despairing eyes, as if they were looking at something that had nothing to do with them.

“An… An Lin… what’s going on? Did we do something wrong?” Xiang Ling stared at An Lin with an innocent, panicked expression on her face, as if she had no clue why An Lin would suddenly be so angry.

In that instant, An Lin felt as if he wasn’t even living in the same world as all of these people.

An Lin pointed to all of the human subjects in the experimentation venue. “Release all of these people at once!”

Xiang Ling looked up with confusion on her face. “Sect Leader An Lin, why? We went to great lengths to capture so many lab rats, why would we release them?”

“Why would we release them?” An Lin glared at Xiang Ling as killing intent surged in his heart.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down. “Most of these humans are just mortals, so it’s no fun experimenting on them. We’ll capture some cultivators next time…”

“This… But if we alert the other sects…” A difficult expression appeared on Xiang Ling’s face.

“Am I the sect leader, or are you the sect leader?!” An Lin roared.

Xiang Ling shuddered as she bowed her head. “You are the sect leader, of course. I’ll release the subjects right away!”

Many of the human subjects in the experimentation venue finally showed some signs of emotions upon hearing An Lin’s words. However, many of them were still staring blankly at him without any indication that they had registered his words. All of them had clearly been tormented for too long and had not come to their senses yet.

An Lin’s decision sent waves of shock surging through the entire Divine Dark Dao Sect.

Elder Song Qiu immediately offered a straightforward objection, stating that An Lin’s actions would bring extremely severe negative repercussions upon the Divine Dark Dao Sect.

Song Qiu was then flattened to the ground with no one knowing if he was still alive.

Outside of the divine mountain.

Close to a hundred naked humans gathered.

They breathed the pure and fresh air outside, basked under the warm light of the sun, and looked around at the beautiful scenery, feeling as if they were in a dream.

Tina unleashed a spell technique to create clothes for all of these humans using gra.s.s and leaves.

For some of the human subjects who had been too severely injured, Tina unleashed a healing technique to help them recover.

“h.e.l.lo, Bai Ling? Send the Spatial White Fairy here. I’ll send the coordinates to you. I need to help a hundred thousand humans return to the Kingdom of the Nine States,” An Lin said after he connected a voice transmission.

“Alright, I’ll get on it.” Bai Ling didn’t ask why. She immediately activated the aircraft.

Xiang Ling stared at An Lin with befuddlement on her face.

Why? Why was her sect leader so good to these lab rats?

As the sect leader of the Divine Dark Dao Sect, shouldn’t he be tormenting all of them to death using powerful demonic techniques?

Why was it that An Lin was so different from the sect leader she had envisioned?

Xiang Ling was very puzzled.

Was this man really going to revitalize the sect and take it to greater heights?

An Lin cut off the voice transmission before turning to look back at the divine mountain.

Its lower half was a fiery-red expanse of maple leaves, while its upper half was a pristine expanse of white snow. It was like a gorgeous Celestial Maiden with fair skin and a vibrant red dress.

However, he knew just how putrid the interior of this Celestial Maiden was.

All of the Divine Dark Dao Sect disciples had no empathy whatsoever. They put their human lab rats through inhumane torture, drawing countless heart-wrenching wails of despair, but they were not affected in the slightest.

All of those humans were just subjects for them to torture to death before being discarded.

Some of them had been reduced to skeletons while others had been reduced to mincemeat…

An Lin had once imagined that he would be able to change the entire Divine Dark Dao Sect through his own power and transform it into one of his most powerful hidden forces. However, those plans disappeared like puffs of smoke after seeing the experimental venue.

All of the disciples and elders here had been stained by the blood of countless people who they treated as creatures that were inferior even to animals.

Were they still salvageable?

“There is no salvation. All of you have too much blood on your hands. Only your deaths can bring an end to all this.” An Lin suddenly sighed with fury burning in his eyes.

He wasn’t some kind of justice warrior who dedicated his life to fighting evil, but he still couldn’t help but want to do something after witnessing what the Divine Dark Dao Sect was doing.

“Sect Leader An Lin, what are you saying?” Xiang Ling c.o.c.ked her head to the side with curiosity on her face.

An Lin extended a hand toward the divine mountain. “I have already taken control over the Sky Sealing Dark King’s sect protection formation…”


In that instant, heaven and earth tremored violently.

The gargantuan sect protection formation enshrouded the entire divine mountain.

An extremely imposing projection of the Sky Sealing Dark King appeared over the divine mountain. It was as if he were a fiendcelestial descending upon this world with an aura so vast that it threatened to crush the entire heaven and earth.

“Sect leader of the Divine Dark Dao Sect, what are your instructions?” the Sky Sealing Dark King formation spirit asked.

An Lin spoke expressionlessly, “Commit suicide.”

Silence suddenly descended upon heaven and earth.

Xiang Ling’s eyes widened as if she had heard something extremely terrifying.

Even though the Sky Sealing Dark King formation spirit had no sentient will, he still resisted instinctively.

An Lin gripped a hand toward the formation before repeating himself, “Commit suicide. Unleash all of the power within the formation to bury this Divine Dark Dao Sect!

“This Divine Dark Dao Sect needs to be erased from the face of this world!”

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