I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 1272 - The Fall of the Divine Dark Dao Sect

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Chapter 1272: The Fall of the Divine Dark Dao Sect

“This Divine Dark Dao Sect needs to be erased from the face of this world!”

An Lin’s words reverberated throughout heaven and earth.

Xiang Ling was dumbstruck.

The hundred thousand human subjects were also dumbstruck.


The Sky Sealing Dark King formation spirit roared in pain as his body began to quickly disintegrate.

An extremely dazzling light of darkness erupted from the sect protection formation of the Divine Dark Dao Sect. The veined patterns of the spell formation encompa.s.sed the entire mountain, and all of the energy that had been gathering for over ten thousand years erupted instantaneously.


A dark, destructive power exploded forth from the spell formation, tearing the entire mountain apart, annihilating all things, and transforming into an inky-black pillar of light that shot straight into the heavens!

Heaven and earth lost all of its l.u.s.ters in that instant.

The light of the formation, which was imbued with boundless destructive power, robbed the entire world of any light and color.

This was a Dao Integration Stage formation that had unleashed all of its power at once to create an indescribably terrifying explosion.

The destructive shockwaves pulverized the earth within a radius of over fifty kilometers! Trees and rubble danced in a frenzy through the air before being annihilated into nothingness. All of the surrounding small mountains were completely razed to the ground!

At the center of the explosion, the mighty divine mountain was also gradually reduced to dust by the energy of the formation.

Countless Divine Dark Dao Sect disciples and elders wailed in anguish as they were swept up in the terrifying explosion. No living beings could survive in an explosion of this level!

Over a hundred thousand humans stared blankly at the scenes of destruction unfolding before their eyes, and they finally began to shed tears amid the anguished wails of the Divine Dark Dao Sect disciples. Some of them were howling tearfully, some were laughing as they cried, and some knelt to the ground, kowtowing relentlessly.

Only then had they truly been released.

The Divine Dark Dao Sect had been completely destroyed, and the nightmarish trauma in their hearts was wiped away along with it. They would never be taken captive again and forced to go back to that h.e.l.lish place…

All of the people who had hurt them had gotten what they deserved.

Their eyes were no longer lifeless and numb. Their emotions erupted like floodwaters bursting through a broken dam, and almost all of them began to weep.

“We’re saved! We’ve finally been saved!”

“We can continue to live our lives!”

“Thank you, Sect Leader An Lin, for upholding justice for us.”

“Thank you, thank you so much!”

“Waah… Waah… Waah…”

All of them released their emotions to their hearts’ content.

In contrast, Xiang Ling had collapsed to the ground, shaking her head relentlessly as if she had lost her soul. “No, this isn’t real. This is just a nightmare, it must be a dream…”

“But this IS real,” An Lin spoke in a cold voice.

Xiang Ling shuddered, and she abruptly stood up as she grabbed An Lin’s collars. She looked into his eyes with crazed, crimson eyes as she roared heartbreakingly, “Why?! You’re the sect leader of the Divine Dark Dao Sect! Why would you do this? Have you gone insane?!”

Xiang Ling wept as she spoke.

She was extremely attached to the Divine Dark Dao Sect, and she took pride in her position as its grand elder.

She was still waiting for the Divine Dark Dao Sect to return to its former glory. She had been waiting over ten thousand years for this, but all of her dreams had been shattered…

“They had killed too many people, and their crimes were unforgivable. They could only die as repentance for their sins,” An Lin spoke in a firm, ruthless voice.

“Repent?” Xiang Ling seemed to have heard something extremely hilarious. “Hahaha… You’re the sect leader of a demonic sect, and you’re talking about repentance? You killed all of your disciples because they had killed too many people?

“The new sect leader of the Divine Dark Dao Sect killed all of the disciples and elders of the sect for a reason like this! What a joke!”

Xiang Ling’s fingernails had dug deep into her palms, and she wore an extremely absurd expression as she cried and laughed at the same time from irrepressible rage.

An Lin shook his head. “Sect leader of a demonic sect? I’m sorry, I have no interest in a position like that. Also, I picked up the Dark Monarch’s inheritance by accident, so don’t take it seriously.”

Xiang Ling: “…”

“Also, I know you’re extremely loyal to the Divine Dark Dao Sect, but your loyalty knows no difference between right and wrong, between good and evil. As such, I must kill you for your misguided loyalty.” An Lin pulled out his Evil-Slaying Sword in preparation to put an end to Xiang Ling’s life.

Xiang Ling stumbled back a few steps, and her exquisitely beautiful features were drained of all colors.

She turned to look at the collapsed divine mountain with a heartbroken smile on her face.

“There’s no need for you to do it.”

Xiang Ling drew a snowy-white longsword. “The Divine Dark Dao Sect is gone, so I have no more reason to exist in this world.”


The snowy-white longsword pierced through Xiang Ling’s heart, and its snowy-white blade was covered with her blood.

Xiang Ling gripped the hilt of her sword tightly in her hands as she glared at An Lin with a vicious expression. “An Lin, the Divine Dark Dao Sect may have lost this time, but the will of the Dark Monarchs are omnipresent. You will experience the most brutal pain in this world!”

An Lin nodded. “I understand how you feel. You are in a lot of pain, and you are indignant and very remorseful. You want me to pay a price for what I have done, yadda yadda yadda… Hurry up and go to h.e.l.l so that you can be reunited with your organization.”

Xiang Ling: “…”

She finally fell to the ground and took one last look at the ruined divine mountain before gradually closing her eyes.

Thus, the final member of the Divine Dark Dao Sect had perished.

The hundred thousand human subjects were extremely elated to see this.

Xu Xiaolan smiled as she stared at An Lin.

The man standing before her had never disappointed her.

Tina also landed on An Lin’s shoulder, and she tugged on his hair with a vibrant smile. “Giant An Lin, my respect for you has increased significantly!”

“I just couldn’t stand by idly and watch all of these heinous crimes being committed. This Divine Dark Dao Sect can go to h.e.l.l.” An Lin was not all that smug or elated about what he had done. All he wanted was for there to be less of these putrid sects to remain in this world.

Bai Ling brought some disciples with her on her aircraft, and they soon arrived at the location indicated by the coordinates sent to her by An Lin.

They soon began to load all of the human subjects onto the s.h.i.+p in order to take them back to the Kingdom of the Nine States.

“An Lin, you did another extremely good deed. I appreciate you,” Bai Ling said with a vibrant smile on her face as she stood beside the cabin door.

“Big Sister Bai, please don’t look at me like a senior.” An Lin was feeling a little unsettled by Bai Ling’s benevolent gaze.

“Why? I’m more than ten thousand years older than you, so how am I not your senior?” Bai Ling c.o.c.ked her head to the side with a warm smile.

“Xiao Tu and Xiao Ze are a few hundred years older than me, and they’re still my disciples. How about that?” An Lin chuckled.

Bai Ling: “…”

Bai Ling was a little angry.

He was using his disciples to knock her down a notch again. How annoying!

An Lin and the others boarded the Spatial White Fairy to return to the Four Nine Immortal Sect.

Peace resumed on heaven and earth.

An eternity seemed to have pa.s.sed.

A burst of tremors suddenly ran through the rubble of the divine mountain.


A rock golem that was riddled with wounds emerged from the rubble.

“Huff huff huff… That explosion almost killed old Ai Er! How terrifying!

“Why did the divine mountain explode just when I was pondering about whether the world would come to destruction?

“Could it be that this place prohibits certain thoughts?”

The rock golem threw up a few kilograms of blood before sitting down atop the rubble and looking up into the sky again as he fell into deep thought.

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 1272 - The Fall of the Divine Dark Dao Sect

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