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Chapter 1334: Inheritances From the Five Emperors

An Lin could see the countless purple stars connected by the power of stars on Emperor Ziwei’s upper body, which created a starry formation that pulsed in brightness rhythmically.

At the same time, his power reached an unimaginable level.

“This is my core buff mystical technique, known as the Star Vein Divine Technique. It can activate all of your latent potential using the power of stars for an entire minute with no side-effects. How about that? Is that awesome or what?” Emperor Ziwei spoke with a smile.

“How about it? Er… It’s very awesome.” An Lin nodded.

At the same time, he was getting more confused. Why was Ziwei stripping just to show off this spell technique to him?

“This is the present I’m going to give you. I’m going to use my divine dao to bestow this Star Vein Divine Technique upon you!” Emperor Ziwei spoke with a smile.

An Lin drew a sharp intake of breath upon hearing this.

“You… you’re going to bestow your core inheritance upon me?” An Lin was given a ma.s.sive fright.

As far as he knew, no one in the entire Heavenly Court had ever had Emperor Ziwei personally bestowing his core spell technique upon them!

Emperor Ziwei nodded in confirmation. “That’s right. This is my present to you.”

An Lin took a deep breath before extending a grateful bow.

A Dao Integration Stage core inheritance inheritance bestowed upon one with the power of the divine dao was much more valuable than any immortal tool or immortal pill. It could be said to be a priceless treasure!

What Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure would be willing to bestow their signature technique upon someone else? This was no longer just a matter of trust. It was a sign of the utmost acknowledgment and approval.

An Lin understood now. Emperor Ziwei was taking off his clothes to let him see what the spell technique looked like when activated. It was very cool!

After using his Star Vein Divine Technique, he could also strip off his clothes and let his enemies see the veined patterns on his upper body. That way, it would make him look very bad*ss and intimidate his enemies!

Thus, bursts of powerful divine dao light of the stars began to flow into An Lin’s body.

He had obtained Emperor Ziwei’s core buff technique, the Star Vein Divine Technique!

Immediately afterward, the number one spell formation master of the Kingdom of the Nine States, Emperor Chang Sheng, taught him his core spell technique, the Formation Mist Ghost Hand.

[Formation Mist Ghost Hand: One can use ghostly hand techniques to make their spell formations more flexible and also take control of an enemy’s spell formation after seeing through its structure.]

An Lin was ecstatic upon receiving this inheritance. The Formation Mist Ghost Hand combined with his Divine Inspection Technique was an invincible duo against all spell formations!

Emperor Qing Hua paused momentarily before speaking, “I have two types of powers, one of which is a wood-type core inheritance known as the Wood Spirit Life Transference Technique, whereas the other is the Great Dao of time that I have attained from observing countless lives and deaths. Which one would you like, Mr. An Lin?”

An Lin immediately made his decision. The Great Dao of time sounded super bad*ss!

And then, he heard a “Ding Dong” from his system.

“Detected that host has received a chance to attain a top-tier wood-type cultivation method, now a.s.signing the following mission: Receive Emperor Qing Hua’s Wood Spirit Life Transference Technique.

“Mission Success: Receive stage three of the Evergreen Technique.

“Mission Failure: No consequence.”

An Lin instantly faltered slightly upon seeing this.

He was already at the second stage of his Evergreen Technique, which gave him the power to reattach dismembered limbs. He now had a chance to take it to the third stage…

The ninth stage of the Wind Spirit Technique was the power of the wind equivalent to a representative of the Heavenly Dao.

Then what would the ninth-level Evergreen Technique be like…

It had to be said that this was very tempting to him.

If he could improve his system cultivation methods, then An Lin would definitely prioritize that! Furthermore, An Lin was quite irritated by the fact that there was no consequence for mission failure, as if the system didn’t even care what he chose!

You won’t force me to do it? Well, I’m even more determined to do it now!


“Emperor Qing Hua, I choose the Wood Spirit Life Transference Technique,” An Lin replied.

A warm smile appeared on Emperor Qing Hua’s face as the power of the divine dao imbued with his true intent poured forth.

“Ah…” An Lin cried out with satisfaction as he was basked in the divine dao light.

“Ding Dong!

“Congratulations, host’s Evergreen Technique has progressed to the third stage!”

Immediately afterward, the deeper true intent of the Evergreen Technique also began to flow relentlessly into An Lin’s body.

“Ah!!!” An Lin yelled as a green divine halo appeared over his head again, and his green halo was even brighter than Emperor Qing Hua’s divine dao light!

All of the emperors were given a ma.s.sive fright.

“Such a dazzling green!”

“From An Lin’s divine halo, I can sense a power filled with boundless vitality. It is the paramount power of the dao of life…” Emperor Qing Hua was stunned.

“Why would An Lin have a divine halo?” Emperor Tian Huang was confused.

“Could it be that Mr. An Lin attained enlightenment from Qing Hua’s power? What terrifying apt.i.tude!” the Celestial Thearch speculated.

This appeared to be the only plausible explanation.

All of the emperors stared at An Lin with unbridled shock etched onto their faces.

They had never seen any prodigy who was able to attain enlightenment from an inheritance and obtain an even higher level of power as a result. What a freak!

Soon, the inheritance was over.

An Lin was elated as he savored the Wood Spirit Life Transference Technique, as well as his third-stage Evergreen Technique. His life force had become extremely powerful, to the extent that he could survive for ten minutes even if his heart detonated. Aside from that, he also had an extremely powerful healing technique that he could use on others.

Emperor Tian Huang was most proficient at playing with lightning, and his signature power was his Chaotic Divine Lightning. Hence, he bestowed upon An Lin the method for controlling Chaotic Divine Lightning. This was a spell technique An Lin could only learn after attaining spatial powers.

An Lin gladly accepted this inheritance. He was the Heavenly Lightning G.o.d, so it wouldn’t hurt to learn some more bad*ss lightning techniques.

The Celestial Thearch cultivated in a very unique dao that he was unable to teach An Lin. However, he had an Omniscient Eye technique that An Lin could learn.

One could use the Omniscient Eye to observe heaven and earth and glean the reason behind all things!

Thus, An Lin received inheritances from all five emperors.

“Mr. An Lin has gathered all of our signature techniques. This has never happened before, and it’s quite extraordinary when you think about it…” Emperor Ziwei sighed with emotion.

“Hahaha… He is already extremely powerful in his own right, and he now has all of our signature techniques. Mr. An Lin must be the most powerful Heavenly Court War G.o.d ever!” Emperor Tian Huang laughed heartily.

“You are the future of the Heavenly Court!” Qing Hua stroked his long beard.

All of the emperors looked at An Lin with elated expressions.

They looked happier than An Lin, who had received their inheritances.

“Alright, that’s all the benefits. Let’s discuss some important matters now.”

After a while, the Celestial Thearch began to cut to the chase.

“An Lin, how about you start by telling us what was that power you used to defeat the Heavenly Wind G.o.d?” the Celestial Thearch asked.

“Hahaha…” An Lin chuckled. “I’m not telling.”

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 1334 - Inheritances From the Five Emperors

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